IT WAS TOO BIG A TASK Manchester Evening News - 25-9-90 NSPCC officers were never the righ

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IT WAS TOO BIG A TASK Manchester Evening News - 25-9-90 NSPCC officers were never the right people to take on the massive task of supervising child protection registers, says a top social services chief. The charity was originally approached because its staff were regarded as the experts in the protection of youngsters. But the responsibility should have returned years ago as councils developed their care training, said Bob Lewis. The honorary secretary of the association of social services directors praised the NSPCC for their role in caring for kids. Mr Lewis said: "They do a superb job. "But they should not pretend to be providing a local authority a service because they haven't got the resources". STORM THAT ROCKED CHARITY Last year the NSPCC helped 54,000 child victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect. But now Manchester city council has decided to sack the charity. From next March it will no longer be responsible for managing the child protection register and organising case conferences. Rochdale social services bosses were expected to do the same at a meeting last night. But shelved the plans after the Manchester Evening News revealed the news. They are unlikely to put it back on the agenda until after the storm over alleged ritual sex abuse of children dies down. The Manchester decision may have a serious impact on the charity's funds. Supporters fear that the public may lose faith in the 106-year-old organisation which has traditionally enjoyed public support. The charity feels the decision - made to improve child care - was merely an unfortunate coincidence. (NOTES - from other issues of the Manchester Evening News: The Rochdale contract with the NSPCC is worth L90,000 and the Manchester contract worth L100,000. On the local BBC television news 25-9-90, it was announced that seven local authorities in the area are to end their contracts with the NSPCC).


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