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6: The RICH ALLEN BBS! NODE 1 818-965-7317 NODE 2 818-839-7195 様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 As you know THE RICH ALLEN BBS! has a reputation in California for having the most Intelligent and Friendly people as its members. It is an honor to have you as a member and I want you all to know that I am truly your friend for life. Thank you for your kind comments. What you are about to read are actual comments from REAL MEMBERS OF THE RICH ALLEN BBS!! All comments of support addressed to Rich Allen will be posted here. I get tons of phone calls a week and believe me, we are making an impact out there on the information highway. 様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 "Rich, I just read your * Rich, you definately state your view point. I agree that homosexuality is a percusor to the fall of any society and told quite vividly by the blasting of Sodom, where the word sodomy originated. I agree that things have gotten extremely out of hand due to a generation and decline of holiness. Thou shall not kill. What kind of world is this? Rich, I will hold nothing back. I like you am a man that says what he feels. I will not condemn. We share some very critical viewpoints. I believe Jesus Christ to be a messiah, I believe he is coming again soon. I believe that Martin Luther King was a holy man and every time I hear his "Free at last Speech" tears well up in my eyes and a tingling shiver makes it way down my spine. I believe that Adolf Hitler and his nazi ideas were antinazareth. I believe a far more sophisticated and cunning anti-christ is coming soon. Rich I haven't had any revelation, I just feel this is true from all the information I have accumulated and most importantly to my spiritual response that evil exists" -Bruce Skaggs (Rich Allen BBS member and very good friend of Rich Allen) "I just got finished reading AMERICA.ZIP and let me tell you! It made me laugh, it made me cry but most of all it made me feel good inside!" -Matthew Stern (Actual Rich Allen BBS member New member too!) "Well Rich I got to say and this is not to get you big headed. I tried the other BBS'S and none of them make such a stimulating conversationalist as yourself. They are boring! Of course, I only went through half my list but now my hopes are set low. My standards are too high especially after chatting with you. I have to admit you take the cake!" -Lori Cabral Actual Rich Allen BBS member (also voted best looking member) (Obviously a woman with impeccable taste in BBS!) ahahahahhahahah "Rich I just got the membership and I LOVE IT! God Bless the Rich Allen members and THE RICH ALLEN BBS. I have uploaded to other BBS and just Uploaded AMERICA.ZIP to Fatal System Error BBS 358-4556! Thanks! Love this BBS! -Vinh Nguyen New Actual RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER! "Let's just say that this is THE BEST BBS I have ever called. I've checked out a few other BBS but when it comes to improving and expanding the system NOBODY does it faster than you guys" -Brian Scwartz RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Hey Rich, I just finished listening to 99.5 fm at 4:00 pm! I do agree with your radio station. We need to get the porn out of the information higway. I assume you are a Christian. Me too! It's good to see a board that doesn't have porn on it. Thank you for the tip on the Radio station! -James Randall Actual Rich Allen BBS member who listens to 99.5 fm at 4! "The RICH ALLEN BBS ROCKS! I tell everybody to call it!" -Donald Cabral Actual RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Bravo!!!!! Truly a fantastic way to spread The Word without the pushy sales hype! I was awestruck when I read your AMERICA.ZIP after I downloaded it! It's great to know that there still is someone besides our Lord out here who honestly cares about their fellow man. To tell you the truth, if I knew this was a Christian oriented BBS, I don't think I would have called. The way you designed AMERICA.ZIP and compared life to the Bible is refreshing and innovative. I just had to say thanks to a man that has made my faith grow stronger than it's ever been" -Chuck Mancusa ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER! "Your reminds me of a speech that Hitler made!" -Angry anonymous caller that called by the name of Joe Momma, left this message, then logged off. (See I post all comments on!) "Thanks to Rich Allen for putting this BBS together! It has already started to change my life in Magical Ways!" -Juan Torre Actual RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Thanks for the patience and work you guys have done!" -Brian Schwartz Actual RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Rich, I think that your bbs board is great! I haven't downloaded the file AMERICA.ZIP yet, but I'm planning to later. I hope that file is as great as everybody says! Thanks for having me on!" -John Miller ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Out of all the Sysops I have met, Rich Allen is by far the most handsome and funniest. I will call this BBS forever!" -THE WORLD FAMOUS FLIRTIN EYES! ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER! "I was once a wreckless youth seeking fun in Hacking and computer crime but now Rich and THE RICH ALLEN BBS have changed my life in Magical ways and introduced me to a long lost friend CHRIST!!!!!" -JAMES DAEMON "HACKER TURNED MAGICIAN, TURNED CHRISTIAN MAGICIAN! AND ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER WHOS LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED IN MAGICAL WAYS!! "It is crucial for there to be a way for Christians out here to take action by getting informed, and this is getting to be the easiest way, so I applaud you for your efforts." -RADIO STATION KKLA "LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES" WITH DUFFY! "Finally! Somebody that has a bbs with no !