To: Subject: The Foundation Library Date: Sun, 19 May 1996

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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: The Foundation Library Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 04:06:36 -0400 WE'RE ACCEPTING DONATIONS To repeat a posting I made here a few weeks ago, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), as one of its three major functions, will make available to any persons who wish to use it, a book-and-video library of materials on paranormal, supernatural, and occult subjects. And, with your help, it can become the most complete such specialized library in the world. I am presently gathering material for this collection, and it is coming in daily. While much of this material is available in used book stores, and I have invested a good sum in this source, the remainder has come from my own personal library -- and now from donors. Obviously, others around this country and around the world have appropriate material for the Foundation. I appeal to you for your help in donating journals and books that we have not yet obtained. As I specified previously, anything (pro or con) is welcomed as a donation. We will have a Spanish-language section to serve the specialized needs of the Florida community, and our WWW pages will have a parallel facility, as well, since there are active Spanish-speaking skeptical groups out there. To a lesser degree, other languages will also be represented in the Home Office library, and videotapes in SECAM and PAL standards -- as well as NTSC format -- will be available and are welcome as donations. We will of course provide donors with a valuation for income tax purposes, since the JREF is a 501(c)3 educational organization. If you have material that you could donate, please contact me and briefly describe what you have to donate. Or, if the material is obviously the sort of thing that could be of use, you may send it to me without describing it. Postal costs will be reimbursed. Many thanks for your help! James Randi James Randi Educational Foundation 201 S.E. Davie Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815 U.S.A. phone: +1 954 467 1112 (after June 1) ************************************************** ** PROVIDED FOR YOUR REFERENCE BY THE MODERATOR ** ************************************************** Requests to be added to or deleted from the randi-hotline mailing list, must be sent to the service address: Internet: PLEASE BE PATIENT. All requests are processed before each new mailing to the list and these can be widely spaced. You *will* be added if your request was sent to the correct address. Mail to James Randi can be sent to: Internet: The Amazing One reads all mail and will generally respond eventually. This can change with growing volume, of course... Thanks to Anson Kennedy, back issues of the randi-hotline are now available on the World Wide Web: Back issues of the randi-hotline are also available via anonymous FTP to: USA: directory: /pub/an/anson/Mailing_Lists/geller-hotline directory: /Randi Please try first, since is very busy. EUROPE: directory: /pub/Randi Our gratitude goes to Anson Kennedy and Massimo Macucci for providing the ftp sites at netcom and, respectively. Randi also has a web page - check it out at


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