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====================================================================== Author: Matt Brinkman ( Title: A List of Important FAQ Files ====================================================================== A single FAQ for is probably not possible due to the length such a file would attain. This FAQ is designed to point anyone interested to the original posters of material that would have been included in one global FAQ file were it to exist. The list of FAQ's provided below is a compilation of the files that I believe are communally agreed upon standard responses to Frequently Asked/ Answered Questions. The short synopses that follow each of the files are my personal opinions. These are designed merely to give interested readers a quick idea as to the content/style of the listed files. These sections can be viewed as my personal recommendations, but they should NOT replace an individual reader's perusal of the material. This file is divided into four sections: 1) Creation/Evolution FAQ's 2) Catastrophism (Flood) and Neo-catastrophism (Velikovsky) FAQ's 3) Age of the Earth FAQ's 4) Other FAQ's Each listing includes the FAQ name, the name of the original poster, an E-Mail address that I personally have found to work for that poster, and a brief description of the FAQ. Note: There is currently no single source for these files. Although many of the T.O. Irregulars (tm) may have copies, it is not guaranteed that these copies are the most recent versions. Your best bet is to contact the person listed. What's that I hear, a call for either a mail-server or an an anonymous FTP site? I agree such would be nice, does anyone have any suggestions? Revisions to Current Version: Jim Meritt's address corrected. Chris Stassen's contributions reorganized and handed off. ************************************************************************ Creation/Evolution FAQ's ************************************************************************ FAQ: Creationist's questions answered Poster: Jim Meritt Notes: An index of the points covered in the multiple Meritt FAQ's (see below). Extremely helpful in finding what one is looking for in the voluminous Meritt FAQ files. ************************************************************************ FAQ: Astronomy and Creation FAQ: Mathematics and Creation FAQ: Fossils and Creation FAQ: Physics and Creation FAQ: Religion and Creation FAQ: Species and Creation FAQ: Geology and Creation FAQ: Gaps in the Fossil Record FAQ: Creationist Credentials Poster: Jim Meritt Notes: The Meritt FAQ's cover most of the topics seen in In an effort to eliminate duplication, the division of topics is at times fuzzy (is that Physics or Astronomy?). Voluminous. Crap is called crap without any beating around the bush. At times acerbic. FAQ: Geology and Creation contains a nice discussion of Robert Gentry's Po halo work. FAQ: Religion and Creation is not for the faint of heart. It is not a general FAQ, as it focusses solely on Christianity. This file may offend religious sensibilities. ************************************************************************ 1) FAQ: What is evolution? 2) FAQ: Evidence for evolution. <== (originally multiple files)* Poster: Chris Colby Notes: 1) A nice sophisticated layman's introduction to evolution. Includes common definitions, explanations of the mechanisms of evolution, and provides references to experimental evidence in favor of evolution. 2) A collection of summaries of recent papers from journals, which provide evidence supporting evolution. The summaries are designed to demonstrate that "evolutionary biology is a valid, productive branch of science." ************************************************************************ 1) FAQ: Transitional forms. 2) FAQ: Horse Evolution Poster: Kathleen Hunt Notes: 1) A short summary of examples of transitional fossils that have been found, with emphasis on the vertebrates. 2) A detailed summary on what is known on the evolution of modern horses (Equus caballas and kin). A disussion of the evolution of paleontological work related to the horse is provided, which is a nice demonstration of how scientific thought progresses as new information becomes available. ************************************************************************ FAQ: Monotremes and reptile-mammal transition. Poster: Peter Lamb Notes: An introduction to monotremes (i.e., egg-laying mammals), and a a discussion on how they fit into the evolution of mammals. ************************************************************************ Catastrophism and Neo-Catastrophism (e.g. Velikovsky) FAQ's ************************************************************************ FAQ: Worlds in Collision, Collusion, Confusion. FAQ: The Saturn Myth Poster: Jim Meritt Notes: FAQ's covering neo-catastrophism as espoused by Velikovsky and Talbott. Voluminous. At times acerbic. ************************************************************************ FAQ: Critique of Velikovsky's revision of Near Eastern chronology Poster: Karl Kluge Notes: Discusses problems with Velikovsky's rewriting of Near Eastern chronology, contains references to books which provide further critiques. ************************************************************************ FAQ: Evidence Against a Global Flood Poster: Mark Isaak Notes: Despite its title, this file does not directly contain evidence against a global flood. It is a collection of non-sparing scientific questions relating to the possibility of a global flood, with specific questions aimed at the story of the Noachian deluge as expounded in Genesis. ************************************************************************ Age of the Earth ************************************************************************ The age-of-the-Earth debate. (three centuries of debate) Poster: n/a (see below) Notes: This is an article from _Scientific American_, v.261, p.90(6), August, 1989. Although technically not an FAQ, Sci. Am. can be found in almost any library. This article provides a historical tour of various scientific estimates on the age of the Earth, and how those estimates changed. Typical Sci. Am. history article. ************************************************************************ 1) FAQ: Isochron Dating Theory 2) FAQ: Age of the Earth 3) FAQ: Stassen vs. Bales--Age of the Earth Debate 4) Radiometric Dating, Geologic Time, and the Age of the Earth Poster: Wesley Elsberry Notes: 1) A brief explanation of isochron dating techniques. Written in response to some stupid question I asked, so it is easily accessible to the layman. 2) A nice explanation of why we know the Earth is ~4.5 Gy old. Includes a discussion of common creationist "dating methods", and criticisms of mainstream dating methods. Ends with a useful list of suggested further readings and references. 3) A point-by-point debate that took place in t.o. between Chris Stassen (old earther) and Bob Bales (young earther) on the age of the Earth. Excellent introduction to various young earth Creationist canards and to scientific arguments for an old earth. Warning, extremely long (~70 kB). 4) An introduction to the science used to establish the age of the Earth, and a response to various young Earth canards. Written by G. Brent Dalrymple under the aegis of the USGS, it is available as USGS Open-File Report 86-110. This file is not available by e-mail. If you cannot find it at a local library contact Wesley Elsberry and snail-mail him a SASE. ************************************************************************ FAQ: The Speed of Light Controversy Poster: Jon Livesey Notes: Investigation into Norman/Setterfield claims that the speed of light is not a constant, but has markedly declined in the past. The investigation focuses on the data set that Norman/Setterfield used to show that the speed of light is declining. Provides an excellent case study on typical "Scientific Creationists" misuse of scientific data. ************************************************************************ FAQ: Ice-Core Dating Techniques Poster: Matt Brinkman Notes: A brief synopsis of dating techniques that can be applied to ice cores taken from glaciers with data from an Antarctic ice-core. Extremely brief discussion of ice-core dates and age of the earth and neo-catastrophism. ************************************************************************ Other FAQ's ************************************************************************ 1) FAQ: "Origins" Periodical List 2) FAQ: "Origins" Book Reviews 3) FAQ: Keyword Index to _NCSE Reports_ and _Creation/Evolution Journal_ Poster: Wesley Elsberry Notes: 1) A list of all of the more popular "origins" periodicals with short reviews and ordering addresses. 2) A list of short reviews of a handful of the most popular relevant books (from both sides). This is of interest to anyone who wants to join the fray on either side. Know your enemy and all that. 3) A hand-made "keyword index" to all issues of _NCSE Reports_ and _Creation/Evolution Journal_. Due to size restrictions, this item is not available through e-mail. If interested, get in touch with Chris and find out where to send an SASE and floppy disks. ************************************************************************ FAQ: List of Available Talk.Origins FAQ's Poster: Matt Brinkman Notes: This is the file you are currently reading. ************************************************************************ Any additions, corrections, deletions, etc. would be gladly received. I would like to thank all the people who have provided FAQ lists to for helping me assemble this list. In particular, Peter Lamb provided a lengthy e-mail with possible files to be included here, and helped at least one file find its rightful owner. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Brinkman Disclaimer: The list is a list; the opinions are mine.


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