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Reply to message 1140 By: Fredric Rice To: Gord Magill Re: Satan myth gm> In all my readings of the Bible, the only time Satan did gm> anything remotely wrong was tempting Eve with the apple. The mythos has been added to a dozen times after the classical Christanic mythologies were adopted by the Concil(sp) of Nicea. Christanics have added a great deal to their 'Satan' god, taking works of entertainment and social investigation from such sources as Milton, Dante, and even contemporary motion pictures such as "The Exorcist." Entertainment factors greatly into the Satan god mythos because entertainment is a healthy substitute for deity believing. Fantasy engagement is what believing in deities is and the entertainment industry competes with the religion industry in this reguard. Ergo Christanics paint works of entertainment and whole venues of entertainment as 'Satanic' oriented. (Witness the Christanic beliefs about rock-and-roll in decades past.) You'll not find much in the classical Christanic mythologies about the 'Satan' god other than it was a drinking buddy of the other gods to the point where a barroom bet settled the fate of the Job mythos. Another aspect of the 'Satan' god mythos is the Christanic rework of the basis for the mythos: Greek Pandora and Her Box. Just as Pandora unleased all of humanity's woes upon the face of the Earth, the Eve mythos did likewise. The Christanic cult, however, removed the unleashing of everything which was good from Pandoras' Box (like hope, charity et al.) and handed them to the rest of their gods. Another basis of groundwork for the 'Satan' god is Prometheus (the Hero who stole fire from the gods) and Lucipher (whos name means 'light bringer.') All of these mythos unlease knowledge and advancement onto humanity at the cost of elivating humanity to the level of the gods. To the gods, that is a punishable offense and so we have the Satan myth. In the classical Christanic mythologies, the gods (yes, the gods... plural) complain that if the humans at the time eat from the tree of knowledge, they will become "as one of the gods." (Again, plural.) So the complaint that Christanics have with 'Satan' et al. is the belief that knowledge, education, scientific method et al. are caused by 'Satan' and as such are undesireable. That's the ___real___ reason why Christanics want ritual invocation to deities in the public schools, by the way.


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