[ +quot;Bill's Biography,+quot; also known as +quot;Bill's Little White Lies.+quot; Read ]

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[ "Bill's Biography," also known as "Bill's Little White Lies." Read ] [ this with a great deal of skepticism. It's even humorous! Much of ] [ this has already been demonstrated false deception. ] Bill Schnoebelen was first initiated as a witch [sic] in 1968. After receiving his BA in music and philosophy, he went to Boston to receive Alexandrian initiations in 1973 of the High Priesthood. That same year, Bill also received the high priesthood in the "Druidic Craft of the Wise." Under the names of Christopher and Alexandria Pendragon-Syn, Bill and his wife Sharon began setting up covens in eastern Iowa that same year. Beginning in 1974, they moved to Milwaukee and began teaching year after year of classes in Wicca, initiating over 175 people over a 6-7 year period. "Christopher and Alexandria" started a network of covens which ran all through the midwest and their Milwaukee area groups, the Sophia coven and the Astreas coven were among the largest and longest lasting covens in eastern Wisconsin. They were also ordained spiritualist ministers and were involved for several years with the Church of All Worlds. They helped with the start of a CAW nest in Milwaukee. Following the direction of some of his earthly mentors and "the gods," Bill began to get involved in Satanism as an adjunct to his Wiccan activities in 1976. He joined the Church of Satan and later became involved in the Crowleyan [sic] Thelema current of magic. He was consecrated a bishop over Milwaukee in 1978 in the Gnostic Catholic church, joined the OTO and began to introduce satanic and Thelemic influences to the upper level members of their covens. About this time, a Christian lady began praying for Bill; and her prayers essentially brought down his entire magickal power structure overnight; as well as taking the satanic leadership away from him. In desperation, he asked Lucifer for a sign, and within days, Mormon missionaries arrived at his door. Having been told years before by his mentor that the Mormon church was essentially a cover organization for Witchcraft [sic], Bill and his wife joined the church. Four years in the Mormon church (still practicing Wicca, but eschewing Satanism) began to confront him with his inability to "work his way to perfection." Finally, in 1984, Bill Schnoebelen renounced Mormonism and Wicca for the false [sic] religions they were [sic], and gave his heart to Jesus Christ by trusting in Him, and Him alone for salvation and eternal life. He is now in full-time ministry and is dedicated to bringing those lost, as he was, in the darkness of the cults [sic], into the wonderful light of Jesus Christ. He is the author of three books, including WICCA: SATAN'S LITTLE WHITE LIE.


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