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Re: Cop Selling Satan From: SGTEMON To: --------------------- Forwarded message: Subj: Re: SELLING OF SATAN article Date: 94-12-29 01:25:17 EST From: SGTEMON To: CC: SGTEMON I am personally convinced I helped create the hysteria that put Paul Ingram in jail. In 1986 I participated in a video called AMERICA'S BEST KEPT SECRET in which Mike Warnke also appeared. Because I was a cop and also a Christian I believed other Christians who told horrific satanic stories would certainly not fabricate their accounts. I later taught a state certified police course in CA called OCCULT CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION teaching some 5,000 law enforcement personnel. After about 4-5 years of teaching the existence of satanic criminals rife in America I was challenged to examine the evidence. In order to disprove my critics, I realized it was I who had been buffaloed. Prior I participated in other video documentaries such as IN THE NAME OF SATAN; DEVIL WORSHIP, THE RISE OF SATANISM; HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT and a few other local documentaries in L.A. When I changed my viewpoint due to the lack of empirical research or physical evidence to support the SRA claims I was quickly ostracised by my colleagues. As a matter of fact I was earlier criticized in the Skeptical Enquirer as a catalyst of fear. Naturally I felt this group was closet satanists. Nonethless I have sent letters to the companies who produced these video's urging them to remove them due to their gross inaccuracies. The ONLY video removed was AMERICA'S BEST KEPT SECRET. America has been hoodwinked and many other cops have also bought into this modern myth. I can only hope empirical research will help those like Paul. I wrote an article called OCCULT COP which was published in a journal called ISSUES IN CHILD ABUSE ACCUSATIONS which outlines my journey through occult research to where it brought me today. Randy Emon Sergeant (retired) Baldwin Park Police Dept., Calif.


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