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File: S T E V E W I N T E R O V E R V I E W (winter.txt) Arch: Right-wing fundamentalist extremist archives (rr.lib) Depost: The Skeptic Tank 1:102/890.0 (818) 335-9601 Lstupd: 08/Nov/95 In alt.religion.scientology, Fredric L. Rice said: fr> There's no need for him to admit to it publically here. He has done fr> so in FidoNet any number of times and, in any event, his rhetoric and fr> rabidity serves to indicate the measure of his involvement in this fr> rather deadly brand of Christianity. fr> fr> What I find annoying is that he's probably here in a.r.s hopeing to fr> participate as a "cult buster" acting as just another member of a rival fr> cult. Sadly, Cult Awarness Network used to be a wholly positive and fr> good group of individuals who pointed out the activities of groups like fr> Scientology but, after the death of its founder, fell into corruption fr> and ended up being nothing more than a rival cult pointing at other fr> cults and denouncing them. fr> fr> That's what Steve Winter does. He points at rival cults and denounces fr> them all the while demanding that _his_ cult is somehow better or fr> superior. The fact that he's a Pentecostal nutcase with a strong fr> hatred of gays and Christians doesn't have to be admitted publically fr> inasmuch as his own words serve quite well enough to bring about his fr> own undoing. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- NOBODY@NOWHERE.ORG stated the following: Just a short note to help get you up to speed here. Winter is a well known psychotic from the Fido network, who runs/Moderates a Christless echo called HOLY_BIBLE (more commonly known as HOLY_BABBLE). Unfortunately, the name of the mail area hides the actual fact that the echo is nothing more than a place for Steve to spout his canned doctrinal hateful posts. Any poster who posts anything that is in disagreement with Steve's "version" of the Bible is immediately hit with feed cut demands, and complaints against the operator of the system where the message originated. Steve claims the person is "disrupting" his echo, and follows with his normal name calling. Notice that Steve allows NO one to post anything that he is in disagreement with. Anyone who disagrees with him is being disruptive. You may have realized that this "disruptive" behavior that Steve so hates in his Fido echo, and absolutely refuses to tolerate, is exactly the same behavior he is displaying in the various Internet news groups. He won't allow any of that in HIS echo, but he is demanding that you allow him to do this here despite many requests that he stop. He can dish it out, but he can't seem to take it. Hypocritical of this, wouldn't you say? Some points to think about. Many of those who disagree with Steve find themselves geting calls from him, "cursing" them (there is a funny WAV file floating around of one of these calls...). Apparently Steve does not think that calls of that nature are harrassing to anyone else. If you want a copy of this WAV file, post me a note in one of the Christnet echo (to RABANUS@SSTAR.COM) and I will send it to you. There is also a collection of JPG files that are also available. Just ask... He will try to contact your employer, if he can find out where you work, and try to have you fired from your job. There are many cases of this happening, so do not disbelieve this. He routinely calls various police agencys in attempts to have people arrested for harrassing him (his word for disagreeing with him). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: Z1_Political Date: 03-30-95 16:25 From: Todd Cochrane To: Bob Moravsik Subj: Re: A crackpot MSGID: 1:2612/114.0 87E24A84 TID: WILDMAIL!/WC v4.12 94-0019 SW> anonymous call that you placed here (St Mary's County SW> Sheriff's complaint # 31142-94) BM> I checked...they never heard of this... He filed the complaint in response to my 2 calls to his 800 number were I left him voice mail to quit calling my wife and I and harassing us. The Sheriffs that called me asked what was up because Steve had flooded there office with Fax's I told him the situation and he agreed that Steve was some kind of religious nut and asked me not to call his 800# again.. He said the guy in his letters and on the phone sounded like a fanatic.. He had made several of his usual phone calls to us and in one case made my wife cry she being from Japan and only having been here for about a month she had never received a threatening phone call this is when it became personal and I called him on his dime since he likes to pay to call people so much... He was also instructed by the sherifs dept not to call me again or he would be facing real charges.. This was way back in December. They dismissed the complaint based upon a 5 minute phone call he also filled a complaint against another individual in the local area same exact results the complaint was dropped.. Then not to be deterred Steve started posting our names, Phone numbers and address's in National echos. My company attorney has collected quite a portfolio on Mr Winters and if he ever try's anything again we have enough material on him to have one hell of a nice time down in Durham NC.. -!