Subject: Questions for Cory, week 25 and still no answers Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:46 -0700

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======== Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.religion.scientology.xenu Subject: Questions for Cory, week 25 and still no answers From: (Paper Tiger) Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:46 -0700 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- A day late this week, was having some difficulties and nothing of mine was getting through. Nothing was coming in, either, so if you sent me something in the last couple days I probably haven't seen it! Week 25 in Questions for Cory, one week short of the 6-month mark. Hopefully Cory was able to read the questions when Tom Betz posted them in a reply to a post of hers in alt.showbiz.gossip - thanks, Tom. I doubt she'll reply, but you never know. One new question this week, based on a Hubbard quote Jeff Lee posted from "Science of Survival" where L. Ron claims gender equality spells the decline of society. I'd like to know where the COS and Cory herself stand on this issue. ===== Questions for Cory ===== In February Cory requested that I not email her any longer, she considered mail from me junkmail and didn't read it. Therefore the "times e-mailed" counters are frozen. 1) [First asked: Dec 24 95 #Posted: 24 #Mailed: 10] The graph I posted of your day/hour posting history, along with the commonly held belief that Org stats are due Thursdays at 2pm seems to support the popular ARS theory that you occasionally engage in quota or "stats" based posting. HAVE you ever engaged in quota or stats-based posting? 2) [First asked: Dec 24 95 #Posted: 25 #Mailed: 11] I've read on ARS that you're the Director of Special Affairs (an OSA position) for the LA Day Org. In a letter to LA Weekly, you gave your title as Director of Community Affairs. What is your official position in Scientology? Why won't you admit it on ARS? 3) [First asked: Dec 24 95 #Posted: 25 #Mailed: 10] I've also read on ARS of a Scientology plan to eliminate psychiatry by the year 2000, by suing the colleges and universities that grant psychiatry degrees. Does such a plan exist? 4) [First asked: Jan 09 96 #Posted: 23 #Mailed: 8] You've taken a great deal of heat on ARS for misattributing an article in Neurology, claiming that it mentioned a woman's death from ECT when in fact the article said she'd been helped. You weren't able to locate the original article you claimed to have gotten the Neurology article mistaken with, and (to your credit) posted a retraction to ARS. Where did you get or see the article (or reference to it) that you say described this woman's death from ECT? 5) [First asked: Feb 13 96 #Posted: 18 #Mailed: 3] Back in October you posted about a California Psych that had "bobbited" one of his ex-patients. Some time later you posted a reference that you said listed castration instead, though the article you gave didn't mention that. Where can we find an article that mentions this castration and/or bobbiting? 6a) [First asked: Feb 13 96 #Posted: 17 #Mailed: 3] What did you mean when you said L. Ron Hubbard had ordered that "nuclear physicist" NOT be included on the jacket cover of his book "All About Radiation"? According to you, this mistake was due to an incompetent staff member (Laurel Sullivan, according to Andrew Milne). When did the book first come out with this faulty claim, when was the mistake noticed, and when was it corrected? Why then did L. Ron say 'I happen to be a nuclear physicist; I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist nor a medical doctor.' in his 1952 lecture "Dianetics: The Modern Miracle", the transcript of which was included in volume 10 of the original "Research and Discovery" series, and also appears in the New Tech vol 5 pg 143? 6b) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 17 #Mailed: 0] Another claim for expertise on the part of L. Ron Hubbard appears in his book "Science of Survival", which quotes the definition of Dianetics from Funk and Wagnall's New Standard Dictionary, supplement No.5: 'A system for the analysis, control and development of human thought evolved from a set of coordinated axioms which also provide techniques for the treatment of a wide range of mental disorders and organic diseases: term and doctrines introduced by L. Ron Hubbard, American engineer.' Was Hubbard an engineer, or is this attribution another error by an incompetent staff member? If this is not an error, where did Hubbard either obtain his degree, work as an engineer, or demonstrate equivalent skills? 7a) [First asked: Feb 13 96 #Posted: 19 #Mailed: 3] Another spectacular error of yours on ARS was "Chronic Happiness Disorder", a new category of mental illness supposedly listed in the DSM-IV. Unfortunately for you and the CCHR, the article this claim was based on was satirical. A reference you gave to another article discussing the original was "Cheer Up - Things Will Get Worse" Dr. William Campbell Douglass, but no one can seem to locate it. Where did this article appear? 7b) [First asked: Mar 17 96 #Posted: 15 #Mailed: 0] In a recent post (3/16/95) you stated that the Bentall article (that introduced the satirical Chronic Happiness Disorder) had created a stir in the psychiatric community. Where is the documentation for this "stir"? 