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====================================================================== Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Creation/Evolution Organizations and Periodicals Updated: 07/08/93 5pm ====================================================================== This FAQ contains short descriptions of various periodicals relevant to the creation/evolution debate, as well as information on the organizations that publish them. Contents: 1 NCSE (National Center for Science Education) _NCSE Reports_ _Creation/Evolution Journal_ 2 CRS (Creation Research Society) _Creation Research Society Quarterly_ 3 ICR (Institute for Creation Research) _Acts & Facts_ _Impact_ _Back to Genesis_ 4 GRI (Geoscience Research Institute) _Origins_ 5 CSF (Creation Science Foundation) _Creation Ex Nihilo Magazine_ and _Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal_ 6 B-SA (Bible-Science Association) _Bible-Science News_ 7 SOR (Students for Origins Research) _Origins Research_ 8 ASA (American Scientific Affiliation) _PERSPECTIVES on Science and Christian Faith_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. NCSE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: NCSE (National Center for Science Education) P.O. Box 9477 / Berkeley, CA 94709 (510) 526-1674 The NCSE is the only national (American) anti-creationist organization. NCSE is affiliated with the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science -- publishers of the journal _Science_) and NSTA (National Science Teacher's Association). The organization is mainly aimed at negating creationists' efforts to get into public school science classes. There are no membership requirements. Membership costs $25 per year. All members receive the two periodicals listed below, as well as discounts from their book ordering service. NCSE offers a decent selection of books, taped speeches and debates, and other material. Periodical: _NCSE Reports_ (published by NCSE, 4 iss/yr) _NCSE Reports_ is the quarterly newsletter of the NCSE. The issues concentrate on "current events," reports on creationist activity, and brief references to relevant literature. The typical issue of this newsletter is 24 8.5x11 pages. Back issues are available, for $15/volume. Issues date back to about 1980. (There were six issues per year for quite some time.) Capsule impression: Valuable for keeping up on current creationist activity. Occasional articles deal more directly with creationist arguments, but that is not its primary focus. Periodical: _Creation/Evolution Journal_ (published by NCSE, 2 iss/yr) _Creation/Evolution Journal_ was originally published by the AHA (American Humanist Association) but was taken over by the NCSE in late 1990. The journal contains primarily relatively long semi-technical articles and the occasional printed debate. The typical issue of the journal is about 50 5.5x8.5 pages. Back issues are available, $5 each (less when several issues are ordered). The publication schedule has been irregular, but there are now 31 issues dating back to 1980. Capsule impression: This is really the only place to get updated technical responses to creationist arguments. There are plenty of good "science periodicals," but most of them just ignore creationism. Local affiliates: The NCSE is loosely affiliated with a number of local organizations known as "Committees of Correspondence." Most of these cover a single state, and some publish a small newsletter of their own. You can call the NCSE to get the name and number of the contact for your local CC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. CRS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: CRS (Creation Research Society) P.O. Box 28473 Kansas City, MO 64118 The CRS is a creationist organization, solely involved in research and publishing. They do not hold meetings, and are not affiliated with any other scientific or religious organization. There are several forms of CRS membership, all of which require the signing of a "statement of faith." Voting members need a graduate degree in natural or applied science. Membership is $18/year, and includes four quarterly issues of CRS Quarterly (below). One may subscribe to CRSQ without signing the statement of faith for $21/year. CRS sells a large number of books and pamphlets usually at reasonable prices. Periodical: _CRS Quarterly_ (published by CRS, 4 iss/yr) _Creation Research Society Quarterly_ is the quarterly journal of the CRS. It usually consists of a number of relatively long technical articles, with small space devoted to book reviews and letters to the editor. The typical issue of the journal is 50-60 8.5x11 pages. Back issues are available (to 1965), $18/volume or $5/issue for members, and $21/volume or $6/issue for subscribers. Capsule impression: CRSQ is the most "scholarly" publication of the American creationist periodicals. Many of the articles are quite technical. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. ICR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: ICR (Institution for Creation Research) P.O. Box 2667 El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 448-0900 The ICR is a creationist organization which possesses a small graduate school. They were affiliated with a small school (Christian Heritage College) and still are affiliated with a publishing house (Master Books). ICR sponsors a small amount of research, and a large number of talks, debates, and seminars all over the country. There is no membership in the ICR, per se. They will place anyone on their mailing list, free of charge, to receive the periodical mentioned below. Both ICR and Master Books sell a large number of creationist books and other materials (videotapes, textbooks, pamphlets, etc.). Periodical: _Acts & Facts_ (etc.) (published by ICR, 12 iss/yr) Those on the ICR's mailing list receive monthly a small collection of short pamphlets. These are: _Acts & Facts_, a report on newsworthy items and current events. This usually runs 8 5.5x8.5 pages (i.e., two folded 8.5x11 sheets, two-sided). Individual issues are sold for 16 cents, some back issues are probably available. _Acts & Facts_ goes back to 1971, but back issues are probably not available that far back. _Impact_, a short article on a technical topic. This usually runs 4 5.5x8.5 pages (i.e., one folded 8.5x11 sheet, two-sided). Individual issues are sold for 10 cents, some back issues are available. _Impact_ goes back to 1972, but back issues are probably not available that far back. _Back to Genesis_, a short article along the lines of the ICR's oft-repeated seminar of the same name. This usually runs 4 5.5x8.5 pages (i.e., one folded 8.5x11 sheet, two-sided). Individual issues are sold for 10 cents, some back issues may be available. _Back to Genesis_ started in 1989. Capsule impression: The ICR typifies the creation "science" movement in the United States; they are probably the most popular creationist organization in the world. Their writings are a good guide to the "mainstream" of opinion in the creationist community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. GRI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: GRI (Geoscience Research Institute) Loma Linda University Loma Linda, California 92350 I think that GRI is a Seventh-Day Adventist organization, affiliated with Loma Linda University. (At the very least, they are a young- earth creationist organization.) GRI does not seem to offer membership and their main function (outside of LLU walls) seems to be the publication of their one periodical. A subscription is $8 per year. Periodical: _Origins_ (published by GRI, 2 iss/yr) _Origins_ usually contains one or a few long, rather technical articles and a handful of discussions of the contents of current scientific literature. The typical issue runs about 50 5.5x8.5 pages. Back issues are available (to 1974) for $5/issue. Capsule impression: _Origins_ is relatively honest as creationist periodicals go -- they never really fell hard for the Paluxy river "mantracks" (unlike ICR, for example). It is unfortunate that it does not typify the creationist mainstream. