To: Subject: The Name of the Pig.... Date: Thu, 18 Apr 199

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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: The Name of the Pig.... Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 03:03:59 -0400 THE FLYING PIG IS NAMED! This wasn't easy. I had a couple hundred submissions, many were duplicates and some were simply dreadful. Of these, "Pigstradamus" was by far the worst. I will keep the identity of the culprit a secret. Others were clever, apt, imaginative and catchy. My thanks to all of you who summoned up your creative powers. Those who won the first three prizes were the first ones to send in the winning names they offered. (drumroll and shot) The third prize (a hearty good thought transmitted by ESP) goes to Kimberley Mayer for "Paranorma." Enjoy, enjoy. (trumpets, ascending) The coveted second prize (a free horoscope delivered by psychokinetic power) is being sent to Douglas E. Kreuger for "Myth Piggy." Way to go, Doug! (20-Century Fox fanfare, on tin whistle) And the winner of the first prize (a copy of my "Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds & Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural") by popular acclaim, by vote of my friends and colleagues, and by my personal biased favor, is Tom Collins, who not only mixes a good drink, but named our soaring porcine mascot: "Pigasus"! Yes, I know about the political Pigasus from the 60's, but I just don't care. The name is too good to ignore. So there. So, Tom, Doug, and Kim, prepare to receive your splendid prizes! And hearty thanks from myself -- and from Pigasus! James Randi


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