Date: 04-04-91 20:22 Subj: Human Mutilation? In the new issue of UFO Magazine, I have writ

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Date: 04-04-91 20:22 From: John Powell Subj: Human Mutilation? In the new issue of UFO Magazine, I have written an update on the investigation of what appear to be more mutilations involving humans. During the November 1989 Omega conference hosted by John White, Whitley Strieber castigated UFO Magazine for running my story on human mutilations in Vol. 4 Number 3. In that news story, I related the results of an investigation I was conducting on what appeared to be a series of human deaths that greatly resembled animal mutilations. Also, I included a report from Wm. "Bill" Knell of the Long Island Skywatch organazation. Knell had been conducting research into an inordinate number of missing children in the area of Westchester County. According to Strieber, he had received "hundreds" of phone calls from concerned citizens about the story. (That in itself is suspect, as anyone knows who has ever tried to call Strieber. Strieber has an answering service or secretary that screens each call, takes a message and then Whitley decides on whom he will speak with.) Anyway, I digress. Knell has many police contacts, and after checking with them, there were no contacts from Whitley. (One could surmise that what really had Whit in a snit was the way the print media had lambasted his flick, Communion, and his recent books, such as Majestic. He had just called all journalists - prostitutes.) According to Knell and officers from the New York State Police, and the Connecticut State Police, the reported figures were in no way accurate, but the weirdest happening was when Knell received an inquiry from an Asst. Medical Examiner from Westchester County. The Asst. ME wanted to know everything Knell could relate on humans that had been mutilated. When Knell pursued this, it turned out that 3 morgues ( 2 in New York, 1 in Connecticut) had been "hit" in the middle of the night. Newly arrived human cadavers had been mutilated by removal of face, genitals, eyes, parts from the stomic, rectum, thyroids, etc. The morgues were immediately investigated by the police, but nothing could be placed on the employees. There were reduced staff at that time of night, and the events occured in different areas. High strangeness indeed. According to the Asst. ME, the incidents were immediately concealed from the media and public. More than likely the reasons were that there was no explanation, nor were the incidents going to be solved in the near future. As an aside, there were also quite a few animal mutilations that were occuring in New York and Connecticut, and once again no solutions were forthcoming for these events. The "Satanic explanation" was examined, and according to the reporting witness, did not hold water.


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