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(411) Sun 28 Aug 94 18:21 Rcvd: Tue 6 Sep 19:37 By: J.J. Hitt To: Fredric Rice Re: Re: Fancy words St: Rcvd 1589> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:f216 1d1c92a0 jh> Not to mention that at one time (Brigham Young, or possibly Joe jh> Smith himself) it was claimed that AmerInd converts would receive jh> white skin in a "couple generations". FR> I've never heard this one... Amazing. I have reciently FR> acquired some books on Mormonism -- from the perspective FR> of criminal investigators and criminal officers. At ties FR> they delve lightly into the ideologies which are used as FR> justification. (I posted some materials about just such a FR> book last week.) FR> This one is a new one! It's almost as good as Henry FR> Morris' claim that the craters on the Moon were caused by 'Satan.' It was Smith himself. (the following is from an anonymous anti-Mormon text file I picked up somewhere): There is another interesting scripture in the BOOK OF MORMON regarding the Indians. 2 Nephi 30:6 includes a prophecy that the Lamanites (Indians) would turn "white and delightsome" in a few generations after accepting the gospel. It is interesting to note that the handwritten manuscript of 2 Nephi 30:6 has "white and delightsome". In 1840 Joseph Smith directed that it be changed to "pure and delightsome." Brigham Young directed that it be changed back to "white and delightsome". It has remained "white and delightsome" until 1981 where it has now appeared as "pure and delightsome" with no footnote indicating why it was changed. Is it possible that now that sufficient time has gone by to see that the Lamanites are not going to turn "white and delightsome" after several generations of being members of the Mormon Church, that it is prudent to change the verse to "pure and delightsome" which is easier to defend? Honest editing would at least place a footnote by the change to explain why the change had been made. --- EZPoint V2.2 * Origin: BUSH LOST - Live with it! (Houston) (1:106/9788.2) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 752 835 850 851 890 943 1302 106/116 112/1 147/7 170/100 SEEN-BY: 170/400 202/1 206/1701 2708 209/209 720 770 270/101 280/1 10 25 35 SEEN-BY: 280/53 74 108 115 333 378 385 500 290/627 309/2 345/31 387/470 SEEN-BY: 389/2 396/1 @PATH: 30873/2 106/9788 888 116 170/400 280/1 209/720 102/2 851


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