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(281) Sat 29 Oct 94 11:28 By: Shelby Sherman To: All Re: cor St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:5ff1 1d5d5b80 @MSGID: 1:123/67 2eb26a3f @PID: GED 2.41+ 124LM3 ============================================================================= * Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : THUMP_IT (Thump It! Religious Debate) * From : Starwyn, 1:104/515 (25 Oct 94 17:16) * To : All * Subj : cor ============================================================================= COR Comes To Colorado Springs by Mike Fisher If the Colorado Springs didn't have enough Christian political organizations headquartered here preaching intolerance, we will have a real winner this summer. Coalition on Revival (COR), a reconstructionist organization, has announced it will be moving to Colorado Springs in June. COR has plans to launch a "boot camp training school for radical world-changers" called Kingdom College. The purpose of Kingdom College is to train Christian Reconstructionists to "systematically and effectively rebuild their civilization on Biblical principles." Reconstructionism or theonomy, holds that Old Testament laws, as interpreted by the New Testament, are required for all societies. Theonomists oppose plurality and the separation of Church and State and advocate a Biblical theocracy. In Grimstead's 24-point master plan, he proposes Christian takeovers in virtually all aspects of human endeavor: education, the arts, politics, the courts and even the military. In a May 1993 letter to COR friends, Grimstead writes, "At this moment of history, all humans on earth, whether Jew or Gentile, believer or unbeliever, private person or public official, are obligated to bow their knees to this King Jesus, confess Him as Lord of the universe with their tongues, and submit to His lordship over every aspect of their lives in thought, word and deed." Many Reconstructionists focus particularly on biblical prescriptions of capital punishment for such offenses as blasphemy, adultery, homosexuality, witchcraft, striking or cursing a parent and promiscuity. A society based on Reconstructionism would include no prison system--criminals would either be executed for their crimes or work as indentured servants to make restitution to their victims. There would be no credit system or public school education; indigents would be forced to work off their debts as slaves and children would be schooled at home. COR's list of steering committee members have included such political Christian right leaders as Dr. Tim and Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women of America, Dr. Robert Simonds of Citizens for Excellence in Education, Dr. James Kennedy (who in conjunction with village Seven Presbyterian Church is opening a branch of Knox Theological Seminary here), Dr. R.J. Rushdoony and Pat Robertson's Regent University Board Chair, Dee Jepson. Because of COR's controversial beliefs and plans, some members have left the committee and others deny any connection with COR. Even Focus on the Family is a little uncomfortable with Reconstructionists. At a recent Community Impact Seminar, a Focus on the Family representative referred to Reconstructionists as "wing-nuts." As a recent example of what we can expect from Grimstead and COR, here are excerpts from a letter to William B. Allen, who was running against Representative Bill Dannemeyer for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Grimstead wanted Allen to withdraw from the Republican primary so Dannemeyer could receive the nomination. "This letter comes to tell you that we are calling on you, in the name of Jesus Christ the King of the universe, to immediately step down from this foolish attempt at the Senate seat and to publicly announce that you are throwing your weight and your campaign behind the Dannemeyer effort for victory...If, however, you choose to continue on this reckless, unaccountable, foolish path you may count on three consequences: 1. We will not only work harder than ever for the Dannemeyer campaign but we will also expose to our Christian networks the foolishness and destructiveness of your efforts and encourage them to see your campaign for what it truly is: a political abortion that can only aid the forces of darkness. 2. Any hopes you have for political office in this state will be greatly hindered for years to come... 3. We suspect that God Himself will make efforts to discipline you and judge this action of yours however He sees fit. As anyone who has been disciplined by our Heavenly Father can tell you, He can deal very forcibly with us." COR is a small organization with a few militant followers and without the large amounts of money that Focus or Pat Robertson have. Their impact on a large scale may be insignificant. However, if their plans for Kingdom College materialize, we could be in for some unwanted spiritual warfare on a community that is already divisive along in the area of tolerance and religion. -+- SuperBBS 1.17-2 (Eval) + Origin: Visualize Whirled Peas! (1:104/515) ============================================================================= --- GoatEd Ver.0.00 * Origin: Sheets Inc. (1:123/67) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 524 752 835 850 851 890 943 112/1 147/7 170/400 SEEN-BY: 206/2708 209/209 720 770 270/101 280/1 9 10 25 35 53 108 115 333 SEEN-BY: 280/359 378 385 500 1776 290/627 309/2 345/31 396/1 3615/50 @PATH: 123/67 303 301 3615/50 396/1 280/1 209/720 102/2 851


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