This edited posting was the response of the editor of the Christian Press Report, an elect

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This edited posting was the response of the editor of the Christian Press Report, an electronic newpaper out of California. This repsonse was posted along with _The Two Faces of Bob_ in the June issue of CPR. ----------( Forwarded letter 1 follows )---------------------------- Saturday, 11 September 1993 10:15am ET, BY Scott.Mikusko From the June issue of CPR, Christian BBS out of California ( 619-487-7746 ): CHRISTIAN PRESS REPORT - AN ELECTRONIC NEWSPAPER ~ Why We Published These Items... As is mentioned elsewhere in the Christian Press Report, we hope that the items we publish will, first and foremost, inspire our readers to pray. Second, we hope that our news stories will lead you to praise, protest, or take other appropriate actions. Ken Smith's expose on Bob Larson is no exception. However, as the editor of the CPR, I must say that I have been very relunctant to print Ken Smith's article. I believe that matters of church discipline should be handled by the church, rather than by outsiders. Ken Smith, by his own admission, is not a Christian (or, in his words, "no longer a professing Christian"). Over the past few years the immoral, sinful practices of many prominent Christian leaders have been exposed. Unfortunately, more often than not, it wasn't the Church that called the charlatans, adulterers and thieves to task, but rather the world. What can we do, though, when the Church (including Christian journalists, writers and publishers) refuses to confront sinful behavior by one of its own? [ occult biblical quotes regarding sinful behaviour and Christian responsibilty deleted - drice & scott ] Like I said, I was reluctant to print Ken Smith's article, mainly because Ken is not a part of the Church. Nevertheless, truth is truth. Truth is not ambiguous. That's why I hope that Ken's articles will indeed inspire our readers to pray - pray for Bob Larson, pray for the Christian press, and also pray for Ken Smith (please also pray for Ken's father who, at "press" time, was hospitalized with a ruptured aorta). For the record, I have been able to verify some of the information Ken has presented, have talked with one of his main sources (who himself is known by others in the Christian community as a respectable Christian), and have sought the counsel of several Christian leaders - all of whom encouraged me to go ahead and publish this information. I do not necessarily agree with all of Ken's views. For one thing, I happen to like _Christianity Today_ (a magazine known for trying to present a well-balanced point of view on even the most controversial issues), am a great fan of _World_ (which I consider to be one of the finest Christian News Magazines available), and appreciate the ministry of the _Evangelical Press Association_ (without whom Christian journalists and publications would miss lots of information and support). I am confident, however, that in publishing this information, the Christian Press Report is doing the right thing. As always, we welcome letters and E-mail responses from our readers. Stand-alone copies of Ken's two articles and this editorial will be available for downloading from Christian BBS Abba II. The file name to look for is LARSON-0.ZIP.


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