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Lucifer's ancient identity was a bearer of light, the morning star, and it is as such that this journal intends to publish. As the religion virus depends on obscurity, obfuscation, confusion, irrationality and darkness in order to flourish, it is natural that it would see light as an enemy. Rational, skeptical inquiry has ever been the enemy of all religions and is ultimately fatal to all gods. The purpose of this magazine is to provide a source of articles dealing with many aspects of humanism. Humanists have been vilified by the religious as immoral. Apparently, the most horrible thing they can think of is an atheist. As we find their values, such as faith in the non-existent, obedience to the imaginary and reverence of the ridiculous, repulsive, we adopt the name of their ancient antagonist with pride. We are atheistic as we do not believe in the actual existence of any supernatural beings or any transcendental reality. We are secular because the evidence of history and the daily horrors in the news show the pernicious and destructive consequences of allowing religions to be involved with politics and nationalism. We are humanists and we focus on what is good for humanity, in the real world. We will not be put off with offers of pie in the sky, bye and bye. [.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.][.] Despite this beautiful explanation there are many who have objected to the title of the magazine. Therefore, a contest has been announced to search for a new title. The winner will receive mention and a free subscription. You may also vote to retain the current title. So far, exchanging Lucifer for Phosphorous has been suggested, as well as for Prometheus. There has been a suggestion for Beyond Belief. Apparently, a new title means a new ISSN, which is not a big problem. Awaiting your responses. 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The will change on 1994 July 1 to: 100 Terrasse Eardley / Aylmer, Qc J9H 6B5. ==><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><== || End of Begging portion of the Zine || ==><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><====><== Articles will be welcomed IF: ( they are emailed to: ai815@FreeNet.Carleton.CA; or, sent on diskette to me at the above Aylmer address in any format that an IBM copy of WordPerfect can read; ) and they don't require huge amounts of editing; and I like them. If you wish to receive a subscription, email a simple request to ai815@FreeNet.Carleton.CA, with a clear request for a subscription. It will be assumed that the "From:" address is where it is to be sent. We will automate this process as soon as we know how. Yes, please DO make copies! Please DO send copies of Lucifer's Echo to anyone who might be interested. The only limitations are: You must copy the whole document, without making any changes to it. You do NOT have permission to copy this document for commercial purposes. The contents of this document are copyright (c) 1994, Greg Erwin and are on deposit at the National Library of Canada Preface: I want to get this information out, and announce the contest for a new name. Because this has to do with crimes of the clergy, (a notoriously immoral and crime-prone group), it is exceptionally long. Thus, it would have been hard to include it with the continuing articles "Christianity on Trial for Crimes against Humanity," by Dr. Wendell Watters; a four part series beginning in issue 2; and "Anti-Semitism, Its Prevalence Within the Christian Right," by Skipp Porteous, a two part series beginning in issue 3. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-TABLE OF CONTENTS-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1. You Won't Believe You're Reading This! from Freethought Today. 2. Black Collar Crimes, from Freethought Today. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ You Won't Believe You're Reading This! [Freethought Today, April 1994] Good Guys Wear Black? The week after charges of sexual abuse against Cardinal Joseph Bernardin were dropped, Chicago Sun-Times editorial cartoonist Jack Higgins presented the cardinal with the original drawing of a cartoon featuring a smiling Bernardin, with the words "Good Guys Wear Black." The newspaper even carried a posed picture with Bernardin and Higgins. How cozy. Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 3/5/94 Priest: Torch Women Clergy. On the eve of the first ordinations of women priests in the Church of England, the Rev. Anthony Kennedy, London, said he "would burn the bloody bitches" alive at the stake. Source: Orange Co. Register, 3/10/94 Prayerful Florida. Despite more than 30 years of solid precedent against school prayer, the House committee of the Florida legislature voted 12-5 to approve a bill to return prayer to school sports events, graduation ceremonies and other assemblies. Source: Florida Times-Union, 3/15/94 Bishop "Bans" Pills. Bishop John J. Myers of Peoria has banned Catholic hospitals in his diocese from offering "morning-after pills" to rape victims. Source: Springfield Sunday Republican Walker Story Banned, Reinstated. Following a campaign by the Traditional Values Coalition led by Beverly Sheldon, the California Board of Education committee in December pulled a 7-page story, "Roselily," by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker, from a statewide English test, for being "anti-religious." Then Gov. Wilson endorsed a decision by the state Board of Education to pull another Walker story (for being "anti-meat-eating") from a statewide English exam. Walker then rejected a Governor's Arts Award, which would have designated her as a "state treasure." She agreed to accept the award only after the state Board of Education voted unanimously to reverse itself in March and return stories by Walker and Annie Dillard to future achievement tests for public students. Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 3/12/94 Another Virgin Mary Sighting. Up to 5,000 Cincinnati-area residents gathered on Jan. 8, and 500-1,000 on Feb. 8 to await a Virgin Mary apparition as a self-avowed visionary claimed to receive a message from Mary in a farm in Falmouth, Kentucky. Source: Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/9/94 Fairfax Buys Anti-Gay Books. Following Christian lobbying, Fairfax Co. library officials ordered more than 100 copies of 11 anti-gay books, spending $1,100 to placate Christians angered that 22 libraries permit the Washington Blade, a gay newspaper, to be distributed in county libraries. Source: Washington Post, 2/5/94 Praying Women Beaten In Court. The 25 women who were beaten with chairs, pelted with mud, spat upon, and berated as "pigs" by the ultra-orthodox for daring to pray at Jerusalem's Western Wall 5 years ago suffered a defeat before the Israeli Supreme Court. It denied their petition to protect the right of all Jewish women to pray. Source: Springfield Sunday Republican, 1/30/94 Nothing To Fear But Ignorance. When Dr. Jack Kevorkian quietly moved from his apartment to a bungalow in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, a new neighbor told a reporter: "I'm not afraid of him. I don't think he'll bother me, because I have a German shepherd." Source: Detroit Free Press, 3/11/94 Daniel Maguire Dis-Invited. Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles revoked a speaking invitation to former priest Daniel Maguire of Marquette University to attend a Catholic education congress: "I will not abide the presence of any speaker at our congress who teaches anything contrary to the full teachings of our Catholic Church." Source: L.A. Times, 2/11/94 Deacon Charged In Crossbow Killing. A church deacon, Donald Graham, 54, of Woonsocket, RI, received support from his First Baptist Church after he was charged with shooting an ambulance attendant in the chest with a crossbow after a traffic argument, getting back in his car and driving home with his wife. Michael Blodgett, 42, died 6 hours later. Source: Scripps Howard News Service, 2/22/94 Christian Network Cancels Gay Shows. Producers of two gay TV programs in Key West, Florida, say the owner of a small station canceled their shows due to pressure by the Christian Trinity Broadcasting Network, which buys time on the channel. Source: Springfield Union-News, 3/1/94 ============================================================ || END OF ARTICLE || ============================================================ /******** A plea from the folks at FFRF: if you have any further information about the crimes referred to in the following clips, please communicate the same to them. If you would like to be a part of the network, please clip and send "Black Collar Crimes" to Freedom From Religion Foundation P.O. Box 750 Madison, WI 53701. Make sure to have the clipping include the newspaper name and date. There is an organization known as VOCAL, the Victims of Clergy Abuse Link-up, if you are, or know of a victim of clergy abuse. You will have to get the address from FFRF, I can't find it.***************/ Black Collar Crimes Freethought Today April, 1994 Compiled By Denise McLaughlin ARIZONA Man Sues Diocese For Molestation. While an altar boy in 1975 at Sacred Heart Church, Robert M. Delgado, now 30, says Brother Jorge Ortiz Lopez sexually assaulted him in the rectory. Delgado has filed suit against the Diocese of Phoenix and the Franciscan Fathers of Arizona. Though a police report indicated Delgado was intoxicated when he entered Lopez's room, Lopez takes full responsibility and punishment. The suit says the defendants promised to pay for Delgado's counseling but have reneged on the agreement. Source: Arizona Republic, 2/5/94 CALIFORNIA Assault Case Settled. A man, 28, who was recovering from epileptic seizures in his apartment when he was attacked, will receive $300,000 in damages from the Sierra Vista Baptist Church for the sexual assault by John Adams Marshall in April 1991. Marshall performed oral sex and fondled the weakened man while pinning him down. The jury found the church 40% liable for Marshall's assault and negligent in retaining him as minister. Marshall did not lose his ordination to be a minister elsewhere. Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 1/8,15/94 Church Paper Omits Priest Abuse Ad. A national meeting for victims of sexual abuse by priests was held in Marina del Rey in late January. The group attempted for 3 weeks to publish an ad for the meeting in Tidings, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The church claims the ad was lost from the computer due to the earthquake on Jan. 17. This is the second time the paper has failed to run an ad relating to sexual abuse by priests. Barbara Blaine, founder of the survivors network, said, "I don't believe that their excuses are the real reasons that the ad did not run." Source: Los Angeles Times, 1/28/94 Court Overturns Conviction. Even though the jury gave guilty verdicts against Jon L. Walker, 45, pastor of Springfield Baptist Church in San Luis Obispo, the court overturned the 1992 conviction of child sexual molestation and abuse of his female cousin, because one of the jurors may have concealed that he knew Walker and the woman. Both the defense and the prosecution urged the judge to investigate the juror, but he refused, with no reason. The woman, now 19, testified that Walker began molesting her when she was 11 and began intercourse when she was in 9th grade, until she was 15. She now doubts whether she can go through another trial. The defense requested bail and release