A Victim Who Never Was Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 Inset To File MS211090.ASC Many of the orig

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A Victim Who Never Was Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 Inset To File MS211090.ASC Many of the original stories of witches, devils and Satanic rituals originated from a boy, whom we shall call Derek. He was taken into care in December 1986, when he was just three. A few months later, he woke screaming in the might and told his foster mother he had been dreaming about a baby who he said he had seen being tortured. He said the baby's name was Gemma. The foster mother told the story to another mother who was looking after a child from the same extended family. Would she know about Gemma? Yes, it turned out she did. But the boy had made a mistake. Gemma was not a baby. She was a school friend. Subsequently, as other children were taken into care, they were questioned about Gemma. During questioning, Gemma was described alternately as a baby, a young child, an 11 year old and an adult. She had white skin and she had brown. She lived in three different houses. But all the child witnesses agreed on one point. gemma was tortured and abused. She was one of the worst sufferers. Social workers believed the variations could be explained by the trauma their young witnesses had suffered. The police - contrary to what Team 4 later alleged - were not initially sceptical. They threw every available resource into finding Gemma. Registries, school and medical records were painstakingly searched. The Home Office's powerful Holmes Computer - established for major investigations such as the Yorkshire Ripper - was programmed to scan for similarities and common denominators in the children's stories. After weeks of intense investigation, the police were left with only one possible conclusion. Gemma did not exist. Yet "Baby Gemma, surname unknown" - never found and known by the police to exist - is still listed on Team 4's At Risk Register.


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