RE: New +quot;Cult+quot; Found DATE: 03-25-91 AREA: 13 A new +quot;dangerous cult+quot; ha

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FROM: DAN HOLDGREIWE RE: New "Cult" Found DATE: 03-25-91 AREA: 13 A new "dangerous cult" has been discovered in Seattle, Washington. Rick Ross, a self-styled "deprogrammer" affiliated with the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), attempted to "rescue" a 19- year-old man from the evil clutches of the United Pentecostal Church International in late January. Ross, whom CAN executive director Cynthia Kisser has publicly endorsed as "one of the best" deprogrammers, held the young man prisoner as he struggled to help him see that the United Pentecostalist Church is "another Jonestown." As part of his mission of mercy, Ross sealed the young man's mouth with duct tape and forced him to watch videos of Ross deprogramming other young men and women. Despite Ross' efforts, the ungrateful young man escaped after five days and reported Ross to the police. It has not yet been decided whether criminal charges will be filed. Ross, who has no other means of support, is presumably continuing to "counsel" "cult" members while he awaits the prosecutor's decision.


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