of Walker, who is serving a 12 year, 8 month prison sentence. Walker will remain imprisoned. Source: Telegram Tribune, 2/15/94, 2/24/94 Youth Leader Accused Of Child Molesting. Fullerton's First Evangelical Free Church has a second associate accused of pedophilia. Michael Webb Blinkhorn, 29, was the youth leader and is now facing 18 felony counts for sexually assaulting 4 boys, aged 12-15, in his apartment over a 3 year period. He could receive up to 30 years in prison if convicted of all counts. Blinkhorn was very well liked in the church, until now. Source: Orange County Register, 3/10/94 Trading Cards Sport Clergy Perverts. A California trading card company, Mother Productions of Anaheim, has come out with their latest set, which features 36 religious leaders who have fallen from grace. Each cleric's card has a computer-generated likeness and a recount of his or her sexual misdeeds. A set is available for about $10. Source: York Daily Record, 3/15/94 TV Talk Show Host Jailed For Rape. The former talk show host who equates himself with Jesus and MLK was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the rape of a girl, 13. Tito David Valdez, Jr., 23, said (in an 8-page handwritten letter to the judge) he is innocent because he would not have raped the girl because he thinks she is ugly. Psychological counseling was ordered. Source: AP, 3/94 Priestess Prostitute. A judge ruled that Church of the Most High Goddess, which requires self-proclaimed priestess, Mary Ellen Tracy, to have sex with parishioners, was not exempt from prostitution and pandering laws. Tracy and her husband claim they are victims of discriminatory prosecution. They served 5-6 months in jail for prostitution and operating a house of prostitution respectively. Source: Los Angeles Times, 3/16/94 CONNECTICUT Manspeaker Sentenced. For sexually molesting and showing pornographic material to 2 boys, aged 14 and 17, Terry Manspeaker, 37, former deacon of St. Lucy's church, was sentenced to 5 years probation and must continue sexual offender therapy. Manspeaker was charged with a third boy's molestation but the case was dropped to secure the guilty plea for the first 2. Manspeaker had attended seminary but was denied entry into priesthood because of allegations of sexual misconduct. Source: Sunday Republican, 1/30/94 Priest On Trial. Accused of sexually assaulting 15 children from 1966 to 1982, Rev. Raymond Pcolka will stand trial in Superior Court. Details of the case were not released for public use. Source: Union-News, 3/19/94 FLORIDA Grandmother Sues Over Child's Abuse. The Diocese of Venice, Rev. Charles M. Cikovic and Bishop John J. Nevins of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Fort Myers are defendants in a civil suit involving sexual abuse. Cikovic has admitted to having sexual contact with a girl, 14. He was sentenced in September to 6 months in jail and 20 years of probation and is prohibited from contact with minors. The grandmother of the child has filed suit for an undisclosed sum. The grandmother had been taking the girl for counseling with the priest because her parents had divorced. A parish employee stated that Cikovic had taken girls on trips, and bought them gifts, They said the priest made them "feel yucky." Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 2/10/94 Priest Resigns Amid Allegations. Though he denied any wrongdoing, Rev. Gary Timmons, 53, resigned from St. Bernard's Church as pastor and dean of students. He is accused of sexually molesting 2 Santa Rosa boys at summer camp over a decade ago. Timmons has served in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Eureka the past 3 decades. No lawsuits are pending, though the two men are considering suing. Source: Blade-Citizen, 2/5/94 Church To Pay Millions For Minister's Abuses. Wayside Baptist Church in Miami received a $6.7 million judgment for negligence in hiring and retaining Keith Geren as youth minister. The church did not do background or reference checks, nor did Geren even fill out a job application, though Geren did admit urges to molest boys. He sexually molested nearly a dozen teenage boys. Church officials say they had no idea Geren was a pedophile. All of the money is going to one victim, Daniel Artis, for emotional pain, treatment and punitive damages. Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 2/6/94 GEORGIA Baptist Minister Accused. For being accused of sexually molesting several male teens between Sept. '92-93 while serving as youth minister at Western Hills Baptist Church in Cobb County, Kevin DeRosa, 33, of New Jersey, is being held at the Paulding County jail on similar charges in that county. Source: Atlanta Journal, 3/94 ILLINOIS Another Belleville Priest Leaves. The 8th Belleville diocese priest to go on leave for sex abuse accusations is Rev. Louis Peterson. He denied the allegations of abusing a male teen over 10 years ago. No criminal charges were filed. The diocese has set up a telephone hotline for victims to report priests. Source: Post-Dispatch, 1/25/94 Man Asks Diocese To Pay. Kevin Mohr, 31, says he was sexually abused, fondled, harassed and forced to entice gay men to a group of homosexual priests when he was 13. He spent nearly a year trying to get the Diocese of Belleville to pay for this therapy. Mohr has hired an attorney but does not plan to sue the church.Source: Post-Dispatch, 2/7/94 IOWA Grindstaff Admits Affair. On Jan. 10, 1995 a jury will hear the case involving Edward Grindstaff, Storm Lake Faith United Assembly of God minister, and Lori Johnson. She says that she and Grindstaff had a sexual affair for 5 years, producing a child, while she was in marital counseling. Grindstaff confessed in August, but now claims he was the victim of sexual abuse and that he was threatened by