Subject: RI-162i Black Scientology - Part XII Date: 20 Jun 1996 17:08:08 -0400 28 April 19

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======== Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-162i Black Scientology - Part XII From: "Koos Nolst Trenite" Date: 20 Jun 1996 17:08:08 -0400 28 April 1995 RI-162i 'LRH on How SP Reiss ruins Ethics' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-162i for Internet LRH on 28 Apr 1995, 09:55 GMT [Auditor:] What is Richard Reiss doing to Koos? sF [Auditor:] LRH is studying Richard Reiss' output. LFBD [Auditor:] What is Richard Reiss doing to Koos? "Richard Reiss fills Koos's space with 'dangerous spots' where Koos is not supposed to move into, Reiss is cluttering up Koos' space to give Koos the impression LFBD that Koos is stuck and can't move. "That's what he [Reiss] is doing right now." LFBD [Auditor:] I [Auditor] can perceive it too, LFBD and the more I, with Ron, duplicate the 'dangerous spots' in space that Richard Reiss creates, the less his effect gets, and the 'dangerous spots' dwindle away and space frees. [Ron in direct communication to Reiss:] "That's it [Richard Reiss]! LFBD End of these insane attacks on Koos!" LFBD [Auditor:] What is Richard Reiss withholding from Koos? LFBD "A battle in space in small crafts, 'man to man' with Koos." LFBD [Auditor:] Ron looks at the battle: heavy force [was] flying around, Richard Reiss [was] attacking Koos, Koos [was] attacking Richard Reiss, both sending out energy bolts against the craft of the other. [Auditor:] Richard Reiss' LF intention to with ferocity destroy Koos in the craft, the craft is only a secondary target, Koos is his primary target, Koos, whom he [Reiss] knows in the incident and whom he wants to destroy. [Auditor:] And Koos is attacking Richard Reiss to prevent Richard Reiss from entering into an area which Richard Reiss wanted to damage. Reiss can't get past Koos. [Auditor:] Reiss [then] fights Koos to get through into the area that Reiss has evil intentions on. [Auditor:] When was it? LFBD "14,000 years ago." LFBD [Auditor:] Where was it? "In space between Earth's Solar system and the nearest Solar system to Earth. Space patrol, LF Koos was part of the space patrol and [Koos] had detected Richard Reiss as [being] an enemy who wanted to intrude." LFBD's [Auditor:] Space clears now, mental attacks [of Reiss] quieten down. [Auditor:] What is Richard Reiss doing [now] to Koos? "Richard Reiss tries to glue Koos onto his [Koos'] body. LF Reiss inflicted pressure on Koos' body, LFBD and he [Reiss] put attention of Koos onto Koos' body, and reduced Koos' space by it." LFBD [Auditor:] When? LFBD "Since 4-5 days, LF LFBD's LF since he [Reiss] gets looked at and gets his hold onto his [Reiss'] anchor points reduced." LF LF's [Auditor:] What is Richard Reiss withholding from Koos? [Auditor:] Ron looks at Richard Reiss [being at] FLAG [in] 1991. LFBD's LFBD's LFBD "When Koos was at FLAG in 1991, Spring, Richard Reiss' intention on Scientologists was to make Scientologists into victims, and enforce on them continued admiration for terminals in Scientology Organisations. "The enforcement: ''WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! ANYONE WHO OBSERVES OUT-ETHICS AND REPORTS IT AND EVEN WANTS IT HANDLED, IS AN ENEMY AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH!'' [Ron:] "How do we avoid that reports result in missed withholds? "We can't do that probably, because missed withholds result in natter [negative chatter] and in attacks, IF no one ethical is willing to pull the missed withhold, and differentiate, and find out the truth, that is, out of which intention a report was made, unhindered from investigating what was really going on that prompted and necessitated a report. "WITH THE ATTITUDE OF RICHARD REISS, WHICH IS QUITE WIDESPREAD, ANYONE WHO REPORTS SOMETHING OUT-ETHICS IS DOOMED TO DEATH. " 'What will happen if I report anything? It will ensue in missed withholds and natter [BY THE RECIPIENT OF THE REPORT]. My report will be considered natter. I will be asked 'What have YOU done?' I will be sent to '[be] handled' or I get an SP-declare. Then I am out and the matter I reported on is STILL not handled!' " [Koos:] ''The policy does exist: "If reports are not acted upon, then there is an SP at work." [Koos:] ''We