SAFETY TIPS - HOW NOT TO GET KILLED (Ways to avoid scoring an +quot;Own Goal+quot;) An +qu

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SAFETY TIPS -- HOW NOT TO GET KILLED (Ways to avoid scoring an "Own Goal") An "own goal" is the death of a person on your side from one of your own devices. It is obvious that these should be avoided at all costs. While no safety device is 100% reliable, it is usually better to err on the side of caution. BASIC SAFETY RULES 1) DON'T SMOKE! (don't laugh- an errant cigarette wiped out the Weathermen) 2) GRIND ALL INGREDIENTS SEPERATELY. It's suprising how friction sensitive some supposedly "safe" explosives really are. 3) ALLOW for a 20% margin of error- Just because the AVERAGE burning rate of a fuse is 30 secs/foot, don't depend on the 5 inches sticking out of your pipe bomb to take exactly 2.5 minutes. 4) OVERESTIMATE THE RANGE OF YOUR SHRAPNEL. The cap from a pipe bomb can oftentravel a block or more at high velocities before coming to rest- If you have to stay nearby, remember that if you can see it, it can kill you. 5) When mixing sensitive compounds (such as flash powder) avoid all sources of static electricity. Mix the ingredients by the method below: HOW TO MIX INGREDIENTS The best way to mix two dry chemicals to form an explosive is to do as the small-scale fireworks manufacturer's do: Ingredients: 1 large sheet of smooth paper (for example a page from a newspaper that does not use staples) The dry chemicals needed for the desired compound. 1) Measure out the appropriate amounts of the two chemicals, and pour them in two small heaps near opposite corners of the sheet. 2) Pick up the sheet by the two corners near the powders, allowing the powders to roll towards the middle of the sheet. 3) By raising one corner and then the other, roll the powders back and forth in the middle of the open sheet, taking care not to let the mixture spill from either of the loose ends. 4) Pour the powder off from the middle of the sheet, and use immediately. If it must be stored use airtight containers (35mm film canisters work nicely) and store away from people, houses, and valuable items. -= Exodus =-


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