Here is a typical lengthy tirade that we see introducted by Creationists repeatedly on the

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[Here is a typical lengthy tirade that we see introducted by Creationists repeatedly on the computer networks. Every Creationist who posts these rhetorical questions thinks they are the first to do so while ignoring the thousands of times each question has been answered scientifically for those who came before them. After each question is answered, the Creationist who post these questions falls predictably silent. They make the assumption that because they're ignorant of science, everyone else must be and they're doubtless annoyed when their intellectual superiors debunk their Creationist occultism. Note how many questions don't even pertain to evolution. Most Creationists have no idea what evolution is and they confuse evolution with the origins of life, geology, paleontology, archeology, and astronomy, all the while failing to understand that evolution is ___biology___. Note also how the Creationist doesn't understand that evolution isn't a matter of belief or disbelief any more than gravity is subject to belief or disbelief. the fact of evolution is certainly subject to acceptance or rejection, of course, just as the fact of gravity is subject to acceptance or rejection. Note also the justification for this tirade; specifically, towards the end you'll notice how Creationists are taught by their masters to pretend that teaching simple biology is the root of all evil. - Fredric Rice] By: Timothy Ferris Re: Questions for Evolutionists This material may be used for witnessing puposes, but MUST be left AS IS. If you think that you have received a corrupted copy, you can call and download it from us, or request a repost. Please see part to for the completion. QUESTIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION: The test of any theory is: does it provide answers to basic questions? Some well-meaning but misguided people think evolution is a reasonable theory to explain mans' questions about the universe. Evolution is not a good theory, it is just a pagan religion 1. WHERE DID THE SPACE FOR THE UNIVERSE COME FROM? [This is a cosmology question which can be answered bty reviewing books from Stephen Hawking, for one, Leon Lederman, for another. Additionally, it is a physical absurdity to presuppose there was space before the universe existed... that's a scientific absurdity - flr] 2. WHERE DID MATTER COME FROM? [This is another cosmology question which can be understood by reviewing the proper science text books available in most any public library - flr] 3. WHERE DID THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE COME FROM (GRAVITY, INERTIA, ECT.) ? [This is a physics question, not biology. The advent of physical attributes of the universe are covered in a great many physics books, perhaps the best one that has popularized the theme is "The God Particle." In addition the Creationist wants to pretend that the physical laws of the universe are some how created by deities and asks this question rhetorically, being unwilling to accept the fact that there is no "why" behind the universe's existance - flr] 4. HOW DID MATTER GET SO PERFECTLY ORGANIZED? [This is another physics question and, in any event, makes the logical fallacy known as "begging the question." There is no "perfectly organized matter" in the universe. When a Creationist looks at something, they look at what they wish to see. A detailed examination of a system shows that random brownian motion controls the chaotic organization of mass and that strictly statistical averaging of collissions between atoms, stars, planets, comets et al. make it apear at the macr level to be "organized." No Creationist has ever managed to exhibit any of this alleged "perfectly organized matter." - flr] 5. WHERE DID THE ENERGY COME FROM TO DO ALL THE ORGANIZING? [This is another cosmology and physics question. In addition it is the logical fallacy known as "begging the question again." There is no evidence for any organization in the universe and, indeed, a detailed examination into physical systems shows the exact opposite. - flr] 6. WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW DID LIFE COME FROM DEAD MATTER? [These are starting to become close to biology yet are more accurately the venue of biogenesis or biopeseis. The "when" is understood to have been about 10 billion years ago -- perhaps at early as 14 billion years. The "where" is understood to have been highly likely to have been volcanic