Rich Allen: Insane nutter wannabe. A real nut! What you are about to read may seem like i

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From the Desk of Rich Allen: When I first began calling bbs I was fascinated! It was like a wholeunderground world that was existing all this time...without my knowledge!However after calling the bbs it was obvious that they all were basicallythe same. Mindless Chit Chat that serves no purpose and pornos that getmore and more sickening along with childish arguing through the email. This is why I designed a system for the more intelligent BBS caller.In fact THE RICH ALLEN BBS is the only one of its kind in California.By having a BBS operational and online 24 hours it is impossible for it not to affect people. By having a BBS online 24 hours a day speaking ofmorality it is impossible not to get evil people angry. Most importantly,by having a BBS online 24 hours a day everyday...yet declaring that JesusChrist is our king.....You create an earthquake in the BBS community. The RICH ALLEN BBS is the only BBS that is taking on the issues ofGod believing people. We are the only BBS that is good for your soul,good for your mind, and good for your future. In fact, every single oneof our members has said that they feel better simply by being a member.We believe that the reason is God made you that way. There is somethingin a person, a natural yearning for truth. This BBS is the only BBS thatwill quench your thirst for this truth. I don't make guarantees lightly but I can 100% guarantee that you willbecome more educated on the teaching of Jesus Christ by being a member here.I can 100% guarantee that your life will be more enjoyable by being a memberhere. I can 100% guarantee that you will be educated so completely the truth of America and christianity, that you can take on any college oruniversity professor in a debate...and win. If you have doubts about the existence of God I know of no better wayto increase your faith than to read the bible and also to be a member of thisBBS. Did you know that by joining this BBS you are actually helping peopleinher it eternal life? Do you understand and comprehend the depth andramifications of this awesome deed? It is awesome! By uploading America.zipto other BBS you are doing just that.Let me say this....Join us and your life will change. HIGHEST HONORED ELITE MEMBERS OF THE RICH ALLEN BBS AND HOW YOU BECOME ONE A letter from the desk of Rich Allen: When I first decided to start a Bulletin Board System it was an awesome undertaking. Thousands of hours of concentration of Irq's and port assignments, passwords, security defaults, screen designing, virus scanning, and thousands of other things that a sysop must do to run a successful BBS your sysop Rich Allen has done for you. Still there are some people that have been with me through all of this and have been given the highest status available to a RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBER. If you would like to be given the most honored security profile which includes, unlimited time and unlimited downloads and much much more, all you have to do is one thing. It's easy to become one of the highest honored members of THE RICH ALLEN BBS. Still it takes time and effort on your part. Here is how YOU too can become one of the highest honored members, and also have your name listed with the best damn RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBERS listed below. All you have to do is DOWNLOAD and then upload it to one or more BBS! Then, drop Rich Allen a note right after you have DOWNLOADED DO NOT FORGET TO LEAVE RICH ALLEN A MESSAGE IMMEDIATLY AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD AMERICA.ZIP. Rich Allen and his staff will check the BBS activity log and if it shows that you did download AMERICA.ZIP you will be given this honored status. If you have downloaded AMERICA.ZIP your work is half done. Then all you have to do is UPLOAD the file to one or more BBS! Although you may not think this is a big deal, after you read AMERICA.ZIP you will come to realize that WHAT YOU DO CHANGES THOUSANDS OF LIVES! ***** MOST HONORED AND HIGHLY VALUED RICH ALLEN BBS MEMBERS ***** GEORGE OGDEN JAMES DAEMON RICK ACEVES JACK NGO JOSEPH WANG KEN CREMEANS ALAN LIU FLIRTIN EYES RODNEY FORMOSO CASEY THOMASSON LOREN CRANDELL RICK BUCHANAN ALBERT LEE FRED DEL ROSARIO DANIEL CARPIO GREGORY FROTTON BRIAN SCHWARTZ DAVID WONG CHUCK MANCUSA JOHN MILLER NELSON CHU NICK HAMAN RAY RIOS BRIAN SCHWARTZ DONALD AND LORI CABRAL JAMES DAEMON Steve Mcfarland BRUCE SKAGGS CONNIE GARCIA


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