found already: 'Handling is done not only with force and intelligence, but also with ARC.' The whole key to Ethics is ARC.'' F/Nind [Ron:] "That's the key! VGI's "Richard Reiss is one of the SP's who hinder reports being acted upon, and even hinder reports from being made. F/Nind "If we keep these SP's undetected, we will ruin Scientology in a short time. "A terrific amount of damage has been done already. LF "Koos, go ahead with your inspections! "You are a true Ron's Inspector! VGI's F/Nind L. Ron Hubbard" Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite reference: RI-50R-Ki 'Archives of RI-xxi and RI-ACT-xx series' of 28 Dec 1994, Revised and Replaced 16 Apr 1995 ======== Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-164i Black Scientology - Part XIII From: "Koos Nolst Trenite" Date: 20 Jun 1996 17:08:11 -0400 29 April 1995 RI-164i 'More Proof on FLAG-SP Richard Reiss' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-164i for Internet A Top Executive on Richard Reiss on 25 Apr 1995, 20:12 GMT [Auditor:] What did Richard Reiss [Snr C/S FLAG] communicate to you about Koos? "He [Reiss] was very upset, he nattered about Koos like hell. He depicted Koos as a rabble-rouser, troublemaker, SP." [Auditor:] [Top Executive's] comm here is hightoned, his own viewpoint about Koos is not influenced [by Reiss' natter]. "As I knew, [that] he, Richard Reiss, had been detected and declared SP by Koos, I expected something like that." [Auditor:] When was that communication [of Reiss]? "About a week ago." [Auditor:] What overt did Richard Reiss commit on Koos? "He [Reiss] as Snr C/S FLAG refused Koos as a PC, when Koos had before received invalidativce auditing in AOSHEU. Protesting that, Koos was threatened by AOSHEU with an SP-declare. "This was the situation when Koos arrived at FLAG: Richard Reiss didn't want to find out about the auditing that went wrong in AOSHEU, he [Reiss] refused to look at the overt of the C/S Caspar de Rijk and [of] others in AOSHEU on Koos. "Richard Reiss refused to be responsible for Koos, he [Reiss] could have insisted: 'This is my PC, I am going to set things right'. [Koos:] ''Richard Reiss is behind the whole SP-declare since 1976, in AOSHUK. He [Reiss] is probably the most violent SP in Scientology today.'' "Richard Reiss did not step in to assist Koos when his [Koos'] auditing was put at risk by someone at AOSHEU who wanted to have Koos declared SP. He [Reiss] as a C/S could have easily checked and detected the suppressive auditing Koos got at AOSHEU - for which protest and reporting Koos got threatened with an SP-declare by AOSHEU. "Richard Reiss didn't do anything to save Koos from this injustice. "And Koos tells me now [that] Richard Reiss was also behind the SP-declare since 1976, where Koos started to detect and report SP's in the Guardian Office. "This rounds up the picture of Richard Reiss. "He [Reiss] did not want to remove all libel and slander levelled against Koos since 1976 when Koos started to detect and report SP's in the Guardian Office WW St. Hill UK, while Richard Reiss was Qual Sec in St. Hill UK. He [Reiss] was an active partisan then, who wanted to prevent Koos from reporting crimes in the Guardian Office!" [Auditor:] What did Richard Reiss communicate to Guillaume [Guillaume Leserve, ED INT] about Koos? "He [Reiss] communicated that he [Reiss] strongly opposes any lifting of the SP-declare [on Koos] by Guillaume, and if he [Guillaume] would do that, Guillaume would [be] committing a crime on Scientology." [Auditor:] What overt did Richard Reiss commit on Koos? "He [Reiss] created libel and slander about Koos and spread it! He prevented Koos from having auditing!" [Auditor:] What did Richard Reiss communicate to others about Koos? "Richard Reiss communicated also to Heber Jentzsch, about how dangerous Koos is for Scientology, by going against all rules, [by being] entirely disrespectful." [Auditor:] What overt did Richard Reiss commit on Koos? "He [Reiss] tried to incite Heber Jentzsch to also attack Koos. He spread libel and slander about Koos. He made Heber Jentzsch further PTS [PTS: having no own viewpoint]." [Auditor:] What did Richard Reiss communicate to others about Koos? "I don't know of any specifics [about Reiss communicating] to others [about Koos]. Generally, he [Reiss] puts out a very stern aggressive rightness, and a ''Do not look at Koos! Instead, attack him!''