There once was a rabbit who gave one carrot in every ten to the church, who took its littl

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From: Bill Forseth ================== There once was a rabbit who gave one carrot in every ten to the church, who took its little bunnies in for religious instruction and morality infusions, and who talked to God all the time and asked His advice. Because it never got an answer from God it thought it was doing something wrong, and not trying hard enough. So, it started spending more time in prayer and contemplation, and giving more carrots to the church, and being more strict with its bunnies. It also became more pious than the other rabbits, and claimed that God did indeed talk to it, because it felt inadequate and ashamed that God ignored it so. It fell in with other rabbits whom God didn't talk to either, and together they spread lots of little stories about God doing wonderful things because, although they never really witnessed any, they felt that if they claimed to have this was as good as the real thing, and God would love them for it. Then one day the evil hunters came along and killed some of them and their bunnies. Oh, how they prayed and prayed and begged God for help, but none came. The rabbit was crushed, and tried to explain it all away by saying that God wanted its friends and its bunnies dead, for His mysterious purposes. This worked for a while, but the evil hunters came again and again and decimated the rabbit population until it looked like the rabbit would be the only one left. Just before the rabbit's favorite bunny was killed it said the most sincere and naked prayer ever heard, asking that it be taken instead of the bunny. It asked not for revenge or power over the evil hunters, simply that the bunny be spared. It was a beautiful and innocent bunny, and the rabbit felt sure that, this time, God would listen. But, the evil hunters killed the bunny and skinned it and ate it, and wounded the rabbit too, who barely escaped. "Fuck this", said the rabbit, back in the hovel licking its wounds, and it never returned to church or tried to talk to God again, but it did spend the last of its carrots on an Uzi. The moral of the story: A WELL ARMED RABBIT IS MORE POWERFUL THAN GOD. the end


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