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* Original to Kay Shapero @ 1:102/524 in furrydom * Forwarded Wed May 03 1995 07:43:19 by Kay Shapero @ 1:102/524 ### On <04-28-95 08:33>, Kay Shapero had this to say ### to All about "(2/2) in re whackos": fr> At the start of the show, when it was announced that Linda fr> Thompson would be on the line at 3:00 p.m., I managed to get fr> into the queue of callers with the hopes that I could expose the fr> hoax Thompson and/or friends manufactured called, "Waco: The Big fr> Lie." This woman was also on the Ken Hamblin show on Tuesday (?... might have been Wednesday) talking about this. Apparantly they've done another tape called "The Big Lie Continues"... Hamblin, who has a _serious_ burr under his saddle when it comes to the Branch Davidian incident, pretty much gave her free rein. fr> I had hoped that I could point to the Soldier of Fortune Magazine fr> which compared the satelite downlinked video against the video fr> tape Thompson and/or her friends are (still) selling. Soldier of fr> Fortune Magazine found that the Thompson tape was edited to show fr> a flame thrower mounted on a tank. She claims that Soldier of Fortune is a propaganda arm of the government, who have carefully manufactured their image so as to _appear_ (to the uninitiated) to be a friend of the citizen militias while publishing disinformation about them. "How better to spread lies about the opposition than to make people think you're one of them" (or words to that effect), is what she said in response to that question. She also insists that their tape is _not_ a hoax. Her support for this claim? Because (according to her) all of the dubbing was done on analog tape, and she claims that one cannot alter moving images off of analog recordings. Not only is her claim of "analog-only" editing nearly impossible to prove, but I can only assume this woman hasn't seen TERMINATOR 2 or read _anything_ about computers in a long time... For about $10,000 I could go down to Computer City right now and purchase a computer and some software that would be _quite_ capable of digitizing a several-minute video sequence, allowing you to alter it frame-by-frame in any number of ways, then dumping it back out to videotape with no sign that such had been done. (Actually, the base system could probably be had for a lot less - indeed, the system I have _now_ could probably do most of it with the addition of a $300 video-capture card and a few good pieces of software - but I'm assuming the need for a few high-ticket items - such as a high-speed, multi-gigabyte hard drive so there would be enough storage space to digitize several minutes of video at 24-bit color depth and 30 frames/second. Come to think of it, a Video Toaster-equipped Amiga with a sufficiently large hard drive could probably pull it off, and would _definitely_ be under $10,000.) In fact, one could even fake the "generation loss" of one or more analog dubs if it were considered necessary to do so. fr> In actual fact, the original satelite downlink video shows a fr> section of wall falling; that section of the tape was edited by fr> unknown people and turned into "Waco: The Big Lie" by adding a fr> voice-over. In fact, Soldier of Fortune was selling the original fr> tape, according to many sources, in direct response to the hoax fr> tape. She claims _theirs_ is the digitally-edited "hoax" tape. (Offering no proof of this, of course.) ... "Keep this up and the squirrels will bury your head somewhere."(MASH) _ _ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12


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