7c) [First asked: Mar 17 96 #Posted: 15 #Mailed: 0] In the same post you claimed that "more than a few" psychiatrists had taken the Bentall article seriously, and had labeled some of their "too happy" patients as mentally ill. Where is the evidence of this? 8) [First asked: Feb 13 96 #Posted: 18 #Mailed: 3] Could you provide a reference to your claim (from a CCHR pamphlet, I believe) that a woman is more likely to be raped on a psychiatrist's couch than while jogging in Central Park? 9) [First asked: Mar 18 96 #Posted: 13 #Mailed: 0] In a post listing the psych-abuses discovered by the Scientology affiliated group CCHR you mentioned the case of a young boy who was killed and had his eyes stolen by Argentinean "organ-leggers" at a local hospital. Unfortunately for the CCHR this turned out to be a hoax, and not only was the boy not killed, he later recanted the entire story. How was the CCHR involved in exposing this "abuse"? Are many abuses "exposed" by the CCHR just as carefully researched? 10) [First asked: Mar 25 96 #Posted: 12 #Mailed: 0] You recently claimed to have been "outed" by the critics on ARS. When did this occur, and how? Also, what is your opinion of the "outing" of TarlaStar by Scientologists Andrew Milne and Vera Wallace? Do you condemn this as well? 11a) [First asked: Apr 01 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 0] In a recent post (3/16/96) you claimed that L. Ron Hubbard 'was recently awarded keys to two cities, one of them given only to those who have exceptionally advanced mankind, and has had a park dedicated to his name.' What cities are these, and in what city is the park located? Isn't it unusual for Keys to the City to be awarded to someone who's deceased? 11b) [First asked: May 20 96 #Posted: 5 #Mailed: 0] I've read on ARS that one of the cities that awarded L. Ron Hubbard keys to itself is the Russian city of Perm, where mayor Vladimir Fil is purported to be a Scientologist. Is this the case? Is this the city that awards its keys only to 'those who have exceptionally advanced mankind'? If so, what other individuals have ever received the keys? 12) [First asked: Apr 01 96 #Posted: 12 #Mailed: 0] You've been repeatedly chastised on ARS for not posting (or cross-posting) the bulk of your anti-psych missives to the psychiatry newsgroups, where they would be considerably more on-topic. If you are truly concerned with getting the word out on the deeds of the Evil Psychs, why do you not post to the groups where your message would reach the appropriate audience? 13) [First asked: Apr 01 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 0] In January you posted about the Narconon center in Oklahoma passing its annual inspection 'with no deficiencies found.' What exactly was inspected in this inspection? Did the Oklahoma Department of Health inspect the Narconon program itself, or did they simply note that there were no basic code violations - that the roof didn't leak and the bathrooms were clean? 14a) [First asked: Apr 01 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 0] Also in January you said that if Scientology Patron Tom Marcellus had actually headed a group that denied the Holocaust, you would 'make a very big effort to find out and clear up whatever basic thing(s) about Scientology [he] had no understanding of.' Tom Marcellus headed the IHR (a Holocaust denial group) for a number of years, and has been quoted denying the Holocaust in a number of their publications. He's listed as a Scientology Patron (donated over $40,000 to the COS) in Scientology publications. Have you made the very big effort to clear up the basic things about Scientology he has no understanding of? What was the result? 14b) [First asked: Apr 22 96 #Posted: 8 #Mailed: 0] In a later post you claimed that Marcellus has repudiated his involvement with IHR and his denial of the Holocaust. Where can we find some proof of this? 15) [First asked: Apr 01 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 0] Earlier this year you claimed that Scientology really wanted to do tests on whether it worked or not, but that it was far too expensive. I suggested that it would only cost about $50 to test Exteriorization, Intention Beams and Cockroach Frying, all we'd need is some observers and an OT8. When can we arrange to begin these tests? 16) [First asked: Apr 08 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 0] You've posted a considerable amount on court decisions that have found Scientology to be a religion. Why then does the COS not declare itself as a religion in countries that restrict religious ownership of property (such as Mexico and Israel), but instead declares itself as a business? 17) [First asked: Apr 08 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 0] You've made several posts claiming the COS is a proponent of Free Speech. Why then did COS attorney Helena Kobrin attempt to remove the entire ARS newsgroup from Usenet? Why has the COS attempted to have the accounts of several critics suspended? Why did the COS demand (and receive) an injunction against ex-member Gerry Armstrong, preventing him from even talking about Scientology and its materials? 