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From: James Randi --- Wizard To: Subject: Wednesday night.... Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 23:39:19 -0500 On Wedesday night the 7th, tune in to NBC Dateline (9:00 p.m. most areas) and see the Quadro device go down in flames My participation in that episode was going to be a part of the February 23rd piece they're doing on me, but it's now a seperate item. Immediately following -- at 10:00 pm -- Prime Time Live will follow with another Quadro sinking -- though knowing how PTL has accepted such claptrap as "Facilitated Communication," they might well decide that there's "something" to the Quadro device, as well. I just returned from Holland and Belgium, where two "pendulum swingers" did a demo on TV for me. Yawn. Now, if they want to collect the $540,000 (that's the present total, 2000 Club members!) all they have to do is a simple test. I'm ready, anytime.... James Randi ************************************************** ** PROVIDED FOR YOUR REFERENCE BY THE MODERATOR ** ************************************************** Requests to be added to or deleted from the randi-hotline mailing list, must be sent to the service address: Internet: PLEASE BE PATIENT. All requests are processed before each new mailing to the list and these can be widely spaced. You *will* be added if your request was sent to the correct address. Mail to James Randi can be sent to: Internet: The Amazing One reads all mail and will generally respond eventually. This can change with growing volume, of course... Thanks to Anson Kennedy, back issues of the randi-hotline are now available on the World Wide Web: Back issues of the randi-hotline are also available via anonymous FTP to: USA: directory: /pub/an/anson/Mailing_Lists/geller-hotline directory: /Randi Please try first, since is very busy. EUROPE: directory: /pub/Randi Our gratitude goes to Anson Kennedy and Massimo Macucci for providing the ftp sites at netcom and, respectively.


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