- WILDMAIL!/WC v4.12 Origin: Hafa Adai Exchange, Great Mills MD (1:2612/114.0) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( He will call your Internet provider and try to have you removed from the net is you write to him in disagreement (remember, he thinks that if you disagree with him, you are "harrassing" him.) He records every call coming onto his house, and will call the phone company and file charges against anyone who calls (that he can identify) him to voice disagreement with his false doctrines. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Forwarded from "FN_SYSOP" * Originally by Steve Winter, 1:18/98 * Originally to All * Originally dated 15 Dec 1994, 23:20 * Forwarded (from: HOLY_BIBLE) by Steve Winter using timEd/2 1.01+. * Originally from Steve Winter (98:98/1) to All. * Original dated: Dec 15 '94, 22:47 Well, speak of the devil(s).... The following individuals were among those who were active in the disruption of this echo. Here are some interesting thingies: Dec 5 Two obscene phone calls traced to XXX-XXX-XXXX (Bill Roper NC3801 FidoNet official) XXXX Perdue Dr Tyler, TX 75703 Complaint filed with Tyler, Tx Police Dept Dec 5 Four harassing calls traced to Buggs Bugnon XXX-XXX-XXXX XXXX Barefoot Dr California, MD Complaint 31142-94 filed, St Mary's County Sheriff's Dept Dec 5 Two harassing calls traced to XXX-XXX-XXXX Todd Cochrane Blue Arch Apts, Apt #XXXX Great Mills, MD Included in Complaint 31142-94 filed with St Mary's County Sheriff's Dept Several harassing calls traced to Peter Herman XXX-XXX-XXXX Ft Wayne Indiana Complaint filed with Durham, NC police dept IR#94-68337 forwarded to Ft Wayne Indiana Police Dept (and there are some more serious criminal criminal charges being pursued regarding "the terminator" (Mr Hamm) that I don't want to detail at this time). This echo has been under vicious attack by some real low life trash who have managed to hinder its distribution. We hope to have the echo distribution returned to normal very soon. HOLY_BIBLE has been a valid backbone echo since 1991. Regards, Steve Winter PreRapture BBS 919-286-3606 USR V.34 28800 Moderator/founder HOLY_BIBLE (The Wholly Bible Echo) ___ timEd/2 1.01+ - Origin:PRIME Network Host 919-286-3606 V.34 HST16.8 (98:98/1) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( He will call your home if he can get your number, and "curse" you. Or he will encourage others to call your home and harrass you or members of your families - wifes, parents, anyone. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: Holy_Bible Date: 13-00-13 35:07 From: Todd Cochrane To: All Subj: More phone calls MSGID: 1:2612/114.0 876E3A45 TID: WILDMAIL!/WC v4.10 94-0019 Gosh I'm honored now I am receiving 1 phone call a day guess he hopes one harrassment a day will keep Todd away.. It's ok the phone company has been nice enough to Document and do trace back to confirm the harrasing phone calls. Amazing though how hard it is to do things when it is happening over state lines.... Todd.. Steve go ahead run your phone bill up and keep talking to my answering machine love it... -!- WILDMAIL!/WC v4.10 Origin: Hafa Adai Exchange, Great Mills MD (1:2612/114.0) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: Holy_Bible Date: 12-08-94 7:33 From: Todd Cochrane To: Bill Roper Subj: Sorry to have to bother y MSGID: 1:2612/114.0 87713B06 TID: WILDMAIL!/WC v4.10 94-0019 > my phone rang Sunday afternoon (thought Sunday was a "day of rest".....) > guy says, "can I speak to the parents of Bill Roper?" > I asked who is calling... > repeats himself... "can I speak to the parents of Bill Roper?" > I asked who is calling..... > he asks if this is Bill Roper... > I say " who the hell is calling?" > he says, "This is Steve Winter and I curse you in the name of > Jesus for a false christian scum".. > I say, "why don't you suck on the snotty end of... > and click... he hangs up..... > my wonderful callback feature doesn't handle out of state calls > (yet) so I called his 800 #..... > YES, VIRGINIA, THERE REALLY IS A SANTA CLAUS!! > and the number is: > 800-735-5266 Extension 64 > cheers... > Bill.... He bill same exact MO next time he calls hit record on your answering machine burn me a copy I already have over 50 of these same types of phone conversations from all over the country it is going to get interesting.. I think he is scared of me because he isnt using my name anymore but it's too late he has messed up to much and now it's personal. I have a legal department that is bored we are building a good case wont be long now... Todd... -!