From Bob Brown, 1:388/33 (01 Mar 93 22:33) Waco, Texas - Heavily Armed Cult (sic) Watched

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From Bob Brown, 1:388/33 (01 Mar 93 22:33) ========================================== Waco, Texas - Heavily Armed Cult (sic) Watched By Police It is on the opposite side of town from us, but I am familiar with the community of Elk, the Mt.Carmel compound is near. There was a minor skirmish out there in '87 when Howell took the compound by storm and tried to overthrow the then ruling Roden. Howell and his followers later gained control and possesion of the property when they proved Roden was exhuming coffins and trying to raise the occupants from the dead (never a dull moment eh?).. At present the death toll is 4 ATF agents dead and 14 wounded, with unknown casualties in the compound. One ATF chopper was shot down. It is though another assault will be forthcoming but media info has been understandibly restricted as the compound has satallite capability and the Feds are trying to keep the media from inadvertedly feeding tactical info to the people in the compound. This Howell dude is a bit twisted, he actually thinks he is the second Christ, that ALL women are his property to do with as he pleases (regardless of age) and that HE has the only "good" seed on earth.. Will keep you posted on any more firefights. ========================================================== Well, not much to report tonight. Still a stand-off but the Fed's are massing a LARGE number of troops and also several Bradley armored personel carriers, which have 25mm chain guns. Most, if not all of the children have been released and about 45 min ago the media were moved back about two miles, which would seem to indicate some sort of action is iminent..My grandmother is a volunteer at one of the local hospitals and talked with the wife of the ATF agent we all got to see on the roof (he was shot 6 times but is in stable condition). It seems the local media might have played a part in tipping the ATF's hand by showing up 15 min. before the raid, but at present that is just a rumor. ================================================= Well, day three near an end with no resolve in the Cult standoff situation. The TSTC college campus has been closed off and a command post has been established there. Earlier today David Koresh (aka Vernon Howell) agreed to surrender after a Local radio station broadcast a 55 min. tape. The tape was pretty much a sermon explaining the meaning of the Seven Seals from what I made of it..Afterward there was no movement at the compound and at present it is still unknown if all of the children are out. There were originally thought to be only 8 but so far 18 have been released. The latest figures place the number of dead inside at 10, with Koresh being one of the most severly wounded. One of our net388 Sysops is also thought to be inside the compound. I had wondered if he was a member when all this went down as his origin line is WHO ONLY CAN OPEN THE SEVEN SEALS..His BBS number has been disconnected (it was also in the compound). The media is about to go nuts because there has been no info passed to them as far as what is going on. Tonight is the first time there has been traffic LEAVING the compound, but it is not known if it is actually cult members being escorted out or just a shift change for the hundreds of officers that are now amassed around and in the compound. The two convoys that left at 8 and 9pm were mostly trucks and buses with the windows covered.


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