vents under the oceans. The "why" is an unscientific question devoid of meaning in a scientific context -- not to mention an absurdity as there is no need for a "why" in any event. - flr] 7. WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW DID LIFE LEARN TO REPRODUCE ITSELF? [This is another version of the previous rhetorical question. Richard Dawkings in "The Blind Watchmaker" does a good job explaining how molecular arangements probably started to become duplicative. The "when" is anywhere from 14 to 10 billion years ago. The "where" is probably underwater volcanic vents. And, again, the "why" is an unscientific rhetorical question not within the venue of science as there is no need to posit a "why." - flr] 8. WITH WHOM DID THE FIRST CELL CAPABLE OF SEXUAL REPRODUCTION REPRODUCE? [Another Creayionist straw man. Who claims that single cell organisms reproduced sexually? The most earliest cells and organisms reproducted through a variety of mechanics asexually. Many continue to do so. Creationists also like to pretend that females are a different species from males for some reason. - flr] 9. WHY WOULD ANY PLANT OR ANIMAL WANT TO REPRODUCE MORE OF IT'S KIND SINCE THIS WOULD ONLY MAKE MORE MOUTHS TO FEED AND DECREASE THE CHANCES OF SURVIVAL? (DOES THE INDIVIDUAL HAVE A DRIVE TO SURVIVE OR THE SPECIES OR BOTH? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS?) [The Creationist fails to understand that evolution works upon a species, not an individual within a group of individuals in that species. - flr] 10. HOW CAN MUTATIONS (RECOMBINING OF THE GENETIC CODE) CREATE ANY NEW IMPROVEDVARIETIES? (RECOMBINING ENGLISH LETTERS WILL NEVER PRODUCE CHINESE BOOKS.) [The Creationist belief is that there are no beneficial mutations, ignoring entirely the observed fact of survival of the fittest. - flr] 11. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SIMILARITIES IN DESIGN BETWEEN DIFFERENT ANIMALS PROVEA COMMON CREATOR INSTEAD OF A COMMON ANCESTOR? [The Creationist fallacy is one of assuming that there are creators which can do the creation. In actual fact the atrophied coden sequences within each and every cell of every living thing or once-living thing shows that such a "creator" would need to be a bumbeling idiot incapable of a quality design as well as chronically unhappy with its own designs. What we find is that the genetic simularities between two species indicate a perfect line of speciation which is so somplete that every animal now living on the Earth as well as every plant so far cataloged can be placed within a non-overlapping tree; a perfect science. - flr] 12. SINCE NATURAL SELECTION ONLY WORKS WITH THE GENETIC INFORMATION AVAILABLE AND TENDS ONLY TO KEEP A SPECIES STABLE, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN INCREASING COMPLEXITY IN THE GENETIC CODE THAT MUST HAVE OCCURED IF EVOLUTION IS TRUE? [The Creationist straw man ignores mutation and selection. - flr] 13. WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW DID : [The Creationist needs to check out a library text covering basic biology to get all of these rhetorical questions answered. - flr] A. SINGLE-CELLED PLANTS BECOME MULTICELLED? (where are the two- and three- celled intermediates?) B. SINGLE-CELLED ANIMALS EVOLVE? C. FISH CHANGE TO AMPHIBIANS? D. AMPHIBIANS CHANGE TO REPTILES? E. REPTILES CHANGE TO BIRDS? ( LUNGS, BONES. EYES, REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, HEART, METHOD OF LOCOMOTION, BODY COVERING, ETC., ARE ALL VERY DIFFERENT!) F. HOW DID THE INTERMEDIATE FORMS LIVE? 14. WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW, AND FROM WHAT DID A. WHALES EVOLVE? B. SEA HORSES EVOLVE? C. BATS EVOLVE? D. EYES EVOLVE? E. EARS EVOLVE? F. HAIR, SKIN, FEATHERS, SCALES, NAILS, CLAWS, ETC., EVOLVE? 15. WHICH EVOLVED FIRST ( HOW, AND HOW LONG, DID IT WORK WITHOUT THE OTHERS): A. THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, THE FOOD TO BE DIGESTED, THE APPETITE, THE ABILITY TO FIND AND EAT THE FOOD, THE DIGESTIVE JUICES, OR THEBODY'S RESISTANCE TO ITS OWN DIGESTIVE JUICE (STOMACH, INTESTINES, ETC),? B. THE DRIVE TO REPRODUCE OR THE ABILITY TO REPRODUCE? C. THE LUNGS, THE MUCUS LINING TO PROTECT THEM, THE THROAT ORTHE PERFECT MIXTURE OF GASSES TO BE BREATHED INTO THE LUNGS? D. D.N.A. OR R.N.A. TO CARRY THE DNA MESSAGE TO CELL PARTS? E. THE TERMITE OR THE FLAGELLA IN HIS INTESTINES THAT ACTUALLY DIGEST THE CELULOSE? F. THE PLANTS OR THE INSECTS THAT LIVE ON AND POLINATE THE PLANTS? G. THE BONES, LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, BLOOD SUPPLY, MUSCLES TOMOVE THE BONES, NERVOUS SYSTEM, REPAIR SYSTEM, OR HORMONE SYSTEM? H. THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OR THE NEED FOR IT? 16. THERE ARE MANY THOUSANDS OF EXAMPLES OF SYMBIOSIS THAT DEFY AN EVOLUTIONARY EXPLANATION. WHY MUST WE TEACH STUDENTS THAT EVOLUTIONIS THE ONLY EXPLANATION FOR THESE RELATIONSHIPS? 