To: JON SHIBATA Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3302 (LIFESPRING) My ex-baoyfriend became extremely in

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From: ELIZABETH MOORE To: JON SHIBATA Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3302 (LIFESPRING) My ex-baoyfriend became extremely involved in Lifespring after a co-worker and his wife convinced him to attend "the training." It destroyed our long-standing relationship, alienated him from his family and friends, caused him to become a subject of ridicule at his place of employment. They couch the need for the program in pseudo-yuppie "be the best that you can be" materialism. He went through the basic, intermediate, and LP (Leadership) training at a cost of somewhere in excess of $2000. After he completed each course, he swore that it would be his last..meanwhile the pressure he put on me to join also was intense. I thought it was a financial scam, but knew it employed certain brainwashing techniques that frightened me (I never took the course, however, did go to one of the free intro sessions because he wasn't able to recruit enough people to meet his goal). The whole thing was incredibly sad and frightening. He underwent a great personality change and became someone that I didn't even recognize, much less love. These cults are destructive...they prey on each person's deep-felt inadequacies. Can't succeed at your job? Well, then you need "the training." Want a true loving relationship? If you only took "the training" you'd meet the person of your dreams. For God's sake, want to buy a condo in West LA? Well then by all means, you need the training...of course we'll syphon off some of that downpayment money... This organization should be investigated by the District Attorney. As someone who lost someone I once cared about very advice is to please stay away from anyone who even mentions the words "LifeSpring."


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