05/July/96 KTLA Los Angeles just reported the murder of a Christian woman at the hands of

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05/July/96 KTLA Los Angeles just reported the murder of a Christian woman at the hands of three Christians who spent at minimum 6 hours engaged in an occult ritual. One of the three, it seems, engaged in violent ritual abuse for three hours after which another Christanic master took his place and continued the ritual abuse for an additional three hours. After the initial report KTLA interviewed one of the masters at the Christanic church who denied having any involvement whatsoever in the murder -- even though one of the masters involved in the murder had a known history of violent ritual abuse outside of the United States. This incident marks the sixth person this year to have been murdered in this fashion, all justified under the guise of "exorsizing demons out of the 'possessed.'" Last year national attention was briefly focused upon the court ruleing finding two Christians guilty of murder after they had ritually kneeled or stood on their victim's neck until the throat was crushed. Apologeticists will dountless demand that these Christians weren't Christians, some how, or that violent occult rituals are not part of the Christanic cult's religious practices. This is easilly demonstrated inaccurate by examination of the cult's long and bloody history. Some deniers will also doubtless attempt to glibly deny that Christianity as a religion is at fault by demanding that the so-called "Jesus" mythos never condoned the ritual torture and murder of people. What's certain is that the Christanic death cult claimed yet another victim in its growing body count and, business as usual, Christians around the world will utterly fail to admit their cult is historically proven deadly and utterly fail to realize that they share the blame in the continued perpetuation of the tyranny. --- The Skeptic Tank: http://www.stbbs.com/personal/frice/index.htm Dialog With Evil: http://www.stbbs.com/personal/frice/ra.htm The Skeptic Tank direct: (818) 335-9601 Home of the Restored Church of the Star Goat! Creationism redux: Give Equal time for the Flat Earth Theory!


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