The following rewritten information was taken from +quot;Astrological Lore Of All Ages+quo

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The following rewritten information was taken from "Astrological Lore Of All Ages" by Elbert Benjamine. It is currently out of print. The position of the sun in the zodiac during its annual journey around it is the index by which people determine the time for observing holidays. Although unacquainted with the operation of the spiritual laws involved, we nevertheless time New Year's Day, Lent, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas by the day of the month, which in turn is determined by the station of the sun in the zodiac. On a particular night each year jack-o'-lanterns, white-sheeted figures, black cats, witches on broomsticks, bats, the moon and stars all take their place as an accepted part of ceremonies the most annoying feature of which is the wholesale destruction of property. This annual rite is performed, with variations, by people of almost every country; it is a tradition handed down through the avenue of a world-wide popular custom and is, therefore, highly significant. The sun at Halloween is in the death decanate of the death sign, Scorpio. This 10 degree section of the zodiac is pictured in the sky by the constellation Ophiuchus, a man in a life-and-death struggle with a huge serpent. It would seem logical to conclude, therefore, that in some manner eathlings came to grips with a mighty force and that death was intimately associated with the event. The greatest number of deaths ever recorded to have taken place at one time is mentioned in the Tro-Cortesianus, an astrological Codex of the ancient Maya, now at the Royal Academy of History, Madrid - one of only three Maya books to have survived the flames of Spanish priests. (The Dresden Codex is astronomical, now at the Royal Library at Dresden; The Peresianus Codex is ritualistic, now at the Biblioteque, Paris.) These books gave an account, among other things, of the destruction of a continent which had been the homeland from which various centers of civilization throughout the world had been colonized. Into those colonies some of the more enlightened had carried their knowledge of the stellar religion, having been apprised by the astrologers that such a catastrophe would occur when the sun, moon and stars would occupy definite relations to one another. That date, so far as the time of year is concerned, is now called October 31. Here is a quotation from the Tro-Cortesianus: "In the year 6 Kan, on the 11 Muluc, in the month of Zac, there occurred terrific earthquakes which continued until the 13 Chuen without interruption. The country of the hills of earth - the land of Mu (some translate this Atlantis) - was sacrificed. "Twice upheaved, it disappeared during the night, having been constantly shaken by fires of the underneath. Being confined, these caused the land to rise and sink several times in various places. At last the surface gave way and the ten countries were torn asunder and scattered. They sank with their 64,000,000 inhabitants 8,060 years before the writing of this book." Tradition holds that this ancient land sank because those who had gained the power to use occult [sic] forces no longer devoted them to the welfare of the people, but chiefly to gain a selfish advantage. The country had become infested with witches [sic] and black magicians, a condition still commemorated by the pictures of witches on broomsticks on Halloween. [In the author's opinion, which is wrong--- drice] The significance of Halloween is that it commemorates the destruction of the world, the fire, the flood, and the sinking of Atlantis.


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