-- Subject: Fundamentalist shrink: a sting operation Keywords: fundamentalism;brainwashing

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-- From: johnscar@microsoft.com (John Scarborough) Newsgroups: sci.psychology,talk.religion.misc Subject: Fundamentalist shrink: a sting operation Keywords: fundamentalism;brainwashing;child-abuse;parental rights Message-ID: <1992Oct07.011837.18632@microsoft.com> Date: 7 Oct 92 01:18:37 GMT Organization: Microsoft Corp. Lines: 78 I'm looking for advice and information, fast. Legal and psychological. Most of all, I need to find someone who's been in these woods before -- I'm fond of exploring unfamiliar territory, but I don't have the time for trial-and-error, and the stakes are quite high. The "woods": my sister is in the closed ward of a fundamentalist funded hospital, where she is under treatment for suicidal tendencies and what has recently been diagnosed as MPD (multiple personality disorder). This, her most recent hospitalization -- she's been hospitalized several times over the last four years -- followed a no-holds-barred suicide attempt about three weeks ago. She had not been hospitalized for several months, and was believed to be stabilizing. She's in her early fifties, her children are all on their own. They're out of money and out of insurance, and her husband has become desperate for a cure. In their search for a therapist who would be in sympathy with her fundamentalist Christian beliefs, she and her husband (who is also her conservator) found and retained a therapist with a reputation for springing MPD's from hospitals in record time. Although her husband hesitated when he learned that 60% of his caseload are Satanic ritual victims -- something else for which he is well-known -- they chose him because of his reputed efficiency. The psychologist assured my sister and her husband that he would have her out of the hospital in 5 days. Her husband contacted our (my sister's and my) father and, when my father saw their financial need, he offered to pay the $7000 that the hospital required as advance payment, which was to cover her accommodation at $500/day. The psychologist informed my sister's husband that he must tell my father he was to have no contact with my sister during the treatment, since she seemed to be working through some childhood issues. I spoke with my sister about 1 week after her "treatment" had begun. In addition to relating some bizarre acccounts of childhood abuse, she also described her treatment. Her psychologist, by innuendo and suggestion, persuaded her that she was the victim of Satanic rituals conducted by her (our) parents, and that her suicidal tendencies are the result of being "bound to an obligation of silence" about the ritual: if anyone ever gets close to discovering her involvement, she must kill herself. A registered nurse, an employee at the hospital, came to her "closed" unit at night and confided to her that 90% of MPD's are victims of Satanic rituals. She has been in the hospital now for close to three weeks. The hospital submitted a bill to my father (thru my sister's husband) after two weeks: $15,000 on top of the $7000 already paid. At the $500/day rate they originally quoted, they were billing for 44 days! The psychologist's bill is $4000. Having grown up in the same house with the same parents, I know the allegations are outrageous and false. I smell a sting operation, and suspect they're just getting started. Although I have not known anyone in this situation, I have heard of alleged victims of childhood Satanic rituals suing their parents and winning or settling for extraordinarily large settlements. The high stakes are my sister's life and my parents' limited financial resources. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of similar situations? I have heard of a group called "Fundamentalists Anonymous" who could refer me to well-informed lawyers and psychologists, but have not been able to locate them. Does anyone know a contact or telephone number for that group? I've also heard of a support group for parents who are accused of sexual abuse. Can someone give me an address or telephone number for that group? John Scarborough --


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