." [Auditor:] What overt did Richard Reiss commit on Koos? "Richard Reiss refuses [to let] Koos [have] auditing, keeps him [Koos] and his children and wife, you [Auditor], away from receiving auditing and training. "He [Reiss] tries to ruin your [Koos'] 3rd Dynamic [group] and 2nd Dynamic [family]." Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite reference: RI-50R-Ki 'Archives of RI-xxi and RI-ACT-xx series' of 28 Dec 1994, Revised and Replaced 16 Apr 1995 ======== Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-160i Black Scientology - Part XI From: "Koos Nolst Trenite" Date: 20 Jun 1996 17:08:35 -0400 25 April 1995 RI-160i 'FLAG - The MECCA of Technical Suppression - Part II' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-160i for Internet This is one of many Security Checks on the current Senior Case Supervisor of FLAG Service Org in Clearwater, a violently suppressive person whom we are in the process of removing, with the help of LRH, on a bypass of International Management, (a "Management" which currently is more interested to remain on post than to care for people and for Scientology). (The data revealed in HCO Security Checks are not confidential. They are used to detect hidden crimes, and the data is used by the group to stop the crimes and to apply group-justice to the criminal, based on what he actually did, rather than on what others believe or are led to believe he did. The purpose is to have real justice both for the criminal and for the groupmembers that have been affected by his crimes.) (The abbreviations sF, F, LF, LFBD and F/N designate reactions on the E-meter, indicating mental charge (sF, F, LF, LFBD) and release of charge completed (F/N).) ---------------------------------------------------------------- OT HCO SEC CHECK ON RICHARD REISS 25 April 1995 ordered by Koos (Reported per HCOPL 'CONFESSIONALS - ETHICS REPORTS REQUIRED') 25 April 1995 Total hours: 3:29 min Highly specialized OT HCO Sec Check Auditing at 700 US $ per hour, makes 2,438 US$ total costs 25 Apr 1995......................................hours: 3:29 min On 25 Apr 1995, 11:11 GMT [Auditor:] What are you withholding about your intention to remove Koos? sF [Reiss:] "One withhold you have already found out [in the] last session (see RI-159i 'FLAG - The MECCA of Technical Suppressive - I' of 25 Apr 1995) after I told you [that] I have the intention to remove Koos. LFBD "I withheld that I used the 'black space' [Note by Koos: which Richard Reiss created and used, and uses, to make others agree to not look at him and to get people to enforce on others also that they don't look at him either] to make you, Jutta, dopey, unwilling to confront, and be victim, in order [that you] make Koos fail in other areas [than] Scientology too. "To remove Koos is the same as 'to make Koos apathetic', 'to kick Koos out of spaces', 'to make him stop communicating'. "I do not want to have Koos on my lines! "SURELY I do not want to be confronted with what I am ACTUALLY doing. I have achieved a stable respected position over the more than 20 years service in Scientology, I do not intend to change. LFBD's LFBD "It's not the first time that I want to remove Koos." LF [Auditor:] When else? [Reiss:] "16,000 years ago." [Auditor:] Where? [Reiss:] "In our present galaxy." [Auditor:] What are you withholding about it? [Reiss:] "All I see is [that] Koos was an OT, an operating thetan without body, I had a doll body, and I tried to push Koos into a doll body. "I tried to make him [Koos] believe that it is a higher state to be able to control a doll body [than to be an OT without body]. "I wanted to remove him from his pan-determined position - into a position from where I could control him. "The old game: 'You can't even control a doll body.' 