18) [First asked: Apr 08 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 0] In early March you posted a quote from a psychiatrist which said that all children entering school were insane, and harshly condemned this broad categorization. Do you also condemn Hubbard's claims that anyone who has not had Dianetics or Scientology processing is "aberrated" (which one definition in the Scientology Tech Dictionary states is the opposite of "sane")? 19) [First asked: Apr 15 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 0] You once claimed on ARS that there were things about Scientology that you would like to see changed. What are these things? 20) [First asked: Apr 15 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 0] You once claimed on ARS that 'Scientology does not require that you believe everything L Ron Hubbard says without questioning it.' What Hubbard statements in particular have you ever seen any Scientologist not believe? What Hubbard statements, if any, do you yourself not believe in? 21) [First asked: Apr 15 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 0] You recently condemned alleged copyright violations of the Church's material by its critics. Do you also condemn the outright copying of the original TooCool Award web page onto the COS's web pages, including TooCool's graphics and icons? Was this page copied because the actual TooCool web page was modified to included pointers to the critic's pages? 22) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] You stated (4/22/96) that '...I came onto ars because I felt strongly that the bigotry and propaganda found from critics on ars should be exposed.' Have your motives changed since you first appeared? If your motive for posting to ARS is to debunk false criticisms of Scientology, why do you spend so little time responding to and countering this criticism, and instead spend much of it attacking psychiatry? How does this expose the "bigotry and propaganda" you believe your critics engage in? 23) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] You have recently complained that the critics' statements about your religion's beliefs are wildly inaccurate. Which statements do you feel are inaccurate, and why? Does your complaint extend to the many references to the OT or NOTS material? If so, how are you able to judge their accuracy when you have only recently attained the (lower) Scientology level of "Clear", and your beliefs forbid your exposure to higher level materials? 24) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] You have occasionally complained of the government funding of psychology and psychiatry, and once (3/20/96) stated 'Unlike psychiatry, churches are not subsidized by billions of dollars of government funding and insurance money. We have to pay our own way.' What is your opinion of Hubbard's 1969 document entitled "The WAR", in which he states: 'Our war has been forced to become "To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms."' and 'Our total victory will come when we run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.'? Do you believe, as Hubbard apparently did, that Scientology should be running the mental health industry and that the government should be funding it? 25a) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] It is commonly believed on ARS that Scientology sees the opposition to it (such as this newsgroup) as being directed and controlled by some outside source like FACTnet or the APA, or by a small number of individuals like Erlich or Wollersheim. Is this in fact Scientology's view of it's opposition? Is this your view? 25b) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] You recently (4/13/96) stated that you did not believe that twelve powerful men, all psychiatrists, were behind a global conspiracy to discredit Scientology. What is your opinion of Hubbard's statements in the tape "Ron's Journal '67", where he says: 'Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in the world which have sprung up.'? Do you believe, as Hubbard apparently did, that 12 or fewer powerful men (not necessarily psychiatrists) controlled the world and are (or were) behind a global plot against Scientology? 25c) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] In the same post you denied believing that psychiatry is linked to the KGB. What is your opinion of Hubbard's statements in HCOB 16 July 1970, where he says: 'His [the psychiatrist's] principle organization, World Federation of Mental Heath, and its members, the National Association of Mental Heath, the "American" Psychiatric Association and the "American" Psychological Association are directly connected to Russia. Even the British Broadcasting Company has stated that psychiatry and the KGB (Russian Secret Police) operate in direct collusion.' and further: 'All these statements are the subject of total documentation in the hands of Scientology.'? Do you believe, as Hubbard apparently did, that psychiatry is or was directly linked to the KGB? Do you know anything about the documentation of this link that Hubbard referred to? 25d) [First asked: May 20 96 #Posted: 5 #Mailed: 0] L. Ron Hubbard often claimed that the only people who attacked or criticized Scientology were criminals with something to hide. Is this in fact a belief of Scientology? Is this your belief? 