(283) Sat 29 Oct 94 11:28 By: Shelby Sherman To: All Re: sigh St: @EID:e374 1d5d5b80 @MS

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(283) Sat 29 Oct 94 11:28 By: Shelby Sherman To: All Re: sigh St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:e374 1d5d5b80 @MSGID: 1:123/67 2eb26a54 @PID: GED 2.41+ 124LM3 ============================================================================= * Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : THUMP_IT (Thump It! Religious Debate) * From : Starwyn, 1:104/515 (25 Oct 94 17:17) * To : All * Subj : sigh ============================================================================= >>>>>TEXT OF LETTER FROM C.O.R. HEADQUARTERS TO SUPPORTERS.<<<<< June 15 Dear friend, We wanted to communicate with you faithful donors who have been the Lord's servants to provide our daily "manna" on this Sinai journey this past two moths. Thank you for loving us and for caring enough about the reformation of the Church and the rebuilding of society on a biblical base to donate to C.O.R. We honestly could not do this ministry without your help and we are genuinely grateful for you. On June 18th and 19th I have a meeting in Colorado Springs with a few national leaders to begin exploring a 25 year plan to turn our nation around and rebuild it upon the biblical principles laid down by our founding fathers and the Puritans of the 1600's. Donna and I will be taking two weeks there in Colorado to have some vacation and to look over the housing situation in Colorado Springs with the possibility in mind of moving there next spring if God continues leading in that direction. As you know, the possibility of launching Kingdom College there in the fall of 1994 is becoming more and more of a probability. This month I have met with 6 leadership friends who would be willing and eager to move there with us to be a team if God makes it very clear that is His call for me at this time. The possibilities and potential are enormous. Also, the thought of my being able to function in the work of reformation and rebuilding the civilization upon the Bible with a team of like-minded fellow reformers who are sold out to King Jesus is positively exciting to me. At nearly 60, I am looking forward to establishing some long-term co-worker relationships in a team setting with men who can become "old patriarchs" with me over the next 30 years and who will be willing to die to accomplish our mutual goals. For you who may feel a leading from God to pray for Donna and me, please pray for His guidance, His unmistakably clear call on my life to move my ministry to Colorado and launch this kind of training school, or, to make it clear that is not the plan or now is not the time. Thank you in advance if you do that for us. May you and your family be blessed this summer. May you financial needs be met abundantly. May you grow speedily this next six months in those special areas where God is working on you as he is on us. With love and gratitude, Jay and Donna Grimstead -+- SuperBBS 1.17-2 (Eval) + Origin: Visualize Whirled Peas! (1:104/515) ============================================================================= --- GoatEd Ver.0.00 * Origin: Sheets Inc. (1:123/67) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 524 752 835 850 851 890 943 112/1 147/7 170/400 SEEN-BY: 206/2708 209/209 720 770 270/101 280/1 9 10 25 35 53 108 115 333 SEEN-BY: 280/359 378 385 500 1776 290/627 309/2 345/31 396/1 3615/50 @PATH: 123/67 303 301 3615/50 396/1 280/1 209/720 102/2 851


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