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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: Re: TBS, also 2000 Club -- progress Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:46:55 -0400 A quick point.... In my recent posting, the "TBS" reference is to Tokyo Broadcasting System, not Mr. Turner's organization. If any of you misunderstood, I apologize. TO MEMBERS OF THE 2000 CLUB..... ARE YOU ON THIS LIST? As of April 14/96, I've not received written pledges from persons on the following list: Aldous, Beardslee, Booth, Chappell, Clement, Dekorte, DeVaney, Dhindhwal, Duff, Eakins, Ehrmantraut, Ferraiola, Frank, Freitag, Hansen, Kercheval, Lank, Lanza, Legrand, Levine, Levy, Little, Lloyd-Jones, Lowe, Mantakos, Mason, McCranie, Minsky, Paulson, Powers, Randall, Robelen, Robillard, Rufener, Salzman, Schroeder, Sheiber, Smith (David W.), Spencer, Steinbach, Thompson (of Riverside), Vandermey, Ver Ploeg, Wall, Williamson. (It's not impossible that a few were lost in the mail or in the bomb-site I call my office. If so, please pardon the inconvenience, but I will require another written pledge from you. Thanks.) TO SAVE ME SENDING OUT SNAIL-MAIL, I ASK THAT THOSE OF YOU LISTED ABOVE PLEASE FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM AND SEND IT TO ME IMMEDIATELY.... ...................................................... [enter date] I hereby promise that I, [enter your name here], will pay the sum of [pledged amount, in words] dollars U.S. [amount in figures] to whatever person first successfully passes the agreed tests to establish any psychic powers. This amount will be added to the already-published offer of James Randi, as found in the World Wide Web entry currently under and this amount will be paid by me at the earliest possible opportunity following Mr. Randi's validation of these powers. _______________________ __________________ Signed Date [add here your complete name and postal address, with telephone number] .............................................. Send along with the completed form a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SSAE) and write on the outside envelope, the words, "2000 Club." (Overseas pledgers can omit the "stamp.") This same letter and SSAE can be sent to the 2000 Club by anyone wishing to join. Pledged amounts must be at least US$1,000, and may be increased in increments of $1,000. The address is: 12000 NW 8th Street Plantation, FL 33325-1406 USA Note: The 2000 Club will now be administered by the James Randi Educational Foundation, temporarily at this address. The current prize amount is US$607,000, pledged by 235 persons in 15 countries. SEND NO MONEY. We may eventually ask that the pledges be replaced with notarized documents, but at this point the above letter will be sufficient. James Randi.


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