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. CSF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: CSF (Creation Science Foundation) P.O. Box 302, Sunnybank, Qld, 4109, Australia (USA:) P.O. Box 710039 Santee, California 92072 CSF is an Australian creationist organization. Probably through Ken Ham (a high-up CSF member who now works for the ICR), an arrangement has been made with the ICR to market their materials in the USA. CSF produces two periodicals. I'm not aware of membership offers or sale of additional materials, but I've never directly subscribed to either periodical. (Perhaps we can get someone from Australia to fill in some information here.) Periodical: _Creation Ex Nihilo Magazine_ (published by CSF, 4 iss/yr) _Creation Ex Nihilo Magazine_ is supposedly aimed at the family (at least, that is their billing). I've only ever seen excerpts of issues, so I really can't comment much. Cost is $22 per year in the U.S.A. Periodical: _Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal_ (pub. by CSF, 2 iss/yr) The bulk of _CENTJ_ is a series of relatively long and relatively technical articles. The typical issue runs 75 to 100 8.5x11 pages. Cost is $25 per year in the U.S.A. The issues that I've read don't comment on the availability of back issues -- though they say that single issues cost $16. _CENTJ_ has been published back to about 1987, so it does not have a very long history. Capsule impression: _CENTJ_ is virtually indistinguishable from _CRS Quarterly_. I'd recommend the former to Australians, the latter to those in North America, and both only to hard-core "creationist watchers." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. B-SA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: B-SA (Bible-Science Association) P.O. Box 33220 Minneapolis, MN 55433 (612) 755-8606 The B-SA is the most radical creationist organization. They take the hardest line against evolution, flirt with the hard-core fringe of the movement (e.g., a mid-1980s conference sponsored by B-SA included a debate on heliocentrism vs. geocentrism). They have the worst record (of any of the creationist organizations listed here) of perpetuating refuted arguments and not owning up to their mistakes. Membership is available, signing a statement of faith is required. (I don't have membership information handy, so I'm not sure if it involves a different price.) Subscription to the periodical below is $25/year. The B-SA offers a small set of creationist books and textbooks for sale. Periodical: _Bible-Science News_ (published by B-SA, 9 iss/ur) The bulk of _Bible-Science News_ is short non-technical articles on topics relevant to the creation/evolution debate. The typical issue is 20 8.5x11 pages in length. Capsule impression: Much of their material is relatively easy to refute, references and supporting data are only sparingly supplied, and the paranoid tone is rather grating. Only recommended for the serious creationist-watcher. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. SOR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: SOR (Students for Origins Research) / ARN (Access Research Network) P.O. Box 38069 Colorado Springs, CO 80937-8069 Students for Origins Research started as and continues to be mainly a grassroots effort aimed at promoting creationism on college campuses. (SOR is now a division of ARN.) Full-time students may receive ARN periodicals for free, those involved in eduation (e.g., professors) get a discount, and all others pay full price. ARN offers a small selection of creationist books for sale. Even a few neutral works are offered for sale in the pages of their periodical. Periodical: _Origins Research_ (published by ARN, 2 iss/yr) _Origins Research_ consists mostly of letters and short non-technical articles on various topics. The typical issue is 16 11x17 pages, on (unfortunately flimsy) newsprint. Back isses were at one time available, but this no longer seems to be the case. Subscription cost is $10/year, $5/year for educators, and free to full-time students. Capsule impression: Origins Research is probably the best creationist periodical. At least one old-earth creationist serves on an advisory committee, and even some non-creationist works (such as Kuban's negative review of supposed "man tracks" with dinosaur prints) have made it into print. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. ASA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Organization: (ASA) American Scientific Affiliation P.O. 668 Ipswich, MA 01938 (508) 356-5656 The American Scientific Affiliation is a Christian organization which does not take any official position on the creation/evolution debate. ASA's goal is to provide an open forum for discussion of such issues from the perspective of Christianity. Membership in the ASA requires signing of a statement of faith, and possession of at least a bachelor's degree in science. This "full membership" is $45 per year. (Those without degrees can get non-voting membership for $40 per year, and students can join for $20 per year.) All members receive the periodical below, and in addition a newsletter, a membership directory, and some other materials. Subscriptions to the periodical below are $25 per year, or $20 per year for students, and $35 for institutions. Periodical: _PERSPECTIVES on Science and Christian Faith_ (quarterly) _PERSPECTIVES..._ runs about 70-80 8.5x11 pages each issue, and consists mainly of long semi-technical articles (limit 20 pages), shorter commentaries on relevant topics (limit 9 pages), and book reviews. Capsule impression: While it's refreshing to see open debate on creation/evolution within the Christian community, this periodical will mainly be of interest only to Christians. Affiliated Organizations: There are several sub-organizations affiliated with the ASA. I have been a member of the ACG (Affiliation of Christian Geologists), which prints a very short quarterly newsletter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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