'Prove it!' "I managed to keep Koos in a doll for a short while, then he [Koos] exploded it, and Koos remained a pan-determined free being." [Auditor:] What are you doing regarding your intention to remove Koos? LFBD [Reiss:] "I discredited Koos to others, to Debbie Cook [Commanding Officer FLAG Service Org]." [Koos:] ''Right, what's Reiss doing NOW? What has he withheld about it NOW?'' [Auditor:] What are you doing NOW? What have you withheld about it NOW? [Reiss:] "I DISCREDITED KOOS to Debbie Cook [CO FLAG], to Ann Glushakow [Cl XII C/S FLAG], to Bruce Glushakow [Cl XII C/S FLAG], to Caspar de Rijk [Cl IX C/S in AOSHEU], to Emil Kauer [Snr C/S Munich Org, OT VIII], to Nina Voegtli [CO Munich Org], and to FLAG-terminals that Koos has seen." [Auditor:] What are you withholding about your intention to remove Koos? [Reiss:] "I would want to do more, but (...) I can only order his [Koos'] communications to me and to FLAG be put on ice, and I can only guess that in other places they do the same." [Auditor:] Question Koos wants to have answered: 'What did you tell all these people about Koos?' [Auditor:] What did you tell Debbie Cook about Koos? LF's [Reiss:] "[I told Debbie Cook] to not attempt to gain ARC for Koos or remain in ARC [with Koos] - when Koos arrived at FLAG [in 1991], and to not wonder why there was a threat of an SP-declare in 1991 and to wait for the outcome and to trust in Scientology Justice. This was when Koos was at FLAG [FLAG Service Org, in 1991]. "I told her [Debbie Cook] ''that Koos' letter titled 'Dangerous Auditors and C/Ses are not allowed on his [Koos'] case' PROVED that he [Koos] has overts on the subject of auditing, on the subject of Auditors and on the subject of C/Ses. So, no upset about his letter and no reply!'' This was my order. "The letter [with Reiss' order] went to Ann Glushakow, Bruce Glushakow, Caspar de Rijk, Emil Kauer. "To Ann Glushakow and Bruce Glushakow I personally talked. "Ann [Glushakow] was upset LFBD about the letter she got from Koos [a letter about Ann Glushakow's out-Ruds on Koos and a C/S by Koos for Ann Glushakow, which she should do to handle her out-Ruds]. "I [Reiss] told both Ann and Bruce to forget about Koos, and to under no circumstances do the C/S Koos wrote for Ann." [Auditor:] What did you tell Nina Voegtli [CO Munich Church] about Koos? [Reiss:] "That Koos never wanted to go along with any rules and already at St. Hill UK [in 1976] showed these characteristics. "To other FLAG-terminals, I just referred to the SP-declare on Koos." [Auditor:] What did you tell Mark Ingber [Watch Dog Committee] in thetacomm about Koos? [Reiss:] "That he [Mark Ingber] shouldn't dare to doubt the SP-declare, LFBD that he [Ingber] shouldn't want to understand it further than 'It was an SP-declare, and the one who issued it, knows about how it is true. And it is true, and he [Ingber] LFBD shall leave it as such.' "And to Guillaume [Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT] I communicated that 'Koos has destructive intentions on the structure of Scientology and refuses to adhere to any Policy and writes only insulting letters'." [Auditor checks the question: Have you given order to the International Justice Chief in 1991 [that he] signs an SP-declare on Koos]? [Auditor:] After Richard Reiss' answer to the auditing questions above, I [Auditor] experience a thetan, an OT, somewhere, understanding that Richard Reiss is playing a very evil game on Koos. [Auditor:] [Is it a being in] England, F St. Hill UK, F LF [it is] Peter Thompson. LF VGI's F/Nind [F/N on Auditor] (End of this HCO Sec Check session) Total TA (not noted) in 3 hrs 29 mins. Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite reference: RI-14i 'SPs in Scientology's Safe Space' of 23 Oct 1994 RI-53i 'Past Life Criminals and Scn Ethics' of 29 Jul 1994 RI-93i 'Class XII SP Auditors, C/Ses at FLAG' of 9 Aug 1994 RI-103i 'Unsafe Space - FLAG Service Org' of 12 Mar 1995 RI-105i 'LRH on Biggest FLAG SP Richard Reiss' of 12 Mar 1995 RI-107i 'LRH on Ultimate 3rd Party Reiss' of 13 Mar 1995 RI-116i 'Very Unsafe Space - FLAG Service Org' of 19 Mar 1995 RI-135i 'The Violently Insane Snr C/S FLAG Reiss' of 6 Apr 95 RI-136i 'Senior C/S FLAG Sec Checked today' of 6 Apr 1995 RI-138i 'More on SP Richard Reiss, Snr C/S FLAG' of 8 Apr 1995 RI-142i 'The SP Richard Reiss' "better cards"' of 11 Apr 1995 RI-143i 'FLAG's Reiss - a Second Miscavige' of 12 Apr 1995 RI-145i 'How FLAG's Reiss Hides that he is an SP' of 15 Apr 95 RI-148i 'For Immediate Removal of FLAG SP Reiss' of 17 Apr 95 RI-159i 'FLAG - The MECCA of ... Suppression - I' of 25 Apr 95 RI-50R-Ki 'Archives of RI-xxi and RI-ACT-xx series' of 28 Dec 1994, Revised and Replaced 16 Apr 1995


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