[Big YAWN here. More unvarified, unsubstanciated, unrefereneced conjecture on the part of

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[Big *YAWN* here. More unvarified, unsubstanciated, unrefereneced conjecture on the part of the author(s). Read with a large lump of salt.] Is Your Child Safe? The Significance of the Atlanta Child Murders for Today by Carol White Oct. 20 (EIRNS)--The United Wiccan Church, a witchcraft group, is currently advertising a report which it has prepared on the question of ritual child abuse. One of the authors of this report is Kenneth Lanning, an FBI expert on cults and ritualistic crime. Wicca seeks to distinguish itself from groups which call themselves Satanic, using the claim that Wicca is pagan, whereas Satan is--says Wicca--a fiction created by the Bible. Since Lanning is a public spokesman for the FBI, it appears that this argument is endorsed by the FBI. While the Federal Bureau of Investigation takes on the task of calming what they consider to be hysteria on the part of parents, educators, and others, moral Americans rightly fear the fact that Satanism has grown to near-epidemic proportions among young people. We are living in a period of moral degeneracy on such a scale that it is difficult for normal, God-fearing people to comprehend it. It is lunatic to restrict the definition of Satanic to those groups which kindly advertise themselves as such. Satanists will use every opportunity to insinuate themselves into society--not excluding membership in legitimate churches--in order to entice their victims. - Do the Children Lie? - Lauren Stratford, who spoke Oct. 6 at a conference of Christian leaders in Atlanta, is the author of a forthright book, ``Satan's Underground,'' which tells how she was forced by her mother to pose for pornographic pictures, and through this route led into overtly Satanic activity. Her written description of the interface between drugs, pornography, and Satanic networks coheres with the picture which has emerged from the efforts of investigators, and was confirmed by the hideous Matamoros [since proven NOT Satanic] killings last summer in Mexico. At the conference she emphasized the point that parents and children do not tend to embellish stories of child abuse, but rather to try to deny and hide it. For one thing, they are frequently scoffed at by law enforcement people who are influenced by the Lanning line; for another, the experiences which the children describe are so degraded and brutal that it is difficult for parents or the children themselves to face up to their reality. In other words, when it comes to the question of how widespread child abuse really is today--we do not know the half of it. One criticism frequently directed at parents and others who try to expose the existence of ritual child abuse is that the numbers of babies whom the children report seeing murdered, does not accord with comparable statistics of missing babies. That Joel Steinberg, convicted earlier this year of killing his adopted six-year-old daughter Lisa, was involved in running a shady adoption agency, should give pause to such critics. - Stealing Babies - Such illegal agencies steal their infant victims from impoverished parents in Asia and Latin America, but they also find a source of supply here at home. Take for example the following leaflet, which was used as an example at the Atlanta conference; it was put on the windshields of cars belonging to high school students, or young people attending rock concerts. It has been found in many regions of the country. It reads: ``We need your help. ``We are a happy loving Christian family who would love to adopt your baby. ``Please help answer our prayers. ``Let us help you while you help us. ``Please consider us before you consider abortion.'' A contact address, with the promise of all expenses paid. The District Attorney's office in one state where the flyer appeared traced the phone number; it was registered to a known cult leader. - The Atlanta Child Murders - From July 1979 to May 1981, Atlanta was the scene of nationally publicized ritualistic abuse and murder of children; at least 29 adolescent and pre-adolescent boys were killed. These were generally young people from poor homes who worked as runners for the dope mafia, or as male prostitutes. Pornography was also involved, and it is reported that ``snuff movies'' showing the murder of some of the children are circulating in Europe. Sondra O'Neill told the Atlanta conference of her investigations during the time of the murders and thereafter. She and other investigators at the time uncovered a picture of massive corruption in Atlanta. The involvement of key political figures, as well as law enforcement officers, in the cover-up of what was really occurring raised the question of whether they were personally involved in the murders, or perhaps blackmailed into complicity. Wayne Williams was convicted of the crimes, but any unbiased look at the evidence makes it clear that there was a widespread conspiracy involved, not a ``lone assassin.'' Many witnesses at the time, testified that Satanic covens were involved in ritual murder of these children, and other individuals as well. The picture which emerged at the time was one of convergence of various Satanic organizations in Atlanta. The Process Church, then known as the Foundation Faith, also had a chapter in the city, and was thought to be involved in the murders. - Process Church Involved? - One indication of a possible Process Church connection, was the presence of dog hairs on the autopsied children, and the discovery of decapitated Alsatian dogs in the area (the Process Church incorporated these dogs in their rituals). While they ostensibly transformed themselves into a Christian church in 1974, the head of the Church, Rafael de Peyer, was depicted in an oil painting on view in their Atlanta chapter office, as a horned devil. (As our readers may remember, John Markham, one of the federal prosecutors of Lyndon LaRouche, was associated with the Process, later the Foundation, Church.) It would be a mistake, however, to attribute all the killings to any one group. Clearly, the kind of ritual abuse reported to Fay Yager and her friends, who are trying to help parents who are forced underground to protect their children, was also occurring then. In 1978 a national witch convention was held in Atlanta, which appears to have been the kick-off for what have since become known as the Atlanta child murders. Five of the boys whose bodies were found, were found to be sexually mutilated. Some think that their deaths by asphyxiation occurred while they were involved in ritual homosexual acts. What Sondra O'Neill and her associates discovered was a network running from Florida through Atlanta, which was organized in cell form. The same network was later revealed at the time of the Matamoros killings. The fact that so many children appeared to go willingly to their ritual execution, indicates that the people who enticed them were well known to them, and trusted. These would have been parents, teachers, youth leaders, and friends--the same classes of people identified by younger children today as involved in Satanic abuse rituals.


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