Greetings, All. A lot of you will remember Linda Thompson, , and - as right-wing lunatics

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Greetings, All. A lot of you will remember Linda Thompson, *** **********, and ***** *******-****** as right-wing lunatics who actually believe that they have evidence that the United States was not only partially to blame for the slaughter of the Branch Dividians in Waco, Texas, yet actually sought to destroy the Davidians for political reasons. Among those reasons is the so-called "New World Order" or alternativly, the "One World Government." Many lunatics have seized upon the recient federal building bombing as further evidence of a government set out to destroy its citizens. Today, 24/May/95, Linda Thompson has been talking to anyone who will listen about her group's conspiracy theories. At around 3:00 p.m. today, rumor had it that Thompson talked with none other than Dan Rather -- this is a rumor as I have been unable to get confirmation as yet. News offices phone lines have been very busy, to say the least. At around 4:00 p.m. today, however, Thompson appeared on KFI 640 Talk Radio in Los Angeles with Ken and Bob -- two talk show hosts which features an often highly emotional John with the cooly logical Ken. In the discussion with Thompson, John performed the grand disembowelment with Ken trying to get John to calm down enough to allow the devil to have her due. After Linda Thompson talked a little bit about how Waco was the fault of the United States government, listeners got to hear just a little bit of her conspiracy theories concerning the Federal building bombing. In that conspiracy she claimed: o) Federal agents (specifically Justice Department officials and, if I'm not mistaken, BATF and FBI officers) conspired to plant a bomb in the Federal building in addition to the car bomb planted outside of the building. o) Federal agents placed some unspecified number of buckets in stair ways and about the building containing mercury -- the reason for this belief becomes clear when contemplated in light of her group's beliefs that the Davidian compound was purposely poisoned by agents. (The poison used is either mecury or arsenic depending upon the different archives I have of their claims. Both are metalic compounds however arsenic is used as an insecticide and for weed killing. In light of this previous belief, the new one claiming Federal agents planted buckets of mecury seems at least consistant.) The reasoning for poisoning the Davidian soil was so another branch of the government could declair the property a health hazard, negating the possibility of private investigating personnel to gain access to the lands. (This is speculation on my part as it's pieced together from many sources, all of them FidoNet participants.) In actual fact the lands around the destroyed Davidian compound were tainted with a small number of health hazards; among them human waste. o) Agents of some unspecified government branch were standing by in a helicopter observing the destruction of the Federal building -- presumably taking videos. o) The motive for the United States to take this action and to murder over 200 of its citizens was that militant groups around the United States would be examined in detail and that the government, using the media lap dogs, would find excuses to revoke aspects of the Constitution, starting with the right to keep arms. Though Thompson didn't say it, other lunatics applauding the murder of over 200 children and adults claimed that personal liberties are also being hi-jacked, according to these right wing extremists, by giving the government a justifiable pretence to not require a probable cause to search personal property. Where the people being arrested for the bombing came from and why they offered to sacrifice themselves was never discussed. I make the presumption that Thompson and her group believe the people being arrested are actually government agents who will face a mock trial and then disappear, living their life out on some government island paradise. Thompson claimed that she had evidence for all this and John repeatedly asked her why she was selfishly keeping it all to herself. Since she was lying, she lapsed into silence and John started to loose whatever control he had at the start of the interview and, not to put too fine a point on it, screamed the question two or three times again. Thompson remained mysteriously silent and, as I recall, Ken tried to step in to ask Thompson politely where her evidence was. After some sputtering, Thompson said, "Why don't you call me back when you're willing to listen to the answer" and then hung up. Ken and Bob took a few seconds to contemplate the irony of the statement and, if I'm not mistaken, John said something like "I don't belieeeeve this!" Not only was Linda Thompson given more air time than other lunatic caller during the first two hours of the show, she was given a clear carrier to respond as to where her evidence was _at_least_three_times_ and, I would say, an aggregate of 15 seconds inwhich to respond. When she finally did, it was to accuse Ken and John of not wanting to hear the answer and hanging up. At the start of the show, when it was announced that Linda Thompson would be on the line at 3:00 p.m., I managed to get into the queue of callers with the hopes that I could expose the hoax Thompson and/or friends manufactured called, "Waco: The Big Lie." I had hoped that I could point to the Soldier of Fortune Magazine which compared the satelite downlinked video against the video tape Thompson and/or her friends are (still) selling. Soldier of Fortune Magazine found that the Thompson tape was edited to show a flame thrower mounted on a tank. In actual fact, the original satelite downlink video shows a section of wall falling; that section of the tape was edited by unknown people and turned into "Waco: The Big Lie" by adding a voice-over. In fact, Soldier of Fortune was selling the original tape, according to many sources, in direct response to the hoax tape. (I do not know if the magazine is still selling copies. After this week, it seems logical to expect them to resume selling it.) When it was found out that Thompson would be on an hour later, I was bounced from the queue and asked to call back. I had hoped I could ask about the video tape on the air with Linda yet while I was trying to get back into the call queue, Thompson came on, was soundly debunked, and then hung up. I had also wanted to point out that Thompson has stated that the height postings on bridge overpasses is their so that United States artilary(sp) pieces could target and destroy them easilly and to ask her to confirm that statement on the air. Sadly, several callers later pointed toward the hoax tape as justification for what was done -- according to these lunatics -- to the government. Pointing out to them that innocent babies are not "the government" seemed to not get through these nut's brains.


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