MAD Magazine number 343, March 1996, has a letter published in their +quot;Letters + Tomat

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MAD Magazine number 343, March 1996, has a letter published in their "Letters & Tomatoes Department" from "Jim Davis" from Sunnyvale CA." titled "APE MISBEHAVIN.'" I was always aware that dweebs, geeks, and other members of the MAD gang were a few cards short of a full deck, but in issue #340 you outdid yourselves. On page 30. at the last panel of "When Sesame Street Caves in to the Radical Right," we have a Sesame Street character making the statement "...And by the Commitee to Ban the Teaching of Evolution!" as if this were some Radical Right idea, when anyone with over a 7th grade education knows that the theory of evolution has been totally disproved by modern, objective science. Other than these minor flaws I enjoyed the magazine as I have for the past 30 years or so. The editor reply was: We stand corrected! After reading your letter, it is now unclear as to whether all of mankind evolved from apes. Some appear to be stuck there! For your convenience we are encclosing a nice, ripe banana! Ooh ohh!" While funny, the editors of MAD got it wrong; the human species didn't evolve from apes but had a common ancestor. My comment to MAD Magazine was: To: MAD Magazine, Letters & Tomatoes Department From: Fredric Rice, Good work, guys, gals, and semi-evolved bipeds, for your wonderful issue number 340 where you expose the Radical Religious Reich! You can't believe the amount of coverage the issue recieved on Internet and FidoNet among the various science and political discussion forums! More: When one of your knuckle-dragging readers complained about evolution being scientifically disproven, you rapped his hairy knuckes good then handed him a banana! LOVE! IT! Except that you grunts incorrectly stated that the human species evolved from apes! We didn't! Humans and apes shared a common ancestor (probably many times, wink, wink, nudge.) Whack our underdeveloped simian friends, sure, but make sure you get it right! By the way: You shoulda knocked out one of Peter Iatauro's front teeth after he won the Alfred E. Neuman look-alike contest to complete the picture.


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