Mrs. Johnson if they broke up. Source: Pilot Tribune, 3/8/94 MAINE "Gay" Priest Acquitted Of Molesting Girl. The Rev. Antonin R. Caron, 51, who was rumored to be homosexual, was acquitted in Superior Court in March for sexually assaulting with his hands and a pencil, a girl, 15, in May of 1992. The girl waited a year before telling anyone, at which point she told her tennis coach of the assault. Source: Bangor Daily News, 3/22,23,25/94 MASSACHUSETTS Diocese Pays Lavigne's Victims. The Diocese of Springfield has agreed to pay more than $1 million to 17 victims of Rev. Richard R. Lavigne with the help of an insurance company. However, the victims are not permitted to discuss the specifics of the settlement lest they lose part of the money. Lavigne pleaded guilty to child molestation but has served no prison time. The diocese has assured its parishioners that the money for the case did not come from their contributions, but from insurance and investments.Source: Union-News, 1/28/94, 2/18/94; Providence Journal, 3/19/94 Priest Acquitted. A Catholic priest of St. Pius X Church in Middleton met a boy, 16, on a ski trip, then plied him with Scotch and fondled him in his car and motel room. The boy was a runaway from a school for emotionally troubled youths. Thomas K. Ahearn, 56, was acquitted of molesting the boy, but convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was sentenced to 2 years probation. The church relieved Ahearn of his duties immediately . His future with the church is uncertain. The mother felt the sentence was far too light and says, "I'm a devout Catholic, and every time I go to church I just want to throw up." Source: AP, Hartford Courant, 3/8/94; Berkshire Eagle, 3/5,9/94, Nuns Attend Abuse Seminar. Though the March 5 workshop at Regis College entitled "Sexual Abuse and the Church: Assisting In A Pastoral Response," was open to the public, no priests attended. About 100 Boston nuns did show up for the seminar on sexual abuse in the church, its history, prevention, detection and treatment. Source: AP, Sunday Republican, 3/6/94 Pastor Delays Reporting Abuse. After a church volunteer received letters from a girl, 15, that she was being sexually abused by her stepfather, Truth Baptist Church's Rev. Jim Rowley and another pastor began counseling the father, who admitted abusing the girl. Rowley waited 6 months before reporting the abuse to authorities. He was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor mandatory-reporting violation and felony count of a risk of injury to a minor. Clergy claim the law that is designed to help and protect children violates their right to freely practice religion. The stepfather was charged with over 30 counts of sexual assault of the girl. He is now free on bond. Source: Union-News, 2/28/94 Hanlon Guilty. Despite the support of 50 character witnesses, the former pastor of St. Paul's Church in Hingham was convicted of rape and assault of William Wood, now 27, when he was an altar boy, 14 years ago. This is the second trial; the first trial, involving testimony from 2 other men, was deadlocked. Rev. John R. Hanlon, 65, will be sentenced after 40 days of observation for pedophilia at Bridgewater State Hospital. Wood's 2 brothers also testified at both trials that they were molested by Hanlon. Hanlon's attorney plans to appeal. Hanlon could face life in prison. His family continues to support his innocence. Source: Boston Globe, 3/15,16/94; Providence Journal, 3/16/94; Springfield Union-News, 3/16/94 MISSOURI Priest Removed. After being accused of sexually molesting a male minor 20 years ago, Rev. Walter MacPherson, 70, of St. Martin of Tours parish near east St. Louis, has been removed from his parish pending an investigation. Many parishioners refused to believe the accusations and asked how to help the priest. Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 2/5/94; Post Dispatch, 2/5/94 Church Pays Hush Money To Accuser. The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City paid Richard Durocher $150,000 to silence his accusations that he was sexually abused by Rev. John R. Tulipana, 47, when he was 16, over a decade ago. Durocher says officials have failed to remove Tulipana from contact with minors as he is still actively serving in the diocese. For this Durocher decided to break his secrecy agreement. Tulipana has subsequently resigned because he felt he could no longer be effective. Bishop Raymond Boland said a diocesan board will investigate the allegations. Source: Sunday Republican, 1/30/94; Columbia Daily Tribune, 1/30/94; News-Press, 1/30/94; AP, 2/2/94 Minister Gets 189 Years. For the sexual assault of 2 boys, both 15, the minister of the now defunct Family Life Church in Park Hills has been sentenced to serve at least 28 years in prison before he is eligible for parole. Rev. Richard L. Jones, 30, was sentenced to 189 years for sexually assaulting the boys in his home and car in 1990-91. He told them it was sanctioned in the bible. In court Jones claimed the boys were trying to seek revenge when he confronted their drinking and sexual activities. Source: News-Leader, 3/16/94; AP 2/8/94 Baptist Deacon On Trial. A former basketball coach, high school teacher and Baptist deacon who was shot 5 times by the father of a girl who accuses him of sexually abusing her, is standing trial. A dozen girls have accused Wallace Bobo, 57, of fondling them. He is charged with one count of sexual abuse. Source: Post Dispatch, 2/15/94 Man Sues Priest. Nicholas Gray has sued the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic diocese and Rev. Thomas J. Ward accusing him of sexually abusing him at the church rectory when he was 14 . Ward denies the accusations and is on paid leave. The lawsuit claims the diocese operated to cover up the