26) [First asked: Apr 29 96 #Posted: 7 #Mailed: 0] You said (4/15/96) that the COS's web pages do not link to the the critic's web pages 'because they are full of lies and hate propaganda'. Could you list some of the statements you believe to be lies, and some that you believe to be hate propaganda? You continued on to compare the idea of the COS linking to critical web pages to that of Jewish pages providing links to Neo-Nazi ones, yet numerous Jewish pages DO link to Nazi pages to make their followers aware of the beliefs and activities of their detractors. Why does the COS not feel the need to keep its members so informed? Referring back to your own stated motives for coming to ARS, why does the COS not link to the critic's pages in order to expose their alleged "bigotry and hate propaganda"? 27) [First asked: May 20 96 #Posted: 5 #Mailed: 0] On several occasions you have mentioned that the COS's Criminon program is being used in over 300 prisons, yet you have never mentioned any by name. Could you name some of the prisons using Criminon so that this claim can be verified? 28a) [First asked: Jun 03 96 #Posted: 3 #Mailed: 0] You recently (5/13/96) posted an article to ARS outlining a bill in the 1950's U.S. Congress you refered to as "Siberia, USA". You claimed the bill (HR6376) would establish a 1-million acre Alaska Mental Insane Asylum, and that any police officer anywhere in the U.S. could send any person they wanted there, unchallenged. You further claimed that only the quick and effective opposition to this bill by Scientology prevented it from going into effect. When researched, it turned out the bill provided 1-million acres in Alaska that the then-territory could use to generate revenue for the care for it's own small mentally ill population, that no mention was made of shipping people there from the United States, and that the bill passed with relatively little outcry (some congressmen thought the 1-million acre grant excessive). Where can we find some account or reference material that supports the version of events that you presented? 28b) [First asked: Jun 03 96 #Posted: 3 #Mailed: 0] One reference you provided for your version of the "Alaska Gulag Bill" was a quote from the Brooklyn Tablet. This turns out to have been a publication of the Brooklyn Catholic Archdiosese, that some have felt to be extreemly reactionary. Are there any more "mainstream" publications you could point to that back up your interpretation of HR6376? 29) [First asked: Jun 03 96 #Posted: 3 #Mailed: 0] In March (3/26/96) you responded to an article posted to ARS (by an anonymous poster) by Associated Press writer Bill Baskervill, discussing the treatment a 10-year-old boy had received for acute depression and describing his recovery. You refered to the article as a 'puff piece on psychiatry', and expressed concern over the boy having been subjected to ECT. The article, however, did not mention ECT at all. Why did you state that the boy had received ECT? Had you read the article you were responding to at all? 30) [First asked: Jun 03 96 #Posted: 3 #Mailed: 0] A dedicated attempt to bury ARS in spam (multiple posts of the same articles) began May 19th, and has continued since then using several different accounts and internet providers. Many theories for it's purpose have been put forward: to drown out the criticism of the COS that takes place here (possibly to make the group "safe" for Scientologists who might stumble upon it), to make the group hard to follow and discourage newcomers from joining, or to force ISPs not to carry the group. Is this, as most people believe, being done at the instigation of the Church of Scientology? If not, will the COS be issuing a denial? What are your opinions on the Spam? Would you agree that it is an attempt to stiffle free speech (something you claim the COS is very much in favor of) on ARS? 31a) [First asked: Jun 10 96 #Posted: 2 #Mailed: 0] Some selections from a booklet by Mary Sue Hubbard titled "Marriage Hats", c. 1974, were recently (6/6/96) posted to ARS. The section on the duties and responsibilities for husbands and wives quite obviously endorses very old-fashioned views on the roles of marriage partners - that a woman's place is in the home and that the man's decisions on all matters are final. Does Scientology still endorse these outdated views on gender equality? Do you endorse these views? 31b) [First asked: Jun 17 96 #Posted: 1 #Mailed: 0] A quote from L. Ron Hubbard's book "The Science of Survival" was also recently posted (6/13/96): 'The historian can peg the point where a society begins its sharpest decline at the instant when women begin to take part, on an equal footing with men, in political and business affairs; since this means that the men are decadent and the women are no longer women.' Is it Scientology's belief that the moves toward gender equality in our society are an indication of its decline? Is this your belief? ===== End Questions ===== ** Paper Tiger (SP3, LFDoX) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMcab/oCmc8kif9MJAQEa6gQAiBY0IGi9sQb5dftsYO9n6N/Qdfabo6E8 R5GASLOhLi/C0wROHqHXqCOZkhZJu0ZTbKxVNvWNTt9cvgwYafh6jRryZyKsTt9w VLQV5Ec3o/dOHdAQq5KiUCtmHzOEzxePzOVMr/KXoy3BA8PxQdJg23oZnC2k+JCt 5ocsdCT5J+U= =COxu -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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