To: Subject: Mitchell on Dateline.... Date: Sun, 21 Apr 19

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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: Mitchell on Dateline.... Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 14:15:00 -0400 EDGAR MITCHELL AND A CAREFULLY-OMISSIVE INTERVIEW I just watched NBC-TV's "Dateline" and was shocked by a piece on astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Let me tell you a few of the things they left out.... Mitchell's "amazing" and unauthorized ESP experiment conducted on the way back from Apollo XIV's 1971 mission, was anything but the success that was described. In fact, though Mitchell related to the New York Times that he had attempted to transmit the order of a makeshift deck of ESP cards to a recipient on Earth, and that the results obtained were "3,000 to 1 against chance," he failed to mention that there were actually four recipients on Earth; he didn't count the three who "failed" because they didn't sound good enough as part of his story, perhaps. But the "success" he exulted over was anything but that: the one subject GOT SUCH POOR RESULTS THAT THE FIGURES WERE 3,000 TO 1 AGAINST HIM GETTING SUCH POOR RESULTS! He simply failed, in grand style! Not only that, but Mitchell had "transmitted" his thoughts hours AFTER the scheduled time, and the unknowing "psychics" on Earth weren't told, so they wrote down their results hours BEFORE Mitchell "transmitted"! Come on, Mitchell! Where is this astounding success you claimed? "Dateline" used the admittedly marvellous fact that Mitchell walked on the Moon as the basis for taking his present claims of aliens-in-UFOs landing on Earth, as serious material. How does his achievement, IN ANY WAY, make him an authority on this subject? He even accepted, and still accepts, Uri Geller as genuine, too, and he was the one who brought Geller to the USA! Not to my surprise, Mitchell cited the usual governmental cover-ups of the facts of alien contacts. Give us a break! As CSICOP's Paul Kurtz said to me just today, it's not getting any better; the situation is getting worse, expotentially. We're well on our way to another set of Dark Ages, and the coo-coos are taking over. Nutured, I'm afraid, by the media. James Randi


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