- WILDMAIL!/WC v4.10 Origin: Hafa Adai Exchange, Great Mills MD (1:2612/114.0) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: FN_SYSOP Date: 01-07-95 11:25 From: Tom Adams To: Michael Benge Subj: Re: Ahem... MB> I'm sorry, but I give very little credence to persons that hide MB> behind an alias in a network echo. It seems strange that the minute MB> Steve Winter showed up, all of you guys have started popping in with MB> aliases. If Basically I agree with you except ... I have heard that SW tends to harrass those who criticize him by calling publicly listed numbers, etc. Sure hope my discussions with SW haven't caused any problems for the other four Tom Adams's living locally here or those who inherited my listed numbers... -!- Renegade v5-31 Exp ! Origin: The CyberSpace Portal (1:206/2405) (1:206/2405) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( Don't believe this? Here is a recent message from the Internet. Look carefully at Steve's words concerning another mans wife. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Newsgroups: alt.religion.christian,,alt.christnet Subject: Re: Steve Winter, loud mouthed trash (and goon) From: (M. Scott Everard) Date: 6 Nov 1995 22:42:54 GMT In article <47j042$>, (Steve Winter) says: > "Johnston, Joshua Allen" > spake thusly and wrote: >>> Nope, you are just a low life little false christian dirt >>> who doesn't like having his game exposed. Is your wife >>> false christian scum too? You keep her name in your ID. >>> You are really making her look like trash (especially >>> when you use her name when you are sending harassing >>> email). >> That was low, Steve, even for you. You can attack a man, >> but attacking his wife is a big no-no. If it were me, this >> would be last post you'd put up. > What are you saying, scum? Is that a threat? The scum and > his wife have been sending harassing email for quite some time. If you EVER speak of my wife that way you will most certainly be held accountable. THAT, Winter, is a promise, not a threat. >> I don't know Carl personally, but, given his use of language >> and yours, I have a really hard time believing you. As a >> matter of fact, you'd be lucky if even one person on the Net >> believed you. > We know that you are false christian scum. Why would you not > agree with other false christian scum. If you signed your > posts with your wife's name then I would assume that she is > deceiving scum just like you. What is so hard about that? His wife OBVIOUSLY is a joint owner of the account. What's so hard about that? >> You have reached an all-time low, Steve. If there is anyone >> out there who has any doubt that Steve is a man of hate, >> I ask you to reread this article. Anyone who slanders >> another man's wife CANNOT be a man of God. At first I >> questioned your actions, Steve. Now you have led me > Hold on a sec. You are the dirt false christian scum posting > threats out here. Winter, when are you going to grow up? You claim to be a man of God, yet you toss hatred around like it was God's will. Begone Satan. [End of inserted message] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( Or he will encourage people to call your home and to harrass your family members. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thu 27 Oct 94 22:52 By: Steve Winter To: Andrew Badi Re: Vandalism AREA:HOLY_BIBLE On , Andrew Badi of 1:267/126 spake thusly to All: AB> I would like to thank Bob Brisco and whoever the character AB> name is for sending over 36 messages to SYSOP. AB> I certainly appreciated it. If you were local to me, I would AB> print out each message, come over to your place, and make AB> you eat each one! John Campbell and Bob Brisco have again illegally dumpted some of their false christian messages in the echo. Please delete the messages. If you would like to call John or his mother or father John "senior" and voice any opinion regarding his vandalism of this echo, his voice number is XXX-XXX-XXXX You can reach Bob Brisco at XXX-XXX-XXXX SysOps should ALL file formal policy complaints against John Campbell at 1:2602/510 (he is enabling Brisco) and against Bob Brisco at 1:2602/100. File the complaint with 1:2602/0 and cc it to 1:13/0. Both of these vandals are members of the filthy false chrisitian "CFN" and "FamilyNet" networks. I don't appreciate these false chrisitan filth repeatedly vandalizing this echo. It's no wonder to me that God's Word calls them whores and harlots. Rev 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. The false christian filth don't like being exposed as fakes, but these trash are sure showing their true nature. PLEASE do NOT reply to this message here in the echo. Steve Winter PreRapture BBS 919-286-3606 USR V.FC 28800 Moderator/founder HOLY_BIBLE (The Wholly Bible Echo) (Netmail to Steve Winter 98:98/1 routable via any co-moderator) --- * Origin:{PRIME Network Hub 919-286-3962 DHST168/V.32b}(98:98/1) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- He will threaten to file a lawsuit against those he cannot get to shut up. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Fri 28 Oct 94 20:52 By: Steve Winter To: All Re: Point to ponder AREA:HOLY_BIBLE 1. This echo *IS* a valid FidoNet backbone echo and is only being hindered by an act of vandalism of several corrupt FidoNet officials who are soon to meet their legal "Waterloo". No one or no group has the authority to remove a valid FidoNet backbone echo from distribution as was done with this echo. 2. My nodes being removed from the nodelist was also an illegal action by corrupt officials who are quite soon going to be face to face with the legal consequences of their actions. The delay in action is only due to proper preparation and research. 3. Anyone who seeks to damage me based upon any of the above will possibly be adding themselves to the list of defendants in the ensuing action(s). 4. It is my intention to endure the expense to pursue whatever action that is necessary to restore this echo and my nodelistings to their rightful place AND to collect damages for the recent events from those responsible. There are people out there who need to hear the truth. It is for their benefit that we endure. Steve Winter - moderator/founder HOLY_BIBLE 98:98/1 (Please Do NOT reply to this message here in the echo.) (To reply, use NETMAIL to one of the co-moderators) --- * Origin:{PRIME Network Hub 919-286-3962 DHST168/V.32b}(98:98/1) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( He has already destroyed the integrity of Fido with these threats. He has demonstrated on occasions to numerous to count, his contempt for those who are trying to stop his disruptive behavior by threats of suits againt them. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: FN_SYSOP Date: 12-26-94 00:45 From: Alan Boritz To: Steve Winter Subj: HOLY_BIBLE MSGID: 1:2605/ b4007ade REPLY: 1:18/98.0 efc47172 PID: FM 2.2c.mL OC0000CC TZUTC: -0500 In a message written 23 Dec 94 16:52:48, Steve Winter of 1:18/98 writes: > The removal of HOLY_BIBLE from was an act of vandalism > committed during a brief lapse with no ZEC. HOLY_BIBLE is an > established FidoNet backbone echo since 1991. I insist that it be > restored to immediately. And just what do you plan on doing when it's not? Do you really have the nerve to sue Bruce Bodger because he won't do you a favor? What do you plan on doing when high-volume routers refuse to carry the conference? You going to sue them, too? If users complain to you that they can't access the conference, are you going to sue individual sysops, too, because they won't do you a favor, either? If users won't read the conference, are you going to sue them, too? Do you see a pattern developing here? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't. -!- ! Origin: De Minimus Non Curat Lex (1:2605/102) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( Unfortunately, the "leadership" of Fido has caved in to his threats, and at this moment Winter runs unchecked there. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Area: FN_SYSOP Date: 01-03-95 01:34 From: Adrian Walker To: All Subj: My posting on HOLY_BIBLE MSGID: 1:153/752 2f08264a Hello All: It came to my attention that a posting I made on 29 Dec in the RGN17 echo has been cross posted to FN_SYSOP, and the commentary attached may be misleading. Fri 30 Dec 94 10:07a By: Bob Seaborn To: Anyone who cares Re: For your information AREA:FN_SYSOP BS> Anyone seen or heard of this? Talk about "TRUE Modem Scum" BS> getting their own way to the detriment of the rest of us!!! BS> It looks like Bodger succumed to winterz legal threats, and BS> Walker doesn't agree. Something *has* to be done!! * Forwarded from "RGN17" * Originally from Adrian Walker * Originally dated 12-29-94 23:41 <...