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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: Yet more from the nut.... Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 03:50:12 -0500 Again, I feel I have to share the following with you folks. I want to show you the kind of nonsense I have to put up with. Just so you'll know, I've cut this guy off from further participation with the 2000 Club prize money. I knew you'd be glad to hear that! Here's what I got today, original spelling and grammar: "Of course of think I'm a nut..I'd think you were nuts if you didn't. What I'm saying is completely ridiculas; crazy if I'm wrong and monumentous if I'm right. No change in protocol..I figured you'd say ya got a pawn..My move..OK..I assume that to satisfactorily 'pass' the skeptic test, I have to convince you. And with this claim of Jesus, Paul, David, and John in the flesh, that should be self evident to any parties judgement calls. It's a clear cut case one way or the other. So with manipulation of information, and 'twisting' the lies back into truths, the "slipstream" of god will be seen(slipstream is a term of 'exact existance', an absolute flowing within the realitive). For my first revealing I'd like to present the Apostle Paul. Apostle means 'sent one'. It is my claim that the 2nd coming of the ministry of Apostle Paul is 'masked' behind the career of the Rock and Roll group U2. What I mean by 'masked', is that what the band actually does, is provide encrypted information that can only be 'seen'/understood by some. Now to indulge this claim, you'll have to watch ZooTV. The concert version of the album "Achtung Baby". It provides the explaination of God and introduces the birth of a savior, the AchtungBaby. It mirrors together the concepts of God/Technology, Light/TV, Spirit/Radio, Ministry/Advertisement..It's a 2nd Coming masquerade. Bono, the lead singer, who's given name is Paul, is masquerading as the Messiah(God) masquerading as the Devil. The structure of the universe as we can only know it to be. Since 1991, this has been the thrust of the band, or the ministry of Paul. That should be enough to start an anlysis of my claim. Because like I said, I have a John(revelation to), a King David, and a..gulp..Jesus. more information upon request...your move...." I need an aspirin. Make that two. James Randi


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