Subject: Questions for Andrew Milne, week 11 and still no answers Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:

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======== Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.religion.scientology.xenu Subject: Questions for Andrew Milne, week 11 and still no answers From: (Paper Tiger) Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:38 -0700 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- [resending, was down for a few days] Up to week 11 and no answers from Andy yet, though I still e-mail them to him once in a while so he knows they're out there. Perhaps Clear Baby will be contacting Andrew about clearing up this non-question-answering outpoint? No new questions this week. Andy hasn't posted since May 9th, though I was hoping for a nice press release on June 10th's hearing in the Erlich case. Perhaps it wasn't a Total Victory worth crowing about. Oh well. Maybe Andy'll be back after the Spam ends. ===== Questions for Andrew Milne ===== 1) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] I've read on ARS that your Scientology position is "DA Writing I/C OSAI", meaning that you're in charge of writing Dead Agenting material for OSA International. What are your positions, duties or "hats" in the Church of Scientology? 2) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] You've claimed repeatedly that the old Guardians Office (the unit within Scientology that had 11 members convicted of stealing government documents) was "infiltrated" and "set up to fail". Who infiltrated the GO? Was it (as a Scientologist at the March 9th Boston picket said) the IRS? 3) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] If the COS acted "decisively" in disbanding the GO once its illegalities were discovered, why was it 4 years after the FBI raid before it was disbanded? 4) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] How could L. Ron Hubbard be unaware of the GO's illegal activities when the person organizing them was his own wife? Why didn't the infallible Scientology "tech" allow him to detect either her illegal actions or the GO's infiltration? 5) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] You've repeatedly said that all the GO members who were convicted over "Operation Snow White" have been thrown out of the COS. Why then is Dick Weigand on a mission for the COS in Columbia, according to the Scientology TNX mailing list? 6) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] Where can I obtain proof of Scientology's membership figures, which you routinely say is "in the millions" and the COS claims is 8 million? Reputable estimates, some based on the COS's own published figures, put the number at 50,000 to 100,000 worldwide. What, for example, are the membership figures for the International Association of Scientologists (IAS)? 7) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] Why did your post on the March 12th decision in the Netherlands attempt to portray the COS as the victor? It's every motion was denied, and it was ordered to pay court costs for the defendants. How is this a victory? Why do you often portray decisions unfavorable to the COS as victories, in particular the e-meter decision that labeled Hubbard's claims for auditing as "a fraud" and "quackery"? Why did you label some early decisions in last year's copyright cases as a "total victory" when the COS/RTC was planning to appeal them? 8) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] In answering a post that brought up L. Ron Hubbard's repeated claims of being a nuclear physicist, you responded by saying that "Hubbard never represented to anybody that he had a degree in this subject". No one has said that L. Ron claimed he had a degree in nuclear physics, they say that he claimed to be a nuclear physicist. Is this an example of your telling an "acceptable truth"? Did L. Ron Hubbard claim he was a nuclear physicist? Was he one? 9) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] You have sometimes refused to name one of your pro-Scientology sources for fear that they'll be harassed. Why then did you and Vera Wallace "out" TarlaStar, posting her home address and phone number? Why was it okay that SHE be harassed? 10) [First asked: Mar 29 96 #Posted: 11 #Mailed: 7] What is your opinion of Scientologist "Chris Miller"'s post last June to soc.women, where she claimed to have a daughter working for Morrison & Foerster (Dennis Erlich's lawyers) in order to dig up dirt on them? Does "Chris Miller" indeed have a daughter working for MoFo? Was this post sanctioned by the COS/OSA? If not, can we expect an official condemnation of it any time soon? 11) [First asked: Apr 05 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 6] You claim to have proof that L. Ron Hubbard studied Freud under one "Snake" Thompson, a student of Freud. This proof supposedly takes the form of an interview with "Snake"'s step-daughter. Where is this interview? 12) [First asked: Apr 05 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 6] You claimed to have proof that Hubbard sank two Japanese submarines off the West Coast during WWII. Where is it? Why do the accounts of the other observers present not match Hubbard's version of the events? 