This article was taken from an unknown publication. Sub titled +quot;Church row witches pl

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This article was taken from an unknown publication. Sub titled "Church row witches plan pagan ritual". by Ian McCaffrey White witches hope to kill off plans to build a church in Pound Hill by performing a bizarre ritual on the proposed site. Six witches from the Covenant of Earth Magic will gather under a full moon dressed in ceremonial robes to conjure up pagan spirits. By summoning up the forces of nature they hope to protect the Balcombe Road woodland site from development into the Crawley Community Church. Chief witch of the 250-strong coven, Kevin Carlyon, said a talisman - a five pointed star within a circle - would be used in the ritual. "We shall mark out a large circle in the woods and burn incense," he said. "The talisman wil be buried and will be used as a focus for our thoughts and powers. We shall then invoke the forces of nature to protect the site from its planned destruction." The white witch said his Hastings-based coven had been approached by residents determined to stop the church being built at all costs Elim Pentecostal Church pastor John Burgan said he planned to join forces with Crawley Community Church leaders to pray against the witches. "This really shows the bitter hatred of the whole pagan movement for anything that is christian" he said. "But what they do won't have any effect - God will have its way". He added that there was no distinction between black or white witches because all forms of sorcery were forbidden by the Bible. Planning officers in the Town Hall are still considering whether to give the plans to build a 554-seat church the go-ahead. The witches plan to gather at the site on either November 2 or 9 at 9pm. *The above article was given to me by an "interested" party. The above mentioned John Burgan has some months ago, succeeded in closing down an occult shop before it even opened!! And he says Pagans have it in for the church!!!


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