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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: Breaking news... Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 04:22:13 -0400 THE MILLS OF THE GODS.... I really never thought it would happen, but it's about to be announced. Federal agencies tried for years to get Al Capone on his up-front crimes, and only succeeded when the IRS jailed him for income tax evasion. That's like getting Adolf Hitler on bad taste in uniforms. Well, one of the "faith healers" I featured in my book, "The Faith Healers" is also probably going away for a long Capone-style vacation courtesy of the IRS. I can't tell you who it is -- just yet -- but the story is about to break. And, my e-mail address and WWW address are both about to change. I'll let you know when the change occurs, but I'll be reachable at: and At last I think I got it right! Lots of offers of help are coming in for the Foundation. Our excellent friend Maggie Ragaisis will be in charge of maintaining the Foundation Home Page, and it will be in operation on a limited basis, this week. Books, clippings, journals, photos, videos -- any sort of archival material relating to the paranormal, the occult, the paranormal, the supernatural, or pseudoscience, is needed, along with regular science and reference books. At this moment, I have almost 700 books ready to be be cross-indexed, 400 hours of video material, boxes of clippings and photos. This is all awaiting the move to a home office, which we are anticipating with mixed emotions. The name-the-pig contest has received enthusiastic response. Decisions, decisions! We've decided that the prize will be a copy of my "Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes" -- which is well into its second printing and doing well. There's a rumor that the Geller movie "Mindbender" will actually be released! I can't wait -- not for the film itself, but for the reviews.... James Randi ************************************************** ** PROVIDED FOR YOUR REFERENCE BY THE MODERATOR ** ************************************************** Requests to be added to or deleted from the randi-hotline mailing list, must be sent to the service address: Internet: PLEASE BE PATIENT. All requests are processed before each new mailing to the list and these can be widely spaced. You *will* be added if your request was sent to the correct address. Mail to James Randi can be sent to: Internet: The Amazing One reads all mail and will generally respond eventually. This can change with growing volume, of course... Thanks to Anson Kennedy, back issues of the randi-hotline are now available on the World Wide Web: Back issues of the randi-hotline are also available via anonymous FTP to: USA: directory: /pub/an/anson/Mailing_Lists/geller-hotline directory: /Randi Please try first, since is very busy. EUROPE: directory: /pub/Randi Our gratitude goes to Anson Kennedy and Massimo Macucci for providing the ftp sites at netcom and, respectively. Randi also has a web page - check it out at


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