13a) [First asked: Apr 05 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 6] Why do you continue to refer to writer Karin Spaink as a "reporter" when she is not, and she and others have corrected you numerous times? 13b) [First asked: Apr 12 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 5] Why did you claim Karin Spaink removed 26 documents from her Fishman Affidavit web page when only OT2 and OT3 were removed (and replaced with Fair Use summaries)? Is it that these two documents were broken up into multiple (possibly 26) sections? 14) [First asked: Apr 05 96 #Posted: 10 #Mailed: 6] What is your explanation for your two conflicting versions of the death of Judge Swearinger's dog, Duke? At one time you accused Lawrence Wollershiem of arranging the dog's death as part of campaign of dirty tricks to influence the Judge against the COS, and at another time you claimed that the dog had simply had a heart attack and fell into the pool. Steve Fishman's affidavit claims, as you know, that the COS had the dog drowned to harass Judge Swearinger when the Wollersheim case was before his court. Which version do you currently claim is correct? 15) [First asked: Apr 12 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 5] You have often claimed that the Scientology "Fair Game" policy (advocating lying to, tricking and destroying Scientology enemies or "SPs") was canceled. The Hubbard Policy Letter doing so, however, states only that the NAME "Fair Game" should no longer be used (as it causes bad PR), the handling of SPs is not to be changed. How do you explain this wording of the "Fair Game" cancellation? 16) [First asked: Apr 12 96 #Posted: 9 #Mailed: 5] You have often pointed to the IRS's granting of tax-exempt status to Scientology as proof that it found no wrong-doing on the part of the COS (and indeed, that this exemption proves Scientology is a bona-fide religion). Why then was the settlement between the COS and the IRS sealed? 17) [First asked: May 2 96 #Posted: 6 #Mailed: 2] As Cory has, you've claimed on ARS that a woman "stand[s] more chance of being raped on a psychiatrist's couch that she does jogging in Central Park." I suspect this is originally from a CCHR pamphlet. Where can I find the references used in making this claim? 18) [First asked: May 2 96 #Posted: 6 #Mailed: 2] In several posts you have mentioned the importance of "honesty and integrity" to the Scientology religion. Why then does the firm of Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon continue to make use of private investigator Eugene Ingram, a man with outstanding arrest warrants in three states? Why haven't they aided the authorities in apprehending him? 19) [First asked: May 17 96 #Posted: 5 #Mailed: 2] In chapter 3 of Hubbard's work "Fundamentals of Thought", he claims to have 'established along a scientific rather than religious or humanitarian lines that the thing which is the person, the personality, is separable from the body and the mind at will and without causing bodily death or mental derangement.' In response to a post complaining that the evidence for this has never been forthcoming, you stated that 'On the contrary, it has been demonstrated on thousands of occasions'. Where can we obtain this evidence, or a demonstration? You further complained that the critics were 'stuck in the idea that you have to measure it with a slide rule', and that the 'spiritual being is not part of the material universe'. How then was Hubbard's scientific proof established? 20) [First asked: May 31 96 #Posted: 3 #Mailed: 1] A dedicated attempt to bury ARS in spam (multiple posts of the same articles) began May 19th, and has continued since then using several different accounts and internet providers. Many theories for it's purpose have been put forward: to drown out the criticism of the COS that takes place here (possibly to make the group "safe" for Scientologists who might stumble upon it), to make the group hard to follow and discourage newcomers from joining, or to force ISPs not to carry the group. Is this, as most people believe, being done at the instigation of the Church of Scientology? If not, will the COS be issuing a denial? 21) [First asked: Jun 07 96 #Posted: 2 #Mailed: 1] One of the Scientology Web pages being spammed to ARS mentions the IAS Pledge to Mankind, signed by "representatives of Scientologists from around the world" in October 1984. Is this document still in use, and does it still reflect Scientology's beliefs? In particular, the paragraph: The detractors of Scientology know full well that it is a proven, effective and workable system for freeing mankind from spiritual bondage. That is why they attack. They fear that they will somehow be threatened by a society which is more ethical, productive and humane through the influence of Scientology and Scientologists. Thus when we expand, to that degree we are attacked. Is Scientology of the belief that it is attacked only because it's opponents fear its efficacy? Is this your belief as well? ===== End Questions ===== ** Paper Tiger (SP3, LFDoX) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMcabW4Cmc8kif9MJAQHq+wP+J5yMThNnh77wlM+hC3Ue1VUEtw5W2GrJ D3m/xfFv0t2IhBk3qDMQOYaMS7Qmx5K5RskMBPqSv2F92Hair59BNxEpgSHYuTrQ V08WxLVnSgu+B7O9XlIqYo1opeSmUzhaT7CDW7BG+T2wlZGbSXIU1Q2G2t9CHoZv F8jw9mvR+B4= =eNmn -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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