abuse. Source: Kirksville Daily Express & News, 2/6/94; Examiner, 2/4/94 Kansas City Support Group Forms. The national organization Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, SNAP, has formed a chapter in Kansas City following recent local accusations of sex abuse by priests. Most in attendance have been abused, others were family of victims. The chapter will be meeting on a regular basis. Source: Kansas City Star, 3/5/94 MONTANA Former Priest Admits Abusing 30 Boys. In 1993 a civil suit involving the Rev. Wilson Smart, 63, and plaintiff, "W.T.M.," now 38, was settled for $1.7 million. In his deposition Smart admitted sexually abusing and sometimes photographing 30 boys, as young as 12, between 1957 and 1978, including W.T.M. for 8 years. He blames his abusiveness on alcohol abuse and spent 5 months at the Servants of the Paraclete center in New Mexico. He said he met the boys in Scouting troops, in parishes or while teaching and often molested them as they slept. He told no one of the abuse, except in the protected privacy of confession. He says he took no vow of chastity though he knew it was morally wrong. Smart resigned from the priesthood in May 1990. Case documents indicate that the church knew of the abuse since 1960, but did not remove Smart. W.T.M.'s lawyer asked the judge to open court documents to counter information the church was distributing about the case.Source: Missoulian, 2/4/94; Billings Gazette, 2/6/94; Independent Record, 2/4/94 NEW HAMPSHIRE Priest Pleads Guilty To Abuse. After admitting to forcing a boy, 14, to perform oral sex on him at the rectory of the Immaculate Conception Church in Troy in the early 1980s, Rev. Leo Shea, 67, has been sentenced to 3-6 years in state prison and agreed to participate in a sexual offender program at the prison for at least a year. Shea also faces charges in Massachusetts for sexually assaulting 8 teen boys almost 2 decades ago. Source: Boston Globe, 3/1/94; AP, 3/3/94 NEW JERSEY LaForge Spared. The pastor accused of aiding a fugitive, who was charged with sexual abuse, has been approved for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program because it was a first time offense and he has health problems. Rev. Joseph M. LaForge, 56, has severe diabetes and now resides in North Carolina. He was charged with covertly giving Rev. Florencia Tumang a $5,000 church check, with which Tumang fled the country. LaForge's charges will be dismissed upon completion of PTI. Source: Courier-Post, 1/21/94 Boy Scout Leader Degraded Boys. A Boy Scout leader has pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of 2 boys during a camping trip. Timothy Price, 34, said in testimony that he exposed himself and touched 2 boys sexually "mostly just (for) humiliation." He added that, "I just hope this did not traumatize me." He faces prison or treatment and is now free on $10,000 bail. Price is no longer involved in Scouts. Source: Today's Sunbeam, 3/6/94 NEW MEXICO Santa Fe Diocese Settled 46 Cases. In the past 2 months the Diocese of Santa Fe has settled 46 sexual abuse cases and is being helped by its insurers, who still maintain they have no liability in the cases. About 300,000 parishioners have contributed $1.5 million to the settlements. But if the insurance companies are not found liable to pay, the diocese will have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Two insurance carriers have sued the diocese saying they are not liable, because the church knew of the abuses and did not stop it or report it. Archbishop Michael Sheehan implies knowledge of the abuse by saying, "No archbishop realized fully the terrible harm of pedophilia. There was no intention of harm." Source: Dallas Morning News, 2/14/94 16 Sigler Civil Suits Settled. Money from insurance companies and parishioners paid for the settlements of 16 cases of sexual abuse by former priest, Jason Sigler. So far 45 cases against Sigler have been resolved. He was convicted of abusing altar boys in the 1970s and '80s, after being treated 3 times for pedophilia. He pleaded guilty in 1983 to sex with a minor in exchange for a deferred sentence. Source: AP/Centre Daily Times, 2/8/94 NEW YORK Ex-Priest Sues Church, Pope. A man who spent 25 years as a Roman Catholic priest, resigned in 1989 and is now attempting to sue the Church, Pope John Paul II and Cardinal John O'Connor of New York. Terence German, 51, says he knew of clergy theft and pedophilia in every state he worked, though he never reported it. He also claims that although the pope points a finger at the U.S., there is clergy pedophilia in Rome that the pope is ignoring. Now German is unemployed and soon to be homeless. He says the church has blackballed him and ruined his reputation as an employee. He says he resigned as priest because the church was not following its own rules. The New York Archdiocese lawyers call the suit ludicrous. Sources: St. Petersburg Times, 2/12/94; Chicago Sun Times, 2/12/94 Rabbi Indicted For Sexual Assault. Rabbi and best-selling author, Frederick Werbell, 52, was indicted for the sexual assault of 2 females, his housecleaner, 39, and a job applicant, 24, in his apartment. He is being held on $50,000 bail. He could face 7 years in prison. Source: New York Post, 3/11/94 Former Catholic Deacon/Principal Accused. A former deacon at Precious Blood Church in Long Island City and popular Queens school principal of P.S. 71 has been accused of giving a male student, 13, cleaner fumes to inhale and performing oral sex on him 15 years ago. Edward Huckemeyer admitted the offense and implied it was his only transgression of that nature. At the time of the incident Huckemeyer was a creative writing teacher at J.H.S. 226 in Ozone Park. The victim began to recall the incident in nightmares at the time he was making