Rich Allen: Insane nutter wannabe. A real nut! What you are about to read may seem like i

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THE RICH ALLEN BBS HEREBY SALUTES BRIAN SCHWARTZ...A POWERFUL CRUSADER!! As many of you know Brian helps design and publish a newspaper and isour Advertising man for THE RICH ALLEN BBS. Brian really has a passion fortruth and is not afraid to stand against the slings and arrows that attackhim for representing THE RICH ALLEN BBS. Not only does Brian speak againstthe evils that are corrupting America, he has been a KEY Crusader! He hasdrafted into our Crusade many a Crusader and Crusaderette. Brian is thetype of man that doesnt give a damn what people say about him. He knows whohis king is. If I ever had to be in a fight against 50 gang members, here would be myline up of people I would select to fight with me. Brian Schwartz, Jack Ngo,and Steve! If America was being ran by 10 Brians oh whatwe could do! It takes remarkable dedication and you have to be proven inbattle to get your own Bulletin. Brian has proven himself time and timeagain. Therefore this Bulletin is hereby dedicated to him forever! He isa Powerful Crusader!


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