To: Dan Holdgreiwe Re: Bonewits CDEF Dan-- Although the message I am replying to WOULD be

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From: Sean McCullough To: Dan Holdgreiwe Re: Bonewits CDEF Dan-- Although the message I am replying to WOULD be an excellent one if it were based on the conjecture you believe it to be, I have bad news for you. I have had actual experience with the Unification Church, and am using the information from that experience to back my suppositions about the same. I was involved in a certain situation where a certain business group was leasing a property, that had formerly been a church, from members of my family. Once we refused to sell the property to them it became rather obvious who was REALLY at the back of these people. There is no way that the small restaurant operation that the business was in and of itself could possibly sustain the barrage of lawsuits this group was fielding. Upon court-ordered disclosure, the involvement of the Unification Church became clear. Moreover, I am not dependent on my own observations of FACT alone. Many nations, with a little more room to criticise dangerous cults than the US, have declared the Unification Church a non-religion and a profit business (Japan, South Korea, and, I believe, Australia and England as well). The South Koreans and the Japanese came to this conclusion after researching the financing of the motion picture _Inchon_. Although the United States does NOT have the constitutional privilege to declare the entire Unification Church a non-religious organization like the South Koreans or the Japanese do, it is also well worth noting that Reverend Moon WAS successfully convicted by a jury in the US for income tax evasion. And this is based on verifyable facts involving the Unification Church. If the Unification Church was anything BESIDES a dangerous cult, then why is it that Reverend Moon has so few countries left in which he can live at peace?? And there ARE but few of them. All nations having any sort of income tax want him for unpaid taxes; and nearly all nations of the Monaco type where there are none won't have him because of fear of attraction of the wrath of the nations that DO want him. Mind, I have only TOUCHED on ONE issue with the Moon church of which I have some knowledge. There are others hereabouts who can document the other issues; but the MONEY issue IS one I have some facts on. peace -- Sean


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