IMPROVED CIGARETTE DELAY (By Atur {THE pyromaniac }) A variation on the standard cigarette

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IMPROVED CIGARETTE DELAY (By Atur {THE pyromaniac }) A variation on the standard cigarette display was invented by my good friend Atur (THE Pyromaniac). Rather than inserting the fuse into the SIDE of the cigarette (and risk splitting it) half of the filter is cut off, and a small hole is punched THROUGH the remainder of the filter and into the tobacco. (Ill. 4.31.1) --------------------------------- |FIL|Tobacco Tobacco Tobacco fusefusefusefuse Tobacco Tobacco side view |TER|Tobacco Tobacco Tobacco --------------------------------- ___ / \ | o | filter end view \___/ (artwork by The Author) The fuse is inserted as far as possible into this hole, then taped or glued in place, or the cigarette can be cut and punched ahead of time and lit normally, then attached to the fuse at the scene. A similar type of device can be make from powdered charcoal and a sheet of paper. Simply roll the sheet of paper into a thin tube, and fill it with powdered charcoal. Punch a hole in it at the desired location, and insert a fuse. Both ends must be glued closed, and one end of the delay must be doused with lighter fluid before it is lit. Or, a small charge of gunpowder mixed with powdered charcoal could conceivably used for igniting such a delay. A chain of charcoal briquettes can be used as a delay by merely lining up a few bricks of charcoal so that they touch each other, end on end, and lighting the first brick. Incense, which can be purchased at almost any novelty or party supply store, can also be used as a fairly reliable delay. By wrapping the fuse about the end of an incense stick, delays of up to 1/2 an hour are possible. Fer the '94 CookBook. -= Exodus =-


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