Re: Christian Symptoms of Abuse To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt You may remember that last week I po

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Re: Christian Symptoms of Abuse From:!!NELSON1111 To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt You may remember that last week I posted a note after meeting with one of the leading Christian "memory experts," Mr. X. Below are his lists of symptoms which he uses to diagnose repressed abuse; (he says the Holy Spirit reveals it to him as well, even by merely examining photographs). I am soliciting scholarly responses to Mr. X, which I will deliver along with my own, when I meet with him again in two weeks. Some of you might want to your address and phone number, as a sign of willingness to inform and educate him (though it isn't necessary to do so). Please do respond, and please remember that more flies are drawn to honey than to vinegar. Mr. X appears to be listening, so let's inform him, not filet him (though I'm sure many of the witchhunt members have valid reason to do so). Here are Mr. X's lists: LIST OF "CLEAR" SYMPTOMS OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE: Feel unworthy of God's love Feel "dirty" Fits of rage Lack of resistance Memory gaps in childhood Obsessive fear of rape Same-sex attraction Self-hatred Uncomfortability with nudity in marriage LIST OF "STRONG" SYMPTOMS OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE: Compulsions Downcast looks Eating disorders Fear of being alone Fear of losing weight Lack of trust Migraine headaches PMS Uncontrollable anger Undiagnosed pains, aches LIST OF "POSSIBLE" SYMPTOMS OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE: Abortion Affairs during marriage Alcoholic excess Asthma Childhood depression Emotionally abused as child Emotions suppressed in childhood Guilt feelings Hide real feelings Low self-worth Marital sexual disinterest Mood Swings Nudity forbidden in childhood home Poor teenage opposite-sex relationships Pornography in childhood home Recurring bad dreams Rejection feelings Sexually abused or molested as child Suicidal feelings Teenage promiscuity Tendency to overreact Obviously nearly all of these "symptoms" of abuse, as arbitrarily assigned by Mr. X, are completely devoid of any scientific basis. Arguably, a few may have some limited validity. Certainly his "test" is useless as a diagnostic tool. I look forward to your responses. If this turns out to be a popular project, with many of you contributing letters to Mr. X, then I will post updates on witchhunt; if it is less popular, I will post updates privately to contributors. Thanks. By the way, the weather here in San Diego has been a little cold lately. I think it may have gotton below 60 the other day. Last week we had killer 15 foot surf. Oh well, someone has to live in paradise, and I guess it ought to be me... Eric L. Nelson, M.A. Forensic Analyst in private practice 619-230-9170 P.O.Box: 15700 San Diego, CA 92175


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