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=-=-=-=-=-=-= To: All Message #: 2967 >2972 From: Dan Holdgreiwe Submitted: 15 Nov 91 13:50:00 Subject: Cult Alert Bulletin #3 Status: Public Received: No Group: CULTINFO (13) Dangerous Cult Operating in U.S. Evidence indicates that a dangerous and destructive cult is now operating in the U.S. Information on the cult, compiled by concerned parents and cult experts, paints a clear picture of manipulation, exploitation and mind-control. Members of the cult are taught that luring others into joining the cult is their highest purpose in life. Once inside, the unlucky recruit must live by strict rules that control the most intimate aspects of their lives, even dictating with whom they may engage in sex. Cult members are also taught that non-members and defectors will be made to cruelly suffer, while those who are mindlessly loyal will be rewarded. Independent thinking is discouraged and in some cases dissenters have been murdered by loyal cult members. The inner teachings of the cult attribute supernatural powers to the leader (a convicted criminal) and to some of the early cult members (many of whom also have criminal records). Cult members are required to give the leader their total alleigence, even to to point of disowning their parent, according to some reports. As a result, many families have been broken up by the cult. Although the leader has now been dead for some years, he continues to be the object of excessive devotion by the cult. Indeed, many members actually regard the leader to be God. As a result of its bizarre practices, the cult has gotten into trouble with the law in every country where it has been established -- except in those places where it has accumulated enough political influence to manipulate the government for its own ends. In recent years the cult has devoted increasing energy to influencing American politics to promote its own sinister agenda. Despite all these widely known facts, the cult continues to hide behind the First Amendment and claim to be a legitimate church. Incredibly, it has been accorded tax-exemption and recognition -- sometimes even preferential treatment -- by government authorities. If the decent people of this country are ever going to wake up and do something about the cult problem, this menacing group (by far the largest cult in the U.S.) is certainly the place to start.


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