17. HOW WOULD EVOLUTION EXPLAIN MIMICRY? DID THE PLANTS AND ANIMALS DEVELOPE MIMICRY BY CHANCE, THEIR INTELLIGENT CHOICE, OR DESIGN? 18. WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW DID MAN EVOLVE FEELINGS? LOVE, MERCY, GUILT, ETC.WOULD NEVER EVOLVE IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION. For the beginning of this file, please see part one. Feel free to use this for witnessing. Please leave everything AS IS. No changes can be made to this document. If you feel you have received a corrupted copy, you can download it from us, or ask for a repost. AFTER YOU ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOVE, PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT YOUR ANSWERS AND ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS . 1. ARE YOU SURE YOUR ANSWERS ARE REASONABLE, RIGHT, AND SCIENTIFICALLY PROVABLE, OR DO YOU JUST BELIEVE THAT IT MAY HAVE HAPPENED THE WAY YOU HAVE ANSWERED? ( DO THESE ANSWERS REFLECT YOUR RELIGION OR YOUR SCIENCE?) 2. DO YOUR ANSWERS SHOW MORE OR LESS FAITH THAN THE PERSON WHO SAYS "GOD MUST HAVE DESIGNED IT"? 3. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT AN UNSEEN CREATOR DESIGNED THIS UNIVERSE? IF GOD IS EXCLUDED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DISCUSSION BY YOUR DEFINITION OF SCIENCE, HOW COULD IT BE SHOWN THAT HE DID CREATE THE UNIVERSE IF HE DID? 4. IS IT WISE AND FAIR TO ONLY SHOW STUDENTS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION AND TEACHTHEM THAT IT IS A FACT? 5. WHAT IS THE END RESULT OF A BELIEF IN EVOLUTION ( LIFESTYLE, SOCIETY,ATTITUDE ABOUT OTHERS, ETERNAL DESTINY, ETC.)? 6. COULD IT BE THAT PEOPLE ACCEPT EVOLUTION BECAUSE OF SOME OF THESE FACTORS: A. IT IS ALL THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT? B. THEY LIKE THE FREEDOM FROM A GOD? (NO MORAL ABSOLUTES, ETC.) C. THEY ARE BOUND TO SUPPORT THE THEORY FOR FEAR OF LOSING THEIR JOB OR STATUS OR GRADE POINT AVERAGE? D. THEY ARE TOO PROUD TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? E. THEY KNOW THAT EVOLUTION IS THE ONLY PHILOSOPHY THAT CAN BEUSED TO JUSTIFY THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA OF: 1. COMMUNISM 7. WOMEN'S LIBERATION 2. RACISM 8. EXTREME ENVIRONMENTALISM 3. ABORTION 9. EUTHANASIA 4. NAZIISM 10. PORNOGRAPHY 5. SOCIALISM 11. HUMANISM 6. GAY RIGHTS 12. NEW AGE RELIGIONS [Note how Christanic hatred and bigotry works into the conspiracy theories contrived for them? - flr] 7. SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO USE OUTDATED, DISPROVEN, QUESTIONABLE, OR INCONCLUSIVEEVIDENCES TO SUPPORT THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE A SUITABLESUBSTITUTE ( PILTDOWN MAN, RECAPITULATION THEORY, ARCHEOPTERYX, LUCY, JAVA MAN,NEANDERTHAL MAN, E 8. SHOULD PARENTS BE ALLOWED TO REQUIRE THAT EVOLUTION NOT BE TAUGHT IN THEIR SCHOOL SYSTEM UNLESS EQUAL TIME IS GIVEN TO CREATION? 9. WHAT ARE YOU RISKING IF YOU ARE WRONG? 10. AREN'T YOU TIRED OF FAITH IN A SYSTEM THAT CAN'T BE TRUE? WOULDN'T IT BEGREAT TO KNOW THE GOD WHO MADE YOU AND ACCEPT HIS LOVE AND FORGIVENESS? 11. IF I COULD SHOW YOU FROM THE BIBLE HOW TO HAVE YOUR SINS FORGIVEN, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? IF SO, CALL ME. DR. KENT HOVIND 29 CUMMINGS ROAD PENSACOLA, FL 32503 (904) 479 DINO office and fax I HAVE MANY VIDEO AND AUDIO TAPES ON THE SUBJECTS OF CREATION, EVOLUTION, PROOFS THAT THE EARTH IS NOT "BILLIONS OF YEARS OLD," THE GEOLOGIC COLUMN, CARBONDATING, AND DINOSAURS. CALL OR WRITE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THESE MATERIALS. I WOULD ALSO BE GLAD TO PRESENT MY MATERIAL IN PERSON TO ANY GROUP OR INTERESTED PEOPLE. AFTER TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE FOR 15 YEARS, MY DEEP CONCERN FOR THE FACT THAT STUDENTS WERE BEING DECIEVED BY THE LIE OF EVOLUTION LED ME TO ESTABLISH CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM. I NOW TRAVEL AND SPEAK OVER 700 TIMES EACH YEAR ON THIS VITAL SUBJECT. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CALL BE IF I CAN BE OF HELP. Timothy Ferris - SysOp Internet mail: --- EXCELSIOR! BBS v1.21i; XMAIL! v1.87 * Origin: Morning Star * Palmer, Mass 413-289-1737 Amiga Support (1:321/137.0)


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