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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: London.... Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 01:11:34 -0400 YET MORE WONDERS.....! News from the UK: Prominent skeptic and newspaper correspondent Simon Hoggart wrote a piece for the "Guardian" newspaper. It deals with a 6-part series coming up on BBC-TV. I quote it below. .................................. Later this month we rejoin our old pal Uri Geller, who has been using his amazing paranormal powers to "psyche up" Reading Football Club. "The result was dramatic," the BBC blurb tells us. Yes, Reading failed to reach the Premiership last year, and with Geller's help, are now in danger of relegation. But they did have a dream cup tie at home with the glamorous Manchester United. I must be careful here, since Mr. Geller is famously litigious (though with a costly lack of success in the United States). What I can say is that I have seen his various stunts demonstrated by professional conjurers with much greater skill. And if he's so smart, why hasn't he claimed the huge sums offered in the US by James Randi, and here by Gerald Fleming? There is 585,000-pounds on offer to anyone who can prove paranormal powers. The catch is, it must be under test conditions. No wonder these guys don't apply. But the real scandal is why the BBC gives houseroom to this stuff. No doubt we'll be told that the series will give viewers the chance to "judge for themselves". But how? Without the evidence being examined, nobody could work it out. Give the Flat Earth Society 30 minutes and they could convince anyone who had no knowledge of geography. But I don't see the BBC giving them a slot on schools TV. ............................................. And now that the challenge prize is at US$607,000, we must wonder all the more! James Randi ==end== ************************************************** ** PROVIDED FOR YOUR REFERENCE BY THE MODERATOR ** ************************************************** Requests to be added to or deleted from the randi-hotline mailing list, must be sent to the service address: Internet: PLEASE BE PATIENT. All requests are processed before each new mailing to the list and these can be widely spaced. You *will* be added if your request was sent to the correct address. Mail to James Randi can be sent to: Internet: The Amazing One reads all mail and will generally respond eventually. This can change with growing volume, of course... Thanks to Anson Kennedy, back issues of the randi-hotline are now available on the World Wide Web: Back issues of the randi-hotline are also available via anonymous FTP to: USA: directory: /pub/an/anson/Mailing_Lists/geller-hotline directory: /Randi Please try first, since is very busy. EUROPE: directory: /pub/Randi Our gratitude goes to Anson Kennedy and Massimo Macucci for providing the ftp sites at netcom and, respectively. Randi also has a web page - check it out at


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