Chanced upon an episode of that Australian TV show +quot;Beyond 2000+quot; last night on T

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Chanced upon an episode of that Australian TV show "Beyond 2000" last night on TDC. I arrived at the tail end of a story about a device called "KIDSCAN". This appears to be an adaptation of a lab-animal ID tag that is regularly advertized in the weekly science journals like "AAAS SCIENCE" and "NATURE". What you have is a tiny glass capsule containing a passive radio re-transmitter designed to be injected directly under the skin of the animal. These things are very tiny - looks like maybe 0.75x2.0 mm. They are designed to derive energy from an RF field and then re-transmit at another frequency. The transmission contains a multi-digit ID code that allows each animal to be positively identified. [I CHANCED UPON AN ARTICLE IN THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE THAT DESCRIBED THE ABOVE DEVICE IN ACTIVE USE IN MARIN COUNTY ON ALL PETS WHOSE OWNERS ARE WILLING TO HAVE THEM IMPLANTED. I URGE YOU ALL TO GO AND BUY THE BOOK "BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" BY WILLIAM COOPER!!...Samurai_Writer] KIDSCAN is the same principal ... but is being sold as something you have implanted into your children - for their health and safety according to the seller. These versions appear to be a little larger and can transmit for a several block radius. The idea is to have a transmitter/reciever every few blocks ... kinda like a small cellular phone system. This way, the exact location of your precious progeny can be tracked every few minutes and, I suppose, a time-map of your childs activities can be provided. There is no reason that sensors could not be added to detect cocaine/reefer/alcohol/nicotine/contraceptive substances/neural and brain activity etc.. [THIS IS GREAT HUH? WHAT NEXT?!?! JUST SAY ..NO!] The angle is perfect. It is easy to drive parents to paranoia about their kids safety. The kids are very much the property of their parents and suffer diminished rights when it comes to this style of intrusion. Any half-ass advertizer could concoct some horrific TV commercials demonstrating how this product can 'save' your child from something. If the price is right - and technology just gets better and cheaper - they could sell millions of these things. Another obvious use is for felons - especially those on parole or out on bail pending an appeal. Their location, and perhaps their activities, could be easily monitored. After felons comes the mentally retarded, altzheimers patients, petty criminals, 'suspicious persons' ... right down to every single human being. [MY FAMILY ADOPTED A PHRASE I CONCOCTED AS A CHILD WHEN STUDYING THE CONSTITUTION IN SCHOOL, "BETTER DEAD THAN LED" AND I STILL BELIEVE THAT EVEN MORE SO TODAY....RECALL THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR! MEN AN WOMEN WHO WERE WILLING TO SACRIFICE ALL TO ELIMINATE THE ENEMY!] Masons rule - If it CAN be detected, someone will discover a pressing reason TO detect it. Many discount the ability of interested parties to institute anything resembling a totalitarian system upon the USA. They point to such failed attempts as the 'War on Drugs', the McCarthy ant-pinko purge etc.. The usual reasoning goes that you would have to have a policeman following each and every person 24 hours a day to prevent/ensure an activity. Well, thanks to microelectronics - here is such a policeman. Start with the kids and the obviously dangerous and then slowly find reasons to expand the coverage - 'security' being a great catch-all reason. [NOT ME FOLKS! THE FIRST PERSON TO TRY TO ENFORCE THIS UPON ME OR MINE WILL BE SURPRISED AT THE RECEPTION THAT PERSON WILL RECEIVE....FREEDOM!!!!!] Wake-up and smell the coffee people ... technology has made the aspiring totalitarians job easy!


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