By: Fredric Rice To: DAVID JOHNSTON Re: Promethian Flaw dj> A good teacher expresses himse

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By: Fredric Rice To: DAVID JOHNSTON Re: Promethian Flaw dj> A good teacher expresses himself in a straightforward and lucid dj> fashion. Your sins are not external to you (not if you believe dj> in Original Sin), rather they are hardwired into you from birth. In HolySmoke we call it "The Promethian Flaw." There appears to be an evolutional self-destruct switch in humanity which impells the collective to seek that which will destroy them; even as they know it will destroy them. (Which explains why people still smoke or pick fights with loggers.) Various religions have attempted to create reasons for why the Promethian Flaw exists, never really contemplating the fact that "why" doesn't factor into evolutional development. (Self-destructive behavior must be an attribute of evolutionary development; there simply is no other vehicle capable of instilling the Promethian Flaw in humanity.) The myths concocted were done so prior to the realization that evolution happens so the various priests and story tellers can be comfortably forgiven their ignorance. Most of the woes of humanity are their own fault. (Over population of a specific area being a major one.) Some are environmental. (Desert encroachment will eventually force humanity to huddle ever closer to each other and will spark genocidal wars as resources are fought for... It always has in the past.) Yet many of humanity's woes are entirely mental, springing from the Promethian Flaw -- that is, springing from the evolutional development of intelligence itself. Prometheus stole fire from the gods and handed it to humanity, ushering-in all of humanity's woes. Christanics modified the myth into an Adam/Lilith/Eve mythos which explains all of humanity's woes. The belief of "original sin" and of "sin" itself is merely religions attempting to contrive a "why" for self-destructive behavior when there really isn't any.


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