> AW> rights to his tag name for a limited period of time as per AW> your undertaking with his lawyer. AW> The explanation at the head of the file would make it clear AW> why this was being done since, as I indicated, this is being AW> done against my better judgement, and contrary to the wishes AW> and interests of the vast majority of sysops in Zone 1. =================================================================== Here are the facts. On 02 October 1994, as ZEC, and after discussing the matter with the other RECs, I made the decision to remove HOLY_BIBLE from FIDONET.NA. This was intended to be a permanent removal, not a temporary one. The current ZEC has seen reason to amend that to a fixed term removal, which I respect. Later, the current ZEC (amongst others) received a copy of a message, indicating that Steve Winter had hired an attorney to represent him regarding the removal of the HOLY_BIBLE echo from Fidonet.Na as well as his removal from the nodelist. The ZEC then called the lawyer who felt that his client had some valid points and hoped that they could work out an agreement that would satisfy both sides. Later, the ZEC informed the lawyer of his decision, but the latter was not fully satisfied. The ZEC has stated that he made no guarantees and no promises other than to allow the moderator(s) to reapply after the 90 days had expired and that the application would be subject to the same criteria as others. He also made it clear that there is no guarantee that the echo could not be re-removed in the future if there weren't some 'adjustments' made from the 'other side'. According to the ZEC, the attorney acted more as a mediator rather than a trial lawyer, and there was never a lawsuit filed. He feels that there isn't one FidoNet "official" who wouldn't prefer to negotiate a settlement rather than face the possibility of having to spend what could amount to thousands of dollars to defend himself from what amounts to a frivolous lawsuit. I have made it clear that I disagree with the decision to reinstate the echo. I feel it important to make that known since I have to represent Region 17's viewpoint on matters such as this. What may not be clear is that despite this 'professional disagreement', I am a strong supporter of the current ZEC and his objectives, the contrary of which may have been inferred from the above post. His decision to permit reapplication for 'boning' by HOLY_BIBLE and the reservation of the tag for a month is a decision which is the ZEC's to make, and I respect that, just as the RECs respected my decision to remove the echo when I was ZEC. I hope that makes my position clear, since my regional comments have now been transferred to a zone-wide forum. Cheers ........... Adrian -!- GoldED 2.40 ! Origin: Kitsilano BBS, Vancouver B.C. [604] 683-0421 (1:153/752) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jerry Rabanus ( Unfortunately, for everyone, Mr Winter has brought his travelling Hate Show to the Internet. He has already made mention of filing suit against persons who cancel his messages. He has not learned a thing during his time in Fido, except that threats and name calling work, if folks let them. If you feel the need to discuss Steve's behavior on the Internet with him personally, you may call him for free. He runs a small computer business out of his home, that has an 800 number (that folks *may* feel inclined to call...). 1-800-SELLCOM. Those of you who may wish to contact Mr Winter, concerning his hate filed posts here may call him, on HIS dime, at 800-SELLCOM. One word of caution - call from a pay phone. Do not call from work, or your home phone - seeing he can dish it out, but can't seem to take it. As you see in some of the examples above, reasoning and rational discussion do not work with this lunatic, so be careful if you choose to call. Remember, your calls will be on *HIS* dime - so make sure you have those questions and comments ready.... Thats 800-SELLCOM..... Or, you may call 919-286-5775 for direct access...... You may want to quietly pass those numbers along to others who have been subjected to his hateful posts. They too may want to call.... Jerry Rabanus ( -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- P.S. Steve won an Award last year in Fido. He was awarded the much sought after FLAME, "Asshole of the Year". * Originally By: Shelby Sherman * Originally To: All * Originally Re: *AOY* Award * Original Area: Flame * Forwarded by : Blue Wave v2.12 This is the one that you have been waiting for. The Flame *AOY* award is a serious award that has been coveted by many. Without undue fanfare, let me say that this individual's influence permeated many major Fidonet Echos. I can say unequivocally that this individual has caused more disruption and attention throughout Fido and Flame than any *other* person. Within Flame, this person dominated the agenda throughout the year. The 1994 *AOY* Award goes to: Steve Winter -!- Squick v.2.01 ! Origin: Flame - Roadkill on the Information Superhighway (1:123/67) [end of winter.txt file archive rr.lib]


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