plans for his wedding. Source: New York Newsday, 3/12/94 OHIO Priest's File Ordered Open. A state appellate court ordered the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to open the files on Rev. George Cooley. Cooley was convicted of molesting 4 boys in 1983-4. Parents of one of the boys, who has since died, are suing Cooley and the archdiocese.To be turned over are records of Cooley's conversation with a psychologist after an earlier sexual contact with a boy and a secret archdiocesan archive on Cooley. State law does not exempt clergy from reporting suspected child abuse.Source: Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/27/94 Bernardin Dropped From Case. Facing possible sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit and advice from Bernardin's attorneys "to do the right thing," Steven J. Cook, 34, dropped Cardinal Joseph Bernardin from a civil suit charging sexual abuse. Alhough Cook says he remembered some of the abuse in 1970, there is no evidence to prove that the memories were not introduced during hypnosis, according to court documents. The A.M.A. recognized hypnosis as valid, as early as 1958, but there is no consensus on its use in recalling repressed memories. Rev. Ellis Harsham remains a defendant in the case, which goes to trial May 9. Bernardin has no plans to countersue Cook. Sources: Wisconsin State Journal, 3/1/94; Washington Post, 2/12/94, 3/1/94; Los Angeles Times, 3/1/94; Chicago Sun-Times, 3/1/94; Indianapolis Star, 3/5/94 OREGON Youth Pastor And Girl Run Away. Youth pastor and bible study teacher of Hope Christian Church in Central Point, Brett Aaron Rossback, 25, is being held on $80,000 bail, on charges of rape, sodomy and sex abuse of church member Stacie Webber, 13. The family of the girl had known Rossback for 3 years when he abducted her. The child, now with her mother in Oregon, was gone for 6 weeks. The child's stepfather said, "We don't want the church getting a bad name." Source: Daily Barometer, 2/3/94; Register-Guard, 3/9/94; Mail Tribune, 3/16/94 PENNSYLVANIA Priest's Habit Was Touching Boys. The Rev. Francis E. Luddy, accused of molesting at least 4 boys, is being sued for unspecified damages by his godson, Michael Hutchinson, Jr., 26, who also names St. Therese's parish in Altoona and the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. He says he was molested over a decade ago. Luddy admits to molesting boys, including Hutchinson's stepbrother, as far back as 1968 and said it grew into a habit. Hutchinson testified that he received money from Luddy for sexual favors in the early '80s. Hutchinson has testified that the abuse began both when he was 8 and when he was 11. This discrepancy led the defense to challenge the plaintiffs credibility. Now retired Bishop James Hogan testified that 3 priests (Rev. William Kovach, Dennis Coleman and Joseph Gaborick) confessed to him that they sexually abused children, but he only told them to keep their mouths shut and "cool it" with the boys because the "danger flags are up" that the diocese could be legally liable for their actions. He admits never contacting the parents of the children nor warning the officials of parishes he relocated the priests into of the priests' past behavior. Msgr. Philip Saylor testified that he informed Hogan that Rev. Thomas Carroll had sexually molested a boy and that Hogan only told Saylor to find a psychiatrist for Carroll. Source: Centre Daily Times, 2/4,17/94, 3/4,10/94; Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 2/18/94, 3/8/94; Tribune-Democrat, 2/94, 3/19/94; Clearfield Progress, 3/8/94 Salvation Army Verdict Controversial. For being sexually abused by Salvation Army bible teacher Gary Hallock, 4 boys and their parents were awarded over $500,000 in compensatory damages for the years of therapy needed, but only $1 each for punitive damages. Although an officer of the Army knew of Hallock's pedophilia years ago, the Army was not held responsible for the abuse. Hallock is serving a 36-72 year jail term and has admitted to abusing 30 children. The plaintiffs' lawyer was seeking $4 million in the case and accused jurors of wanting child abuse to continue because they did not award high punitive damages. Source: Tribune, 2/18, 22/94; Tribune-Democrat, 2/94 Cipolla Returns. The Pittsburgh Catholic priest, who was banned from ministry in 1989 for accusations of child molestation, said Mass on national television on February 17. Rev. Anthony Cipolla, 50, said the Mass with 3 other priests on Eternal Word Television Network, locally carried on TCI. The diocese now has no power over Cipolla and can only warn bishops not to allow him to minister in their parishes. Though forbidden to even wear clerical garb, he donned a purple chasuble and alb. A network spokesperson said he was unaware of the ban and Cipolla's attorney said the ban is no longer valid. Cipolla maintains his innocence. Bishop Donald W. Wuerl had appealed the Vatican's decision to reinstate Cipolla. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/18/94 Pastor Molests. Former associate pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church and parent representative at Pittsburgh's Margaret Milliones Middle School, Rev. Rudolph B. Walls, 43, was a defendant in a lawsuit filed in May 1992 by a male teen and his mother. Walls was accused of sexually molesting the teen, now 18. Also involved in the suit were the principal, school board and Pittsburgh Public Schools. They settled for $425,000. In August 1991 Walls was sentenced 1-5 years in prison for indecent assault. Walls was on probation for a North Carolina molestation at the time he began assaulting the teen in this lawsuit. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/24/94 RHODE ISLAND Priest Accused Of Rape. In a civil suit, Cynthia M. Lewis is suing Rev. Alfred R. Desrosiers, 58, as well as the Diocese of Providence, Bishop Louis Gelineau, Rev. Roger Marot, Rev. Edward Cardente and St. Joan of Arc parish for negligence in hiring and retaining Desrosiers, whom she accused of statutory rape, which began in 1972 when she was 15 and lasted almost 2 years. She says Desrosiers, as often as 4 times a week, would invite her to his apartment, give her alcohol and rape her, while he claimed it was his responsibility to teach her about sex and that he could only continue serving the people of god because she was in his life. The suit seeks unspecified damages. Memories of the abuse surfaced when Lewis' dying mother requested to see the priest, a long time friend of the family. Source: Providence Journal-Bulletin, 3/9/94 Bishop Coverup? Five Rhode Island residents are suing Most Rev. Louis Gelineau, Bishop Kenneth Angell and Bishop Daniel Reilly for ignoring evidence of their sexual abuse by 4 priests (Rev. James Silva, Rev. William O'Connell, Rev. Robert Marcantonio and Rev. Alfred DesrosiersQall of whom have previously been accused of sexual abuse) and negligence in hiring and maintaining the priests. The bishops deny the charges. Source: AP, Boston Globe, 3/18/94; Providence Journal, 3/18/94; Union-News, 3/18/94; Hartford Courant, 3/22/94 SOUTH DAKOTA Diocese Dropped. The diocese of Rapid City has been dropped from the lawsuit involving a priest accused of molesting an altar boy, beginning when he was 12. Robert Koenig, now adult, filed suit in 1992 against the diocese and Rev. William Lambert, alleging Lambert sexually abused him from 1958-1975 while in Fairfax. The suit said that Lambert also forced Koenig to confess his abuse to 17 other priests, who did nothing to stop it. Lambert is now retired. Lambert's attorney argues that the case should be dismissed altogether because the statute of limitations has expired. Since the diocese is financially off the hook it is now planning on building a $3.5 million high school. Source: Rapid City Journal, 1/27/94 TEXAS Seminary Teacher Indicted For Sex Abuse. A Catholic priest and dean of men at St. Anthony's High School Seminary has been indicted on charges of sexual assault and indecency. Rev. Carlos Lozano, 37, of Kingsville, could face 2-20 years in prison and fines of $20,000. He was placed on administrative leave on Dec. 17. Lozano was receiving treatment at a retreat center and has been released on bond. The high school had a meeting for parents and an assembly for the students, informing them of the allegations, which resulted in 4 more students coming forward with allegations. Patrick Flores, the Archbishop of San Antonio, in a letter to priests, suggested some priests may have known about the abuse and not reported it. "We all cherish the priestly brotherhood that binds us together, but there is a greater loyalty to be served," said Flores. Source: San Antonio Express-News, 2/3,4,6/94 Priest Indicted On Indecency. The Rev. Johnny Davila, who was being investigated by Sacred Heart parish for indecency with a girl, was indicted by a grand jury in Uvalde County and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. San Antonio Archdiocese spokesperson Monsignor Lawrence Stuebben said the Lozano (see previous) and Davila cases are not connected. He also said, "I wish that these things would go away in our society..." Source: San Antonio Express-News, 2/5/94 Baptist Minister Sentenced. For sexually abusing 2 boys who were members of his Community Baptist Church near Lake Lavon, Gene Allen McDonald, 55, of Nevada, will serve a minimum of 2 years in Collin County Jail before parole. He was sentenced to 2 concurrent 5-year sentences. Source: Dallas Morning News, 2/8/94 Boy Scout Leader Indicted For Porn. In addition to being charged with molesting his 3 foster children, Donald Ray Hause, 43, was indicted for those charges and for sexually assaulting 2 boys and possessing child pornography. Source: San Antonio Express-News, 3/13/94 San Antonio Archdiocese Sued. In district court, 2 lawsuits have been filed by 2 families against Rev. Xavier Ortiz Deitz and the Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio for the abuse of an adult male and 3 minors, one of whom is the victim in the criminal case against Deitz to be tried April 25. In the first case Deitz is said to have sabotaged a wedding and sexually harassed the husband and sexually molested his minor brother. In the second case Deitz allegedly sexually molested a boy and abused his minor sister. Source: San Antonio Express-News, 3/25/94 UTAH Navajo Mormon Tried For Molesting Girl. In August 1989 George P. Lee was charged with the sexual abuse of a girl, 12, his daughter's friend. He surrendered to police but was released with orders not to have contact with anyone under 18. He appeared in court in September and asked for more time before his preliminary hearing. He is accused of fondling the girl, now 16, in her home and on trips. Lee contends he is innocent and the charges are part of a big plot by the church to excommunicate him, which they did in 1989 for polygamy and immorality and later apostasy, before the current charges were brought forward. Lee was also dismissed as high school principal in Tuba City for insubordination. If convicted, Lee could be sentenced to life in prison. Source: Sunstone, 12/93 VIRGINIA Priest Initiates Sex With Teen. When she was 13 and a student at St. Ann's Church, a woman, now 30, says Rev. Stephen Roszel, 42, escalated their friendship into a sexual relationship that lasted until she was through college. She is suing Roszel and the Diocese of Arlington for more than $12 million. Roszel vowed to wage a vigorous defense against the allegations. He is now working at Blessed Sacrament, where he