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By: David Bloomberg To: James Davis Re: Promise Keepers In a msg to Joseph Nagarya on , James Davis of 1:343/305 writes: JD> Returning to the original topic; Promise Keepers is a Christian Based JD> organization and is not attempting to promote these principles on non- JD> Christians. Hmmmm. From _Church & State_, May 1995, "Broken Promise? Leaders of the Promise Keepers Christian Men's Movement Have Vowed To Stay Out Of Religious Right- Style Politics, But A Recent Rally At Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Suggests A Different Course" "At a 1993 Promise Keepers speech in Boulder, [the founder, Bill McCartney] thundered, 'We will not compromise. Wherever the truth is at risk, in the schools or legislature, we are going to contend for it. We will win. The truth is already on our side. He later told the Boulder _Daily Camera_, 'We as men of God will contend for the truth wherever it is an issue. I personally believe that since they've taken prayer out of the schools, and since they've diminished the spiritual dimension, schools are not as productive. Morality has plummeted since that happened." "In a comment that drew sharp criticism from Jewish leaders, McCartney beckoned participants of the 1992 Promise Keepers rally in Boulder to 'take the nation for Jesus Christ.' And at the 1993 Boulder event, McCartney called on is all-male audience of 50,000 to join him in a spiritual war, saying 'We are going to war as of tonight. We will not retreat anymore. We have divine power. That is our weapon.'" [Other instances of McCartney taking controversial political stands are then talked about, such as his anti-abortion stance, his anti-gay rights stance (endorsing the anti-gay initiative in Colorado), etc.] "[Promise Keepers spokesman Rick] Kingham identified 'the abortion problem' as a key obstacle for Promise Keepers to overcome in their quest to exert influence over their communities." "Perhaps the most overtly political speech of the day came from Sam Rutigliano, the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns professional football team who now leads Falwell's gridiron squad at Liberty. ... Rutilgiano made a rapid-fire indictment of the American Civil Liberties Union, whom he claimed 'supports legalization of drugs and opposes school prayer and tax exemptions for religious schools.' Later Promise Keepers spokesman Boone referred to Rutigliano's speech, crediting him with providing ample 'statistics which indicate why we need a move of God.' Promise Keepers associates have lurched into similarly intemperate language in the past. According to a _Los Angeles Times_ report, the Rev. E.V. Hill, pastor of Los Angeles' Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, warned a 1994 Anaheim rally about the teaching of evolution, the abortion 'epidemic' and the 'satanic' ACLU. Last June, Dr. Steven Farrar advised a Denton, Texas, throng, 'If you don't understand that a war has been declared on the biblical family, then you are missing the boat. We are at war in this nation. War has been declared.' Promise Keepers co-founder Dave Wardell raised hackles when he told the _Denver Post_, 'We're drawing a line in the sand here...There has already been controversy about abortion and homosexuality. I hope there won't be physical confrontation but look at Amendment 2 and the Act-Up people and the foreign religions coming in here.'" "If any matter threatens the group's mantle of legitimacy it may be its leaders' unwillingness to acknowledge and stand squarely behind the political priorities that clearly motivate many of its luminaries. Until the group opts to come clean about its political inclinations, it leaves itself susceptible to charges of stealth and hypocrisy." --- msgedsq 2.0.5 * Origin: The righteous rise with burning eyes of hatred... (1:2430/2112)


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