@#$ pornography! As a woman I am offended by the other bbs that allow that crud on their systems. I thank you Rich for having the restraint in keeping this board the way you do! Regarding AMERICA.ZIP being a school teacher as I am, at first when I read AMERICA.ZIP I was offended by your comments about how you thought handing out condoms in school was wrong. But, like you said, the more I was honest with myself, the more I realized I was wrong. Thank you Rich for opening up my eyes to the evil that the Los Angeles Unified School District is pushing on our children. AMERICA.ZIP has changed my life in Magical ways! I have uploaded AMERICA.ZIP to about 15 or more bbs!! God speed to you and may God bless you and all you are doing for our children." -RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER AND SCHOOL TEACHER MELLONIE! "This BBS is a very cool, awesome, and great BBS! I can't ever find a BBS as well as this one. Everyone even BO knows that this is the BADDEST BBS in town!!" -David Wong "I just want to say something about the RICH ALLEN BBS! I think it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!" -Tim Downs ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "The RICH ALLEN BBS kicks ass!! It's the BEST!! AND THE BEST THING-THE SYSOP IS THE NICEST SYSOP IN THE BBS'WORLD THESE DAYS! YEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWW GIVE A HAND FOR MISTER RICH ALLEN!!" -Jack Ngo ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your board very much and what it stands for. It is based on intelligent ideas rather than mindless chit-chat like most of the bulletin board services. Keep up the good work." -Michael Chais ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "This is a really cool BBS!!!!! Thank you for all your help!" -Nelson Chu ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "I am pleased to be able to find a BBS that has the opinions that this one does! I stand behind and agree with most of the things in the Welcoming screen. Great to be on!" -Nick Haman ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "I just finished reading AMERICA.ZIP and was impressed with what you have to say. You're right. We need to make the needed changes and get God back into our life and our Government." -Doug Padgett (We just love Gutsy members like this one!) "Well, I don't care what they all say I think you're doing a good Job. At least you care..." -Ray Rios (You tell em Ray!) ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Hi, I just wanted you to know that I like your BBS. You have a lot of great files on it!" -Tony Coe ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "You have a great BBS here!" -Chuck Russom ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "I just got finished reading AMERICA.ZIP straight through. I couldn't put it down! This book should be required reading in every school, college and University. In a word...AWESOME! Love your BBS Rich!" -Jacky Aranyosi (Now thats what I love to hear!) ACTUAL MEMBER TOO!! "How wonderful to find a BBS board sysop who truly understands what Jesus and God are all about! You indeed are blessed Rich to have this knowledge and we are all blessed to have this opportunity to read about the one who makes this all possible. God bless you my friend!" -Suzi Procter (AMERICA.ZIP IS CHANGING LIVES IN MAGICAL WAYS! "When I first met Rich Allen he was voicing his opinion on something and I just listened to him and thought what a jerk this guy is! But when I got to know him personally I realized how right he was. Now, we are the best of friends. Rich is the type of friend that people dont invite to their drug parties but if your toilet ever backs up, hes the only one you could count on to help, and he'd be there." -Rick Aceves FRIEND AND CO-SYSOP OF THE RICH ALLEN BBS "I am glad that this is a christian BBS. I had no idea when I called." -David Yang ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Rich Allen has discovered many of the causes for the problems facing us all everyday. It is nice to see someone take a stand for what they believe" -Loren Crandell ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "This is truly a great BBS." -Ian Aquino ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "Keep after political villians. Thanks for the good BBS!" -Mark Dessaules ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER "The Rich Allen BBS rocks!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it going Rich! -Tim Downs ACTUAL RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER NOW ITS YOUR TURN TO SPEAK OUT! IF YOUR NAME ISN'T HERE YOU MAY LEAVE A MESSAGE TO RICH ALLEN TELLING HIM YOUR OPINION OF AMERICA.ZIP AND/OR THIS BBS AND WHAT THE RICH ALLEN BBS STANDS FOR. PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THE RIDICULOUS THINGS GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY AND NOW WE ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. DOWNLOAD AMERICA.ZIP AND SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP GUIDE THIS COUNRTY BACK TO ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Rich Allen Sysop node1 965-7317 node2 839-7195 Rick Aceves Co-Sysop 900-454-4075 Ext. 253(Singles Connection $2/min Jack Ngo DC policeman 18 or older only) THE ENFORCER BBS enforcer of rules & regulations


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