To: Warren Grant Re: Lyndon LaRouche The above subject is one we can discuss at great leng

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From: Charles Nemo To: Warren Grant Re: Lyndon LaRouche The above subject is one we can discuss at great length if you wish. Briefly, his group regards all forms of Paganism as "Satanism." He is a firm believer in all of the various urban myths associated with the latter and expounds them quite literately in his Executive Intelligence Review ($400/yr.) and The New Federalist (about $40/yr.), as well as in occasional monographs priced at $100 to $200. He really does have access to a wealth of historical, economic, political and other information which he combines and synthesizes in some abolutely amazing ways. He is sometimes (though not always, as he is of course only human) quite correct, e.g., in his prediction years ago of the growth of the AIDS "pandemic", the spread of diseases in the third world which were thought controlled only a few years ago, and the steady erosion of the world economy. It is tempting to dismiss him as a crook (he is serving a long term in federal prison for allegedly pressuring credit card donations from contributors which led to income tax invasion -- not sure just which he was convicted of) or a whacko (because his views are so at odds with the pablum served up in the daily media). However, as I noted above, he is right often enough to cause one to avoid hasty decisions. I do know that his lumping of Paganism and every other earth-centered religion into a "Satanic," abusive mishmash is a grievous error. I am NOT a defender of the man or his group for this reason alone. But, damn, he sure does print some interesting stuff....


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