is on personal leave, though his parishioners were not told why. The woman said Roszel told her the relationship would bring them closer to God and led prayers with her after sex. He also wrote dozens of letters to her telling her she was "soft, tender and prettyJ.J.J.Jand sexy." The lawsuit alleges other priests knew of the affair and did not report it. Source: Washington Post, 2/6/94 WASHINGTON Minister Admits Sexual Misconduct. A Baptist minister and social activist, Rev. Donovan Cook, has been under investigation for sexual misconduct involving 3 women. It has been recommended that his ordination be suspended. Cook is popular for his work helping Central American refugees and allowing homosexuals to be church members. One members said, "If we can't get justice for the women, how are we going to ask for justice in Central America?" Supporters of Cook say the American Baptist Church's political conflicts with Cook's work make their judgments "hardly impartial." Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/31/94 WISCONSIN Madison Priest Accused Of 1982 Assault. An Eau Claire man, 26, has brought suit against Rev. Michael Trainer, St. Thomas Aquinas Church and the Diocese of Madison, claiming Trainer sexually assaulted him numerous times in 1982. The lawsuit also says the church knew of Trainer's pedophilia before the assaults on the man and should have removed him. It also says Trainer used "holy condemnation to prevent" the man from reporting the assaults. Trainer is no longer a priest in Madison. Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 2/18/94 Guilty Priest's Relatives Blame Victim. In his second conviction of child molestation, Dennis A. Pecore, admitted he was in denial about the harm he was causing his victim. Pecore was sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing a boy, who was 8 when it began. He was on probation for his first offense when he met the boy. The second boy's parents knew of Pecore's previous offense but trusted him anyway. Relatives of the priest sent letters to the court calling the boy a liar. Source: Milwaukee Journal, 3/3/94 CANADA Priest Charged With Assault. A 70-year-old Catholic priest has been charged with indecent assault of girls, aged 5-11, between 1957-1964. Eleven charges were laid, but 3 more women have come forward with more allegations, totaling 15. Rev. Eldon McGrath was suspended as parish priest in Sedley in 1992. His trial will be heard by Queen's Bench judge alone. He did not plea. The preliminary hearing will begin April 25. Source: Star Phoenix, 1/13/94 Diocese Pays Victim And Stops Investigation. An investigation into the sexual abuse by a prominent Catholic priest of an altar boy, now 35, will be re-opened. The victim received $32,000 from the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall (Ontario) in a settlement which contained a clause that prevented the man from further pressing charges. The diocese denied, but later admitted knowledge that the agreement would prevent the man from pressing charges. The priest is now at a treatment center where he was tested for pedophilia. The test indicated he is not attracted to children. There will be an investigation as to whether there was a conspiracy between the church and police to effect the settlement. The police dropped the investigation after the complainant withdrew and they did not report the case to the Children's Aid Society until 10 months later. The former police chief was so incensed by the church that he visited the Papal Nuncio archbishop in October and complained. He also protested that the church waited 10 months without removing the accused priest, which finally occurred after the meeting with the former police chief. Source: London Free Press, 2/94; Citizen, 1/12, 14, 15, 25/94 Priest Charged With Sexual Assault. Gerard Lambert, a St. Paul University student, is charged with sexually molesting 6 boys, aged 9-13 in the early 1970s and early 1990s. The assaults occurred while Lambert was a priest in Notre-Dame-de-Fourvieres in Mont-Laurier and in Christ King Church in Maniwaki. Source: Citizen, 1/12, 25, 26/94 Church Insurers Fear Claims. Canadian insurance companies who serve churches are increasingly concerned about the number of sexual abuse cases. Many companies are considering riders in their policies that exclude coverage of criminal behavior. What they would cover is negligence that leads to or does not stop criminal abuse. Source: Globe & Mail, 1/24/94 St. Ann's Abuses Revealed. Though the St. Ann's school was closed in 1972, its legacy lives on. Once a Cree Indian Residential School run by the Oblates of Marie Immaculate and Sisters of Charity, it is now an elementary school, police station and apartment building. For nearly 70 years Cree children attended the school to be indoctrinated into Christianity and white culture. In August 1992 about 30 alumni attended a reunion, at which they discussed their horror stories of physical and sexual abuse. Since then police have interviewed over 450 people regarding abuse between 1960-1972. The Cree community is trying to get the church and government to address the issue. Source: Ottawa Citizen, 1/24/94 St. Joseph's Saga Closes. For the sexual and physical abuse of numerous boys over a decade, Andre Charbonneau, 62, was sentenced to 6 years in prison, thus ending the final case of the Brothers of the St. Joseph's Training School For Boys. 20 former staff members were involved in criminal cases. Nine received convictions. A compensation deal was struck for 300 victims, paid for by Ontario, Ottawa and Toronto archdioceses and the French Christian Brothers of Ottawa. Many of the victims are still suffering